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U Sports Basketball Game Scores for 2018-19 Season

(for games between 2018-07-01 and today)

DateLocation WinnerOpponent Comment
Mon Dec 17, 2018Phoenix, AZ Thompson Rivers0Montana Western (NAIA-Frontier Conference)0  
Sun Dec 16, 2018Lethbridge, AB Carroll College (NAIA-Frontier Conference)82Lethbridge79  
 Vancouver, BC UBC79Seattle Mountaineers72Stats 
Fri Dec 7, 2018Springbank, AB Calgary85Carroll College (NAIA-Frontier Conference)78StatsPlayed at Edge School
Thu Dec 6, 2018Calgary, AB Calgary72Carroll College (NAIA-Frontier Conference)54Stats 
Sun Dec 2, 2018Guelph, ON*Carleton90Guelph39Stats 
 Sault Ste. Marie, ON*Ottawa87Algoma81Stats 
Sat Dec 1, 2018Calgary, AB*Calgary95Lethbridge90Stats 
 Hamilton, ON*Queens88McMaster80OT, Stats 
 Kamloops, BC*Alberta86Thompson Rivers79Stats 
 Kelowna, BC*Fraser Valley80UBC Okanagan60Stats 
 Lennoxville, QC*McGill68Bishops56Stats 
 Montreal, QC*Concordia83UQAM59Stats 
 North Bay, ON*Nipissing84Windsor51Stats 
 Regina, SK*Regina86MacEwan79Stats 
 St. Catharines, ON*Brock96York94Stats 
 Sudbury, ON*Western88Laurentian78Stats 
 Thunder Bay, ON*Toronto78Lakehead75Stats 
 Vancouver, BC*UBC113Mount Royal83Stats 
 Winnipeg, MB*Winnipeg101Brandon81Stats 
Fri Nov 30, 2018Brandon, MB*Brandon109Winnipeg1072OT, Stats 
 Guelph, ON*Ottawa83Guelph81Stats 
 Hamilton, ON*York91McMaster81Stats 
 Kamloops, BC*Alberta107Thompson Rivers81Stats 
 Kelowna, BC*Fraser Valley92UBC Okanagan62Stats 
 North Bay, ON*Western77Nipissing72Stats 
 Regina, SK*Regina86MacEwan57Stats 
 Saskatoon, SK*UNBC83Saskatchewan76Stats 
 Sault Ste. Marie, ON*Carleton77Algoma60Stats 
 St. Catharines, ON*Brock85Queens64Stats 
 Sudbury, ON*Laurentian84Windsor63Stats 
 Thunder Bay, ON*Ryerson77Lakehead68Stats 
 Vancouver, BC*UBC94Mount Royal77Stats 
Thu Nov 29, 2018Lethbridge, AB*Calgary91Lethbridge79Stats 
 Quebec City, QC*Laval81Bishops69Stats 
 Saskatoon, SK*Saskatchewan98UNBC80Stats 
Sun Nov 25, 2018Sydney, NS*Cape Breton81Memorial77Stats 
Sat Nov 24, 2018Abbotsford, BC*Fraser Valley85UNBC79Stats 
 Calgary, AB*Mount Royal92MacEwan83Stats 
 Fredericton, NB*UNB90UPEI64Stats 
 Kamloops, BC*Thompson Rivers84UBC Okanagan75Stats 
 Lethbridge, AB*Winnipeg86Lethbridge83Stats 
 Montreal, QC*Concordia105Bishops91Stats 
 Montreal, QC*UQAM86Laval66Stats 
 Ottawa, ON*Carleton115McMaster62Stats 
 Ottawa, ON*Ottawa94Brock91Stats 
 Saskatoon, SK*Saskatchewan90Brandon72Stats 
 Sydney, NS*Cape Breton81Memorial77Stats 
 Thunder Bay, ON*York112Lakehead1043OT, Stats 
 Toronto, ON*Ryerson84Western46Stats 
 Toronto, ON*Windsor95Toronto84Stats 
 Victoria, BC*Victoria71Trinity Western61Stats 
 Waterloo, ON*Waterloo96Laurentian81Stats 
 Waterloo, ON*Wilfrid Laurier108Nipissing103OT, Stats 
 Winnipeg, MB*Calgary72Manitoba55Stats 
 Wolfville, NS*StFX89Acadia75Stats 
Fri Nov 23, 2018Abbotsford, BC*Fraser Valley81UNBC62Stats 
 Calgary, AB*Mount Royal87MacEwan79Stats 
 Kamloops, BC*Thompson Rivers82UBC Okanagan66Stats 
 Lethbridge, AB*Winnipeg88Lethbridge83Stats 
 Ottawa, ON*Carleton86Brock46Stats 
 Ottawa, ON*Ottawa103McMaster78Stats 
 Saskatoon, SK*Saskatchewan88Brandon67Stats 
 Thunder Bay, ON*Queens64Lakehead58Stats 
 Toronto, ON*Western79Toronto73Stats 
