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Men's Basketball Awards for Regina

National Awards
These awards were presented by U SPORTS, CIS or CIAU to recognize outstanding performance at the national level
Stuart W. Aberdeen Memorial Trophy (CIS Coach of the Year)
1988-89 Ken Murray
Mike Moser Memorial Trophy (CIS Outstanding Player)
1986-87 Chris Biegler
First Team All-Canadian
1986-87 Chris Biegler
1988-89 Chris Biegler
1996-97 Kevin Gilroy
1997-98 Kevin Gilroy
Second Team All-Canadian
1987-88 Chris Biegler
1998-99 Dale Holmes
2002-03 Brennan Schwartz
CIS All-Rookie Team
2006-07 Jeffrey Lukomski
CIS Tournament All-Star Team
1988-89 Chris Biegler
League Awards
These awards were presented by the league in which this team played to recognize achievement at the league level
Canada West Rookie of the Year
2006-07 Jeffrey Lukomski
Canada West First Team All-Star
2002-03 Brennan Schwartz
2005-06 Joel Hunter
Canada West Second Team All-Star
2001-02 Tyler Wright
2008-09 Kris Heshka
2015-16 Jonathan Tull
WCIAA Great Plains Second Team All-Star
1971-72 Merv Prier
1971-72 Robert Pyne
Canada West Third Team All-Star
2014-15 Jonathan Tull
2017-18 Brian Ofori
Canada West All Rookie Team
2001-02 Joel Hunter
2013-14 Brandon Tull
2016-17 Johneil Johnson
Great Plains Coach of the Year
1983-84 Ken Murray
1988-89 Ken Murray
1995-96 James Hillis
1996-97 James Hillis
1997-98 James Hillis
Great Plains Player of the Year
1986-87 Chris Biegler
1996-97 Kevin Gilroy
1997-98 Kevin Gilroy
1998-99 Dale Holmes
Great Plains Rookie of the Year
1988-89 Brian Livingston
1990-91 Mark Virgo
1994-95 Steve Kummerfield
1995-96 Chris Warnecke
1998-99 Ashley Yeaman
2000-01 Alek Arsenic
Great Plains First Team All-Star
1983-84 Glen Nelson
1984-85 Glen Nelson
1985-86 Chris Biegler
1986-87 Chris Biegler
1987-88 Chris Biegler
1988-89 Chris Biegler
1989-90 Brian Livingston
1994-95 Richard Cohee
1995-96 Kevin Gilroy
1996-97 Kevin Gilroy
1996-97 Dale Holmes
1997-98 Kevin Gilroy
1997-98 Dale Holmes
1998-99 Dale Holmes
1999-00 Steven Podwin
2000-01 Brennan Schwartz
Great Plains Second Team All-Star
1982-83 Mark Benesh
1982-83 Glen Nelson
1984-85 Mark Benesh
1985-86 James Hillis
1986-87 James Hillis
1988-89 Robert Andrist
1988-89 Richard Cohee
1989-90 Robert Andrist
1989-90 Jeff Christiansen
1990-91 Mark Gottselig
1990-91 Brian Livingston
1991-92 Russell Brodner
1991-92 Mark Gottselig
1992-93 Mark Gottselig
1995-96 Dale Holmes
1995-96 Bill Johnson
1996-97 Drew Hunter
1996-97 Bill Johnson
1997-98 Bill Johnson
1998-99 Scott Goebel
1999-00 Scott Goebel
1999-00 Ashley Yeaman
2000-01 Ryan Michell
2000-01 Tyler Wright

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