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Matchup Information for Two Teams

Matchup information for Harvard Crimson (Ivy League) and McGill Redmen (RSEQ)
Scores for games played
Game DateLocationWinnerOpponent Comment
Jan 10, 2017Cambridge, MAHarvard70McGill45  
Nov 7, 2015Boston, MAHarvard66McGill63  
Asterisk (*) indicates league games.

Summary of matchup record
Harvard Crimson2068.054.0
McGill Redmen0254.068.0

Matchup information for McGill Redmen (RSEQ) and teams in NCAA Division 1

Scores for games played
Game DateLocationWinnerOpptwont Comment
Aug 19, 2018Laval, QCDuke103McGill58 Bell Place
Aug 12, 2018Montreal, QCVermont77McGill57  
Aug 9, 2018Montreal, QCSouth Dakota State76McGill69  
Aug 7, 2018Montreal, QCCincinnati79McGill53  
Aug 5, 2018Montreal, QCMississippi102McGill61  
Sep 2, 2017Montreal, QCHofstra88McGill76 Hofstra visit to Canada
Aug 30, 2017Montreal, QCSiena79McGill71 Siena visit to Canada
Aug 28, 2017Montreal, QCMcGill80St. Francis Brooklyn67 St. Francis Brooklyn visit to Canada
Aug 17, 2017Costa RicaMcGill86UTEP82OTCosta Rica Tour
Aug 16, 2017Costa RicaMcGill56UTEP54 Costa Rica Tour
Aug 15, 2017Costa RicaLamar57McGill50 Costa Rica Tour
Aug 14, 2017Costa RicaMcGill85Kent State79 Costa Rica Tour
Aug 10, 2017Montreal, QCTowson84McGill53 Towson visit to Canada
Aug 8, 2017Montreal, QCSouthern Methodist86McGill83OTSMU visit to Canada
Aug 7, 2017Montreal, QCAlabama96McGill57 Alabama visit to Canada
Jan 10, 2017Cambridge, MAHarvard70McGill45  
Aug 20, 2016Montreal, QCMcGill76Fairleigh Dickinson69  
Aug 16, 2016Montreal, QCMcGill69Florida A&M62  
Aug 14, 2016Montreal, QCArkansas-Pine Bluff71McGill43  
Aug 9, 2016Montreal, QCWichita State77McGill71  
Aug 7, 2016Montreal, QCStetson80McGill65  
Nov 7, 2015Boston, MAHarvard66McGill63  
Nov 5, 2015Baltimore, MDLoyola Maryland72McGill48  
Aug 16, 2015Montreal, QCTexas Tech54McGill46  
Aug 11, 2015Montreal, QCValparaiso80McGill60  
Aug 28, 2014Montreal, QCFordham76McGill71 Fordham Visit
Aug 26, 2014Montreal, QCLoyola Maryland65McGill60 Loyola Maryland Visit
Aug 18, 2014Montreal, QCMemphis93McGill71 Memphis Visit
Aug 12, 2014Montreal, QCIndiana96McGill69 Indiana Visit
Oct 26, 2013Orono, MEMaine83McGill57  
Aug 25, 2013Montreal, QCMcGill74Siena72 Siena Visit
Aug 21, 2013Montreal, QCSyracuse80McGill40 Syracuse Visit
Aug 20, 2013Montreal, QCSacred Heart83McGill77 Sacred Heart Visit
Aug 21, 2012Montreal, QCUNLV74McGill59 UNLV Visit
Aug 19, 2012Montreal, QCNortheastern80McGill66  
Nov 1, 2011Cincinnati, OHCincinnati75McGill41  
Sep 3, 2011Montreal, QCMcGill78Niagara71  
Aug 24, 2011Montreal, QCMcGill77New Hampshire74  
Aug 20, 2011Montreal, QCAlbany83McGill58  
Aug 14, 2011Montreal, QCUniversity of Akron85McGill57  
Aug 13, 2011Montreal, QCCentral Florida100McGill58  
Aug 12, 2011Montreal, QCIllinois State90McGill66  
Nov 2, 2010Pittsburgh, PARobert Morris77McGill54  
Nov 1, 2010New Brunswick, NJRutgers80McGill68  
Sep 3, 2010Ottawa, ONCincinnati89McGill58 Cincinnati Bearcats