 Toronto, ON*Ryerson94Windsor38Stats 
 Victoria, BC*Victoria96Trinity Western66Stats 
 Waterloo, ON*Wilfrid Laurier84Laurentian78Stats 
 Waterloo, ON*Waterloo86Nipissing70Stats 
 Winnipeg, MB*Calgary87Manitoba59Stats 
 Halifax, NS*Saint Marys73Dalhousie68OT, StatsScotiabank Centre
Thu Nov 22, 2018Montreal, QC*Concordia87McGill81Stats 
Sun Nov 18, 2018Calgary, AB*Calgary86Victoria74Stats 
 Guelph, ON*Guelph83Laurentian76Stats 
 Sault Ste. Marie, ON*Algoma63Nipissing58Stats 
 St. John's, NL*Memorial74Acadia59Stats 
Sat Nov 17, 2018Antigonish, NS*Dalhousie89StFX70Stats 
 Calgary, AB*UBC Okanagan80Mount Royal78Stats 
 Calgary, AB*Calgary87Victoria63Stats 
 Charlottetown, PE*Saint Marys84UPEI47Stats 
 Edmonton, AB*Alberta87Lethbridge74Stats 
 Edmonton, AB*Fraser Valley84MacEwan80Stats 
 Hamilton, ON*McMaster89Toronto77Stats 
 Kingston, ON*Queens83Waterloo75Stats 
 Lennoxville, QC*Bishops93Laval86OT, Stats 
 Ottawa, ON*Carleton112Lakehead45Stats 
 Prince George, BC*UNBC98Trinity Western82Stats 
 Regina, SK*Regina86Manitoba85Stats 
 St. Catharines, ON*Ryerson71Brock62Stats 
 St. John's, NL*Memorial88Acadia76Stats 
 Sydney, NS*UNB84Cape Breton83Stats 
 Toronto, ON*Wilfrid Laurier90York86Stats 
 Vancouver, BC*UBC98Thompson Rivers78Stats 
 Windsor, ON*Western76Windsor57Stats 
 Winnipeg, MB*Winnipeg90Saskatchewan81Stats 
Fri Nov 16, 2018Calgary, AB*Mount Royal85UBC Okanagan73Stats 
 Charlottetown, PE*Saint Marys83UPEI68Stats 
 Edmonton, AB*Fraser Valley94MacEwan79Stats 
 Edmonton, AB*Alberta85Lethbridge72Stats 
 Guelph, ON*Guelph81Nipissing80Stats 
 Hamilton, ON*Ryerson102McMaster70Stats 
 Kingston, ON*Wilfrid Laurier93Queens65Stats 
 Ottawa, ON*Ottawa89Lakehead53Stats 
 Prince George, BC*UNBC101Trinity Western58Stats 
 Regina, SK*Manitoba76Regina72Stats 
 Sault Ste. Marie, ON*Laurentian86Algoma85OT, Stats 
 St. Catharines, ON*Brock103Toronto54Stats 
 Sydney, NS*Cape Breton95UNB82Stats 
 Toronto, ON*Waterloo96York91Stats 
 Vancouver, BC*UBC88Thompson Rivers60Stats 
 Winnipeg, MB*Saskatchewan111Winnipeg104OT, Stats 
Thu Nov 15, 2018Montreal, QC*Bishops79McGill69Stats 
 Montreal, QC*UQAM85Concordia68Stats 
Wed Nov 14, 2018Halifax, NS*Dalhousie90StFX76Stats 
Sun Nov 11, 2018St. John's, NL*Saint Marys86Memorial78Stats 
Sat Nov 10, 2018Abbotsford, BC*Fraser Valley80Alberta73Stats 
 Brandon, MB*Regina97Brandon82Stats 
 Calgary, AB*Calgary107Saskatchewan89Stats 
 Edmonton, AB*Winnipeg85MacEwan78Stats 
 Fredericton, NB*UNB92Dalhousie79Stats 
 Kamloops, BC*Thompson Rivers80Victoria70Stats 
 Kelowna, BC*Lethbridge121UBC Okanagan73Stats 
 Kingston, ON*Queens94Algoma61Stats 
 Langley, BC*Mount Royal94Trinity Western80Stats 
 Lennoxville, QC*Bishops78UQAM75Stats 
 London, ON*Ottawa93Western55Stats 
 North Bay, ON*Brock79Nipissing51Stats 
 Quebec City, QC*McGill67Laval57Stats 
 Sudbury, ON*Laurentian80McMaster74Stats 
 Sydney, NS*StFX93Cape Breton87Stats 
 Toronto, ON*Guelph105York92Stats 
 Waterloo, ON*Ryerson97Wilfrid Laurier52Stats 
 Waterloo, ON*Toronto94Waterloo55Stats 
 Windsor, ON*Carleton103Windsor56Stats 
 Winnipeg, MB*UBC94Manitoba89OT, Stats 
 Wolfville, NS*Acadia92UPEI81Stats 
 St. John's, NL*Saint Marys0Memorial0 Postponed by power outage
Fri Nov 9, 2018Abbotsford, BC*Alberta99Fraser Valley69Stats 
