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Concordia Stingers - 2018-19 Season

Head Coach:Rastko Popovic (4th season)
Other staff: Damian Buckley (Assistant Coach), Dwight Walton (Assistant Coach), Gerces (Jay) Prosper (Assistant Coach), Sean Christensen (Head Athletic Therapist), Tad Norkis (Team Manager/Analytics), Chris Shee (Videographer), Zachary Sage (Student Therapist), Shayne Vording (Student Therapist)
Website:Team website link

Summary of team record for the season

Conference RecordU Sports RecordOverall Record
10-50.6671190-111679.3 - 74.414-90.6091752-169276.2 - 73.617-130.5672240-222874.7 - 74.3

Player roster

NoPlayerPosHtWtEligHometownHigh School (Prior Team)
4Tariq Bakri-Hamad Guard5-101501Toronto, ONCentral Technical High
4Mathieu Dufresne-Louis 1Cegep de Jonquiere
5Akim Olak Guard6-21851Barrie, ONLondon Basketball Academy
6Anthony Sanogo Guard6-21702Montreal, QCCegep Edouard-Montpetit
7Garry Merisier Guard6-12105Laval, QCCegep Edouard-Montpetit
8Cedrick Coriolan Guard5-111804Laval, QCCegep Edouard-Montpetit
9Michel Hakizimana Forward/Centre6-61752Montreal, QCCegep de Thetford
10Maxime Bellony Guard6-01721Montreal, QCCegep de Thetford
11Ricardo Monge Guard6-01855Gatineau, QCJohn Abbott College
12Adrian Armstrong Guard5-111704London, ONDawson College
13Samuel Lessard Forward6-31851Laval, QCCollege Montmorency
14Oge Nwoko Guard6-32052Mississauga, ONSt. Joseph Secondary
15Olivier Simon Forward6-72153Terrebonne, QCCegep Edouard-Montpetit
20Aleks Simeunovic Forward6-72101Niagara Falls, ONRidley College
21Nathaniel Boisvert Guard6-01751Abitibi-Temiscamingue, QCCegep Champlain Lennoxville
22Matthis Guerut Forward/Centre6-72082Paris, FranceCegep de Thetford
23Schneiders Suffrard Forward6-42124Montreal, QCVanier College
24Sami Ghandour Forward6-62203Fergus, ON(Lebanese National Team)
RSSam Ayomide Durowaiye Guard6-01601Montreal, QCMarianopolis College
RSTristan Hutton Guard6-11661Montreal, QCJames Lyng High
RSLeo Toussaint Guard6-01921Lachine, QCEcole secondaire Cite des Jeunes

Game results for the season

--- Non-Conference Games ---
DateLocationOpponentResult Comment
Mon Aug 6, 2018Montreal, QCMississippiLoss77-84Stats 
Wed Aug 8, 2018Montreal, QCSouth Carolina StateWin80-72Stats 
Sun Aug 12, 2018Montreal, QCMaryland Eastern ShoreWin82-76Stats 
Fri Sep 28, 2018Montreal, QCQueensWin64-56Stats 
Fri Oct 5, 2018Montreal, QCReginaWin82-63StatsConcordia Classic
Sat Oct 6, 2018Montreal, QCAcadiaLoss54-63StatsConcordia Classic
Sun Oct 7, 2018Montreal, QCWaterlooWin74-72StatsConcordia Classic
Fri Oct 12, 2018Ottawa, ONVictoriaLoss67-70StatsHouse-Laughton Tournament
Sat Oct 13, 2018Ottawa, ONGuelphWin77-68StatsHouse-Laughton Tournament
Sun Oct 14, 2018Ottawa, ONCarletonLoss62-92StatsHouse-Laughton Tournament
Fri Oct 19, 2018Montreal, QCSaint MarysLoss82-92Stats 
Sat Oct 27, 2018Burlington, VTVermontLoss43-80Stats 
Sat Dec 29, 2018West Palm Beach, FLFlorida NationalWin71-68Stats 
Sun Dec 30, 2018West Palm Beach, FLOlivet NazareneLoss69-76Stats 
Wed Jan 2, 2019West Palm Beach, FLKeiser UniversityLoss66-80Stats 
--- Regular Season Conference Games ---
DateLocationOpponentResult Comment
Thu Nov 8, 2018Montreal, QCLavalWin75-67OT, Stats 
Thu Nov 15, 2018Montreal, QCUQAMLoss68-85Stats 
Thu Nov 22, 2018Montreal, QCMcGillWin87-81Stats 
Sat Nov 24, 2018Montreal, QCBishopsWin105-91Stats 
Sat Dec 1, 2018Montreal, QCUQAMWin83-59Stats 
Thu Jan 10, 2019Montreal, QCBishopsWin78-68Stats 
Sat Jan 12, 2019Lennoxville, QCBishopsWin99-94OT, Stats 
Thu Jan 17, 2019Montreal, QCMcGillWin86-69Stats 
Sat Jan 19, 2019Montreal, QCMcGillWin69-61StatsGeorge Lengvari Cup
Wed Jan 23, 2019Quebec City, QCLavalLoss74-77Stats 
Sat Jan 26, 2019Montreal, QCLavalWin90-76Stats 
Thu Jan 31, 2019Montreal, QCUQAMWin70-67Stats 
Sat Feb 2, 2019Montreal, QCUQAMLoss79-81Stats 
Thu Feb 14, 2019Montreal, QCMcGillLoss59-70Stats 
Sat Feb 16, 2019Lennoxville, QCBishopsLoss68-70Stats 
--- Games Yet to Play ---
Thu Feb 21, 2019Quebec City, QCLavalprior games  

