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Phillip Nkrumah from Brampton, ON, Forward 6-4

Awards received:
Defensive Player of the Year in 2009-10
Second Team All-Canadian in 2008-09
AUS Defensive Player of the Year in 2008-09 and 2009-10 and 2010-11
AUS First Team All-Star in 2008-09
AUS Second Team All-Star in 2009-10
AUS All Rookie Team in 2006-07

Playing career:

SeasonTeamNumEligTeam FinishLeague RecordOverall Record
2006-07 MBB-Cape Breton23  15-522-11
2007-08 MBB-Cape Breton23  14-620-10
2008-09 MBB-Cape Breton23  15-524-8
2009-10 MBB-Cape Breton23 CIS Final 8, AUS Champion 18-237-4
2010-11 MBB-Cape Breton235 19-124-12

Scoring information for regular season league play:

SeasonTeamGP3 PtField GoalsFree ThrowsPointsPPG
2006-07Cape Breton209-3823.737-9738.118-3354.51015.0
2007-08Cape Breton1719-5435.268-15843.020-3655.617510.3
2008-09Cape Breton2023-9823.5102-27437.262-9664.628914.4
2009-10Cape Breton2018-5334.087-19544.641-6959.423311.7
2010-11Cape Breton2024-7930.499-23841.648-8357.827013.5
*Career totals9793-32228.9393-96240.9189-31759.6106811.0

Other statistics for regular season league play:

SeasonTeamMinutesMPGRebounds (O/D)RPGFoulsAssistsTOA/T ratioBlocksSteals
2006-07Cape Breton33816.947 (15/32)2.44336172.1514
2007-08Cape Breton48628.6134 (34/100)7.94442261.6638
2008-09Cape Breton62331.1225 (71/154)11.25382561.52265
2009-10Cape Breton50925.4162 (37/125)8.14879541.51251
2010-11Cape Breton62431.2188 (38/150)9.45066501.31338
*Career totals258026.6756 (195/561)7.82383052031.558206

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