 Brandon, MB*Regina100Brandon82Stats 
 Calgary, AB*Calgary105Saskatchewan63Stats 
 Edmonton, AB*Winnipeg113MacEwan75Stats 
 Fredericton, NB*UNB72Dalhousie59Stats 
 Kamloops, BC*Victoria73Thompson Rivers65Stats 
 Kelowna, BC*Lethbridge114UBC Okanagan64Stats 
 Kingston, ON*Queens83Guelph64Stats 
 Langley, BC*Mount Royal85Trinity Western82Stats 
 London, ON*Carleton82Western51Stats 
 North Bay, ON*Nipissing80McMaster71Stats 
 Sudbury, ON*Brock102Laurentian88Stats 
 Toronto, ON*York85Algoma81OT, Stats 
 Waterloo, ON*Wilfrid Laurier83Toronto50Stats 
 Waterloo, ON*Ryerson80Waterloo56Stats 
 Windsor, ON*Ottawa62Windsor49Stats 
 Winnipeg, MB*UBC80Manitoba57Stats 
 Wolfville, NS*UPEI71Acadia69Stats 
Thu Nov 8, 2018Montreal, QC*McGill62UQAM60Stats 
 Montreal, QC*Concordia75Laval67OT, Stats 
Sun Nov 4, 2018Charlottetown, PE*UPEI77Memorial65Stats 
 Halifax, NS*Dalhousie89Cape Breton76Stats 
Sat Nov 3, 2018Antigonish, NS*StFX99UNB92OT, Stats 
 Charlottetown, PE*UPEI94Memorial82Stats 
 Edmonton, AB*Calgary74Alberta68Stats 
 Halifax, NS*Dalhousie85Cape Breton65Stats 
 Halifax, NS*Saint Marys94Acadia81Stats 
 Kelowna, BC*UBC Okanagan83Brandon82Stats 
 Kirkland, WA Northwest University (NAIA-Cascade Collegiate Conference)97Thompson Rivers89Stats 
 Lethbridge, AB*Lethbridge96MacEwan79Stats 
 London, ON*Western78York61Stats 
 Ottawa, ON*Carleton84Waterloo41Stats 
 Ottawa, ON*Wilfrid Laurier79Ottawa71Stats 
 Prince George, BC*Winnipeg96UNBC81Stats 
 Regina, SK*Regina82Trinity Western69Stats 
 Saskatoon, SK*Saskatchewan77Fraser Valley71Stats 
 Sudbury, ON*Laurentian101Lakehead81Stats 
 Toronto, ON*Toronto99Guelph92Stats 
 Toronto, ON*Ryerson102Algoma56Stats 
 Vancouver, BC*UBC87Victoria81Stats 
 Windsor, ON*Windsor61Queens59Stats 
 Winnipeg, MB*Manitoba81Mount Royal69Stats 
Fri Nov 2, 2018Antigonish, NS*UNB101StFX95Stats 
 Kelowna, BC*UBC Okanagan84Brandon79Stats 
 Lethbridge, AB*Lethbridge92MacEwan54Stats 
 London, ON*Western66Queens62Stats 
 Manchester, NH Saint Anselm (NCAA Division 2-Northeast Ten Conference)95Bishops63Stats 
 North Bay, ON*Lakehead83Nipissing73Stats 
 Ottawa, ON*Carleton80Wilfrid Laurier77Stats 
 Ottawa, ON*Ottawa90Waterloo65Stats 
 Prince George, BC*UNBC84Winnipeg82Stats 
 Regina, SK*Regina111Trinity Western65Stats 
 Saskatoon, SK*Saskatchewan92Fraser Valley65Stats 
 St. Catharines, ON*McMaster79Brock73Stats 
 Toronto, ON*Toronto85Algoma81Stats 
 Windsor, ON*York76Windsor73Stats 
 Winnipeg, MB*Mount Royal96Manitoba82Stats 
Thu Nov 1, 2018Calgary, AB*Calgary88Alberta77Stats 
 Halifax, NS*Saint Marys89Acadia85Stats 
 Victoria, BC*UBC89Victoria63Stats 
 Waltham, MA Bentley University (NCAA Division 2-Northeast Ten Conference)98Bishops53Stats 
Wed Oct 31, 2018Sudbury, ON*Laurentian98Nipissing76Stats 
 Toronto, ON*Ryerson96Guelph59Stats 
Sun Oct 28, 2018Halifax, NS Laurentian105UPEI89Stats 
Sat Oct 27, 2018Abbotsford, BC*Fraser Valley83Thompson Rivers72Stats 
 Brandon, MB*Brandon101Manitoba100Stats 
 Burlington, VT Vermont (NCAA Division 1-America East Conference)80Concordia43Stats 
 Calgary, AB*Calgary95Regina60Stats 
 Calgary, AB*UNBC75Mount Royal67Stats 
 Edmonton, AB*Alberta97MacEwan46Stats 
 Halifax, NS Dalhousie82Laurentian39Stats 
 Hamilton, ON*McMaster95Windsor67Stats 
 Langley, BC*UBC Okanagan97Trinity Western88Stats 
 Quebec City, QC Laval98Memorial72Stats 
 St. Catharines, ON*Brock102Guelph85Stats 
 Thunder Bay, ON*Lakehead90Algoma76Stats 
 Vancouver, BC*Saskatchewan102UBC93Stats 
 Waterloo, ON*Wilfrid Laurier70Western63Stats 
 Winnipeg, MB*Victoria75Winnipeg72Stats 
Fri Oct 26, 2018Abbotsford, BC*Thompson Rivers69Fraser Valley64OT, Stats 
 Brandon, MB*Manitoba88Brandon78Stats 
 Calgary, AB*UNBC95Mount Royal80Stats 
 Calgary, AB*Calgary91Regina68Stats 
 Halifax, NS Saint Marys93Laurentian90Stats 
 Langley, BC*UBC Okanagan75Trinity Western73Stats 
 Ottawa, ON*Carleton87Ottawa69Stats 
 Quebec City, QC Bishops88Memorial72Stats 
 St. Catharines, ON*Brock84Wilfrid Laurier75Stats 
 Thunder Bay, ON*Algoma71Lakehead69Stats 
 Toronto, ON*Ryerson103Toronto51Stats 
 Toronto, ON*Queens89York76Stats 
 Vancouver, BC*UBC92Saskatchewan87Stats 
 Winnipeg, MB*Winnipeg93Victoria84Stats 
Thu Oct 25, 2018Edmonton, AB*Alberta85MacEwan56Stats 
 Quebec City, QC Laval94Memorial76Stats 
Wed Oct 24, 2018Guelph, ON*Western86Guelph77Stats 
 Hamilton, ON*McMaster93Waterloo75Stats 
Sun Oct 21, 2018Charlottetown, PE Holland College108UPEI83Stats 
 Guelph, ON Guelph86Cape Breton79  
 Halifax, NS Dalhousie97Mount Saint Vincent53  
 Jamestown, ND Jamestown College (NAIA-NAIA Independent)118Brandon92Stats 
 Montreal, QC McGill87Saint Marys69Stats 
 Toronto, ON Ryerson139StFX72Stats 
Sat Oct 20, 2018Abbotsford, BC Vancouver Island University79Fraser Valley78  
 Great Falls, MT University of Providence (NAIA-Frontier Conference)88Lethbridge77Stats 
 Hamilton, ON McMaster81StFX70Stats 
 Jamestown, ND Jamestown College (NAIA-NAIA Independent)103Brandon83Stats 
 Kelowna, BC Thompson Rivers78UBC Okanagan77Stats 
 Montreal, QC Saint Marys95UQAM81Stats 
 Montreal, QC Ottawa112McGill72Stats 
 Toronto, ON Ryerson96Mount Royal60Stats 
 Waterloo, ON*Windsor82Waterloo68Stats 
 Winnipeg, MB Winnipeg77Mayville State (NAIA-North Star Athletic Association)67Stats 
 Winnipeg, MB Manitoba109Dakota College83Stats 
 Edmonton, AB UBC107Lakehead70StatsAlberta Golden Bear Invitational
 Edmonton, AB Alberta82Brock70StatsAlberta Golden Bear Invitational
 Woodstock, ON Guelph81Toronto75 At St. Mary's Secondary
 Toronto, ON Cape Breton80York62 At Villanova College in King City
 Saskatoon, SK Saskatchewan88Nipissing61StatsRon & Jane Graham Shootout
 Saskatoon, SK Trinity Western85MacEwan76StatsRon & Jane Graham Shootout
 Quebec City, QC Laval76Wilfrid Laurier73StatsTournoi Rouge et Or
Fri Oct 19, 2018Abbotsford, BC Fraser Valley90Vancouver Island University79OT 
 Guelph, ON Mount Royal98Guelph80  
 Hamilton, ON McMaster73Cape Breton64Stats 
 Helena, MT Carroll College (NAIA-Frontier Conference)96Lethbridge75Stats 
 Kelowna, BC UNBC77UBC Okanagan63Stats 
 Montreal, QC Saint Marys92Concordia82Stats 
 Montreal, QC UQAM84Ottawa75Stats 
 Toronto, ON Toronto101StFX84Stats 
 Valley City, ND Brandon69Valley City State (NAIA-Dakota Athletic Conference)68Stats 
 Winnipeg, MB Winnipeg106Dakota College63Stats 
 Winnipeg, MB Manitoba81Mayville State (NAIA-North Star Athletic Association)80Stats 
 Edmonton, AB Alberta84Lakehead72StatsAlberta Golden Bear Invitational
 Edmonton, AB UBC81Brock73StatsAlberta Golden Bear Invitational
 Saskatoon, SK Nipissing99Trinity Western80StatsRon & Jane Graham Shootout
 Saskatoon, SK Saskatchewan88MacEwan56StatsRon & Jane Graham Shootout
 Quebec City, QC UNB90Wilfrid Laurier80StatsTournoi Rouge et Or
Thu Oct 18, 2018Kamloops, BC UNBC117Thompson Rivers1143OT, Stats 
 Kingston, ON Queens89St. Lawrence University (NCAA Division 3-Liberty League)54Stats 
 London, ON Western97Mount Royal72  
 Saskatoon, SK Saskatchewan106Trinity Western60StatsRon & Jane Graham Shootout
 Saskatoon, SK MacEwan80Nipissing68StatsRon & Jane Graham Shootout
 Quebec City, QC UNB72Laval67StatsTournoi Rouge et Or
Mon Oct 15, 2018Toronto, ON York College (NCAA Division 3-Capital Athletic Conference)83York73Stats 
Sun Oct 14, 2018Wolfville, NS Calgary94Acadia71Stats 
 Ottawa, ON Carleton92Concordia62StatsHouse-Laughton Tournament
 Ottawa, ON Guelph87Victoria76StatsHouse-Laughton Tournament
 Charlottetown, PE Regina96McMaster84StatsMickey Place Tournament
 Charlottetown, PE UPEI86Humber College69StatsMickey Place Tournament
 Kingston, ON Queens89UQAM64StatsTindall Invitational Tournament
Sat Oct 13, 2018Ancaster, ON Toronto97Marywood University (NCAA Division 3-Colonial States Athletic Conference)63  
 Edmonton, AB Alberta97Mount Royal67  
 Halifax, NS Saint Marys91Calgary87Stats 
 Kelowna, BC MacEwan90UBC Okanagan72Stats 
 London, ON Western100Eureka College (NCAA Division 3-St. Louis Intercollegiate Athletic Conference)76  
 Prince George, BC UNBC93Vancouver Island University87Stats 
 Ottawa, ON Carleton72Victoria55StatsHouse-Laughton Tournament
 Ottawa, ON Concordia77Guelph68StatsHouse-Laughton Tournament
 Charlottetown, PE McMaster78UPEI69StatsMickey Place Tournament
 Charlottetown, PE Regina106Maine Fort Kent (NAIA-Sunrise Conference)77StatsMickey Place Tournament
 Waterloo, ON Dalhousie66Ottawa65StatsNaismith Classic
 Waterloo, ON UBC91Waterloo67StatsNaismith Classic
 Waterloo, ON Bishops81Wilfrid Laurier67StatsNaismith Classic
 Kingston, ON UNB91UQAM73StatsTindall Invitational Tournament
Fri Oct 12, 2018Antigonish, NS Calgary101StFX85Stats 
 Edmonton, AB Mount Royal95NAIT76Stats 
 Halifax, NS Saint Marys84Brock75Stats 
 Kamloops, BC Thompson Rivers81MacEwan68Stats 
 Saskatoon, SK Saskatchewan112Lakeland College73  
 Brandon, MB Brandon88Winnipeg85StatsBrandon Homecoming
 Ottawa, ON Victoria70Concordia67StatsHouse-Laughton Tournament
 Ottawa, ON Carleton92Guelph66StatsHouse-Laughton Tournament
 Charlottetown, PE Regina92UPEI69StatsMickey Place Tournament
 Charlottetown, PE Holland College118McMaster110OT, StatsMickey Place Tournament
 Waterloo, ON Bishops84Waterloo79OT, StatsNaismith Classic
 Waterloo, ON Ottawa78UBC77StatsNaismith Classic
 Waterloo, ON Dalhousie79Wilfrid Laurier77StatsNaismith Classic
 Kingston, ON Queens82UNB66StatsTindall Invitational Tournament
Thu Oct 11, 2018Wolfville, NS Acadia97Brock92Stats 
 Waterloo, ON UBC90Wilfrid Laurier68StatsNaismith Classic
 Waterloo, ON Dalhousie70Waterloo60StatsNaismith Classic
 Waterloo, ON Ottawa81Bishops77StatsNaismith Classic
Tue Oct 9, 2018Portugal Sport Club Lusitania82Algoma77 Algoma Portugal Trip
Mon Oct 8, 2018Portugal Algoma77Terciera Basketball Club73 Algoma Portugal Trip
Sun Oct 7, 2018London, ON Western82Drew University (NCAA Division 3-Landmark Conference)64  
 Montreal, QC Concordia74Waterloo72StatsConcordia Classic
 Montreal, QC Regina85Acadia84StatsConcordia Classic
 Winnipeg, MB York79Lethbridge78StatsManitoba Pre-Season Tournament
 St. Catharines, ON UQAM67Seneca College60StatsRBC Brock Classic
 St. Catharines, ON Ryerson73McGill43StatsRBC Brock Classic
 St. Catharines, ON Brock78UPEI61StatsRBC Brock Classic
Sat Oct 6, 2018Hamilton, ON Alberta80McMaster65Stats 
 Langley, BC Trinity Western84Seattle Mountaineers81  
 London, ON Western92Drew University (NCAA Division 3-Landmark Conference)69  
 Montreal, QC Regina100Waterloo60StatsConcordia Classic
 Montreal, QC Acadia63Concordia54StatsConcordia Classic
 Winnipeg, MB Lethbridge98Manitoba79StatsManitoba Pre-Season Tournament
 Winnipeg, MB York71Winnipeg70 Manitoba Pre-Season Tournament
 St. Catharines, ON McGill69UPEI63StatsRBC Brock Classic
 St. Catharines, ON UQAM91Ryerson83StatsRBC Brock Classic
 Antigonish, NS StFX81Dalhousie69StatsStFX Invitational Tournament
 Antigonish, NS Saint Marys79Cape Breton61StatsStFX Invitational Tournament
 Vancouver, BC Laval80UNBC75StatsUBC Invitational
 Vancouver, BC UBC91Windsor78StatsUBC Invitational
Fri Oct 5, 2018London, ON Western94Heidelberg University (NCAA Division 3-Ohio Athletic Conference)87  
 Toronto, ON Alberta81Toronto72Stats 
 Montreal, QC Waterloo74Acadia68StatsConcordia Classic
 Montreal, QC Concordia82Regina63StatsConcordia Classic
 Winnipeg, MB Lethbridge103Winnipeg99StatsManitoba Pre-Season Tournament
 Winnipeg, MB Manitoba83York70StatsManitoba Pre-Season Tournament
 St. Catharines, ON McGill78Brock72StatsRBC Brock Classic
 St. Catharines, ON UQAM78UPEI69StatsRBC Brock Classic
 Antigonish, NS StFX81Cape Breton70StatsStFX Invitational Tournament
 Antigonish, NS Dalhousie71Saint Marys65StatsStFX Invitational Tournament
 Vancouver, BC UNBC71Windsor65StatsUBC Invitational
 Vancouver, BC UBC86Laval73StatsUBC Invitational
Thu Oct 4, 2018Brandon, MB Lethbridge103Brandon86Stats 
 Kingston, ON Queens94St. Lawrence College65  
 Langley, BC Windsor87Trinity Western69  
 Waterloo, ON Wilfrid Laurier89UPEI47Stats 
Wed Oct 3, 2018Guelph, ON Guelph98UPEI71  
 Victoria, BC Victoria88Laval83Stats 
Mon Oct 1, 2018Toronto, ON York80UPEI72  
Sun Sep 30, 2018Hamilton, ON Dalhousie83McMaster79Stats 
 Toronto, ON Memorial73York57  
 Wolfville, NS Carleton127Acadia66StatsStu Aberdeen Tournament
 Wolfville, NS StFX87Bishops76StatsStu Aberdeen Tournament
Sat Sep 29, 2018Guelph, ON Guelph101Memorial89Stats 
 Medicine Hat, AB Lethbridge101Medicine Hat College84  
 Quebec City, QC Queens79Laval70Stats 
 Sudbury, ON Algoma81Laurentian69Stats 
 Thunder Bay, ON Lakehead75Winnipeg61Stats 
 Toronto, ON Dalhousie70York60Stats 
 Unknown Nipissing84Humber College82  
 Fredericton, NB Holland College78UNB73 Eric Garland Tournament
 Victoria, BC Saskatchewan102Manitoba68StatsGuy Vetrie Memorial Tournament
 Victoria, BC Ryerson96Victoria61StatsGuy Vetrie Memorial Tournament
 Wolfville, NS Carleton107Bishops66StatsStu Aberdeen Tournament
 Wolfville, NS Acadia91StFX76StatsStu Aberdeen Tournament
Fri Sep 28, 2018Hamilton, ON McMaster95Sheridan College82  
 London, ON Western99St. Clair College57  
 Montreal, QC Concordia64Queens56Stats 
 Thunder Bay, ON Lakehead80Winnipeg67Stats 
 Toronto, ON Dalhousie66Toronto65Stats 
 Cambridge, ON Memorial90Waterloo84StatsAt St. Benedict Secondary School
 Fredericton, NB UNB83Mount Allison43 Eric Garland Tournament
 Victoria, BC Manitoba80Victoria70StatsGuy Vetrie Memorial Tournament
 Victoria, BC Ryerson77Saskatchewan66StatsGuy Vetrie Memorial Tournament
 Wolfville, NS Bishops76Acadia72StatsStu Aberdeen Tournament
 Wolfville, NS Carleton125StFX55StatsStu Aberdeen Tournament
Thu Sep 27, 2018Stirling, AB Lethbridge103Lethbridge College79  
 Waterloo, ON Wilfrid Laurier112Memorial72Stats 
 Victoria, BC Victoria85Saskatchewan73StatsGuy Vetrie Memorial Tournament
 Victoria, BC Ryerson86Manitoba71StatsGuy Vetrie Memorial Tournament
Wed Sep 26, 2018London, ON Western105Lambton College69  
 Windsor, ON Windsor79St. Clair College67  
Tue Sep 25, 2018Etobicoke, ON Guelph89Humber College86  
Sun Sep 23, 2018Vancouver, BC UBC105Seattle Mountaineers58  
Sat Sep 22, 2018North Bay, ON Nipissing98Canadore College56  
Fri Sep 21, 2018Ottawa, ON Ottawa82College Jean-de-Brebeuf60  
 Thunder Bay, ON Regina87Lakehead86Stats 
Thu Sep 20, 2018Thunder Bay, ON Regina88Lakehead84Stats 
Thu Sep 6, 2018Ulm, Germany Calgary80Ulm Bundesliga64 Calgary Germany Trip
Wed Sep 5, 2018Kircheim, Germany Kircheim63Calgary55 Calgary Germany Trip
Tue Sep 4, 2018Windsor, ON Grand Valley State (NCAA Division 2-Great Lakes Intercollegiate Athletic Conference)85Windsor62  
Mon Sep 3, 2018London, ON Grand Valley State (NCAA Division 2-Great Lakes Intercollegiate Athletic Conference)83Western48  
Sun Sep 2, 2018London, ON Lincoln Memorial (NCAA Division 2-South Atlantic Conference)63Western61  
 Toronto, ON Grand Valley State (NCAA Division 2-Great Lakes Intercollegiate Athletic Conference)77York58  
 Urspring, Germany Urspring81Calgary53 Calgary Germany Trip
Sat Sep 1, 2018Windsor, ON Lincoln Memorial (NCAA Division 2-South Atlantic Conference)96Windsor55  
 Bamberg, Germany Bamberg Bundesliga83Calgary80 Calgary Germany Trip
Thu Aug 30, 2018Karlsruhe, Germany Karlsruhe Lions93Calgary88 Calgary Germany Trip
Sat Aug 25, 2018Quebec City, QC Laval92SUNY Farmingdale (NCAA Division 3-Skyline Conference)77  
Fri Aug 24, 2018Montreal, QC UQAM95SUNY Farmingdale (NCAA Division 3-Skyline Conference)90  
Sun Aug 19, 2018Laval, QC Duke (NCAA Division 1-Atlantic Coast Conference)103McGill58 Bell Place
Fri Aug 17, 2018San Jose, Costa Rica Maine (NCAA Division 1-America East Conference)75Calgary70OT 
 Valencia, Spain Nipissing69Spanish All-stars46  
 Mississauga, ON Duke (NCAA Division 1-Atlantic Coast Conference)96Toronto60 Paramount Fine Foods Centre
Wed Aug 15, 2018Montreal, QC Maryland Eastern Shore (NCAA Division 1-Mid-Eastern Athletic Conference)79UQAM77  
 San Jose, Costa Rica Calgary73Maine (NCAA Division 1-America East Conference)56  
 Valencia, Spain Nipissing91Europrobasket Academy A56  
 Mississauga, ON Duke (NCAA Division 1-Atlantic Coast Conference)86Ryerson67 Paramount Fine Foods Centre
Tue Aug 14, 2018San Jose, Costa Rica Calgary74Texas San Antonio (NCAA Division 1-Conference USA)68  
 Ottawa, ON Carleton98Maryland Eastern Shore (NCAA Division 1-Mid-Eastern Athletic Conference)55 Carleton Can-Am Shootout