Overall scoring summary for the season

PlayerGPMinsMpg3 PtField GoalsFree ThrowsReboundsRPGPFAToBlStPtsPPG
Adrian Armstrong30100333.4106-30235.1155-41237.632-3884.216-76923.170615473844814.9
Ricardo Monge2686333.241-12233.6119-32436.783-10083.014-951094.2721338204836213.9
Olivier Simon2769325.729-7439.2145-27952.051-7964.664-1231876.9732353161837013.7
Schneiders Suffrard48521.21-714.38-3225.019-2382.610-11215.2178714369.0
Sami Ghandour1643126.911-3432.454-12045.021-3265.623-66895.63525173111408.8
Cedrick Coriolan2048224.117-6625.851-15832.340-4490.915-42572.94566452221598.0
Anthony Sanogo3046915.630-8933.763-16139.119-3063.340-41812.73416273191755.8
Garry Merisier2761822.97-1936.853-10749.534-4575.650-831334.96844370211475.4
Aleks Simeunovic141107.99-3327.321-6830.910-1283.34-11151.1195403614.4
Samuel Lessard1723914.16-2128.627-7237.54-944.411-22331.912131128643.8
Matthis Guerut2830310.82-1612.544-9745.414-2360.929-43722.647422551043.7
Oge Nwoko2335115.36-3020.032-9434.010-1855.618-42602.638202316803.5
Michel Hakizimana231797.81-119.118-4639.113-2065.021-29502.23458135502.2
Tariq Bakri-Hamad191075.63-1421.411-3531.43-837.52-790.54121603281.5
Mathieu Dufresne-Louis3113.71-333.31-333.30-00.02-131.01110031.0
Tristan Hutton5224.40-20.01-616.72-2100.00-220.40030140.8
Maxime Bellony791.30-10.00-40.04-4100.01-120.32110140.6
Akim Olak8202.50-30.00-40.02-450.01-340.51020020.2
Nathaniel Boisvert14463.30-10.01-425.01-250.05-160.44251330.2
* Team Totals306041201.4270-84831.8804-202639.7362-49373.4326-699102534.257643941854216224074.7