Mon Aug 13, 2018San Jose, Costa Rica Calgary70Texas San Antonio (NCAA Division 1-Conference USA)69  
 Valencia, Spain Nipissing68Europrobasket Academy B52  
Sun Aug 12, 2018Montreal, QC Vermont (NCAA Division 1-America East Conference)77McGill57  
 Montreal, QC Concordia82Maryland Eastern Shore (NCAA Division 1-Mid-Eastern Athletic Conference)76  
 Ottawa, ON Carleton83South Dakota State (NCAA Division 1-Summit League)64 Carleton Can-Am Shootout
Sat Aug 11, 2018Montreal, QC Vermont (NCAA Division 1-America East Conference)83UQAM62  
 Montreal, QC South Dakota State (NCAA Division 1-Summit League)93Ottawa77  
 Quebec City, QC Maryland Eastern Shore (NCAA Division 1-Mid-Eastern Athletic Conference)69Laval60  
 San Jose, Costa Rica San Diego (NCAA Division 1-West Coast Conference)64Calgary54  
Fri Aug 10, 2018Montreal, QC Vermont (NCAA Division 1-America East Conference)81Ottawa55  
 San Jose, Costa Rica San Diego (NCAA Division 1-West Coast Conference)95Laurentian68  
 Toronto, ON Lewis University (NCAA Division 2-Great Lakes Valley Conference)91York75  
 Ottawa, ON Carleton113South Dakota State (NCAA Division 1-Summit League)51 Carleton Can-Am Shootout
Thu Aug 9, 2018Montreal, QC South Dakota State (NCAA Division 1-Summit League)76McGill69  
 Montreal, QC Mississippi (NCAA Division 1-Southestern Conference)85Ottawa74  
 San Jose, Costa Rica San Diego (NCAA Division 1-West Coast Conference)80Laurentian57  
Wed Aug 8, 2018Montreal, QC Concordia80South Carolina State (NCAA Division 1-Mid-Eastern Athletic Conference)72  
 San Jose, Costa Rica Eastern Kentucky (NCAA Division 1-Ohio Valley Conference)93Laurentian83  
 Ottawa, ON Carleton81Mississippi (NCAA Division 1-Southestern Conference)63 Carleton Can-Am Shootout
Tue Aug 7, 2018Montreal, QC Cincinnati (NCAA Division 1-American Athletic Conference)79McGill53  
 Quebec City, QC Laval93South Carolina State (NCAA Division 1-Mid-Eastern Athletic Conference)84  
 Waterloo, ON Lewis University (NCAA Division 2-Great Lakes Valley Conference)85Wilfrid Laurier71  
Mon Aug 6, 2018Montreal, QC Queens93South Carolina State (NCAA Division 1-Mid-Eastern Athletic Conference)88OT 
 Montreal, QC Mississippi (NCAA Division 1-Southestern Conference)84Concordia77  
 Ottawa, ON Carleton86Cincinnati (NCAA Division 1-American Athletic Conference)67 Carleton Can-Am Shootout
Sun Aug 5, 2018Montreal, QC Cincinnati (NCAA Division 1-American Athletic Conference)85Ottawa57  
 Montreal, QC Mississippi (NCAA Division 1-Southestern Conference)102McGill61  
 San Jose, Costa Rica Troy (NCAA Division 1-Sun Belt Conference)79Laurentian77  
Fri Aug 3, 2018San Jose, Costa Rica Troy (NCAA Division 1-Sun Belt Conference)83Laurentian59  
Sat Jul 7, 2018Kaohsiung City, Taiwan Toronto94Chien Hsin Tech89 BLIA Cup Bronze Medal
Fri Jul 6, 2018Kaohsiung City, Taiwan Azusa Pacific (NCAA Division 2-Pacific West Conference)86Toronto66 BLIA Cup Semifinal
Thu Jul 5, 2018Kaohsiung City, Taiwan Toronto89National Taiwan Sport Universi87 BLIA Cup
Wed Jul 4, 2018Kaohsiung City, Taiwan Toronto74University of New South Wales62 BLIA Cup
Tue Jul 3, 2018Toronto, ON Team China78Ryerson73  
Mon Jul 2, 2018Kaohsiung City, Taiwan Toronto81University of Lyon67 BLIA Cup

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