Season scoring summary for league games only

PlayerGPMinsMpg3 PtField GoalsFree ThrowsReboundsRPGPFAToBlStPtsPPG
Adrian Armstrong1553535.754-14836.589-21142.221-2391.38-43513.434303031625316.9
Ricardo Monge1551534.322-6434.469-18936.566-7983.510-65755.041824603522615.1
Olivier Simon1539126.119-4047.583-16350.931-5358.540-59996.64418349821614.4
Sami Ghandour1336027.77-2725.941-10041.017-2665.417-52695.3282112291068.2
Cedrick Coriolan819924.95-2420.820-7028.617-1894.49-20293.6172321210627.8
Garry Merisier1539526.32-825.038-6855.925-3473.535-59946.33827230101036.9
Anthony Sanogo1524916.614-4332.629-8036.214-2263.618-20382.522101519865.7
Aleks Simeunovic10545.47-1838.913-3537.14-4100.01-450.5133200373.7
Oge Nwoko1215112.64-1040.015-3740.58-1172.78-17252.1124713423.5
Matthis Guerut141087.70-40.013-3043.310-1471.411-16271.9150923362.6
Samuel Lessard6294.80-20.02-922.21-250.02-240.70020050.8
Tristan Hutton5224.40-20.01-616.72-2100.00-220.40030140.8
Michel Hakizimana11282.50-10.03-560.02-2100.03-580.78114280.7
Tariq Bakri-Hamad9111.20-20.03-742.90-00.00-110.11110060.7
Nathaniel Boisvert730.40-00.00-00.00-00.00-000.01000000.0
Akim Olak100.00-10.00-10.00-00.00-000.00000000.0
* Team Totals153050203.3134-39434.0419-101141.4218-29075.2162-36552735.127422020624106119079.3

Season individual bests vs U SPORTS teams for all players

PlayerMost pointsMost reboundsMost assists
Olivier Simon32 on Nov 22, 2018 vs McGill12 on Oct 6, 2018 vs Acadia2 on Nov 22, 2018 vs McGill
Ricardo Monge29 on Feb 14, 2019 vs McGill9 on Dec 1, 2018 vs UQAM12 on Nov 24, 2018 vs Bishops
Adrian Armstrong25 on Feb 16, 2019 vs Bishops7 on Jan 26, 2019 vs Laval5 on Oct 12, 2018 vs Victoria
Garry Merisier19 on Jan 12, 2019 vs Bishops10 on Jan 23, 2019 vs Laval5 on Oct 19, 2018 vs Saint Marys
Cedrick Coriolan14 on Oct 19, 2018 vs Saint Marys8 on Nov 8, 2018 vs Laval8 on Oct 7, 2018 vs Waterloo
Sami Ghandour14 on Jan 10, 2019 vs Bishops9 on Nov 22, 2018 vs McGill4 on Nov 24, 2018 vs Bishops
Aleks Simeunovic14 on Jan 12, 2019 vs Bishops2 on Jan 31, 2019 vs UQAM1 on Jan 23, 2019 vs Laval
Samuel Lessard13 on Oct 7, 2018 vs Waterloo5 on Oct 7, 2018 vs Waterloo3 on Oct 19, 2018 vs Saint Marys
Anthony Sanogo13 on Oct 5, 2018 vs Regina6 on Oct 12, 2018 vs Victoria3 on Nov 8, 2018 vs Laval
Michel Hakizimana12 on Oct 19, 2018 vs Saint Marys7 on Oct 6, 2018 vs Acadia2 on Oct 19, 2018 vs Saint Marys
Schneiders Suffrard12 on Sep 28, 2018 vs Queens8 on Oct 12, 2018 vs Victoria4 on Oct 13, 2018 vs Guelph
Tariq Bakri-Hamad11 on Sep 28, 2018 vs Queens2 on Oct 5, 2018 vs Regina6 on Oct 5, 2018 vs Regina
Matthis Guerut9 on Nov 24, 2018 vs Bishops8 on Oct 7, 2018 vs Waterloo1 on Sep 28, 2018 vs Queens
Oge Nwoko9 on Jan 19, 2019 vs McGill5 on Oct 13, 2018 vs Guelph3 on Oct 19, 2018 vs Saint Marys
Maxime Bellony4 on Oct 19, 2018 vs Saint Marys1 on Oct 14, 2018 vs Carleton1 on Oct 5, 2018 vs Regina
Nathaniel Boisvert2 on Oct 7, 2018 vs Waterloo3 on Oct 7, 2018 vs Waterloo1 on Oct 5, 2018 vs Regina
Tristan Hutton2 on Nov 15, 2018 vs UQAM2 on Nov 15, 2018 vs UQAM 
Akim Olak 1 on Oct 19, 2018 vs Saint Marys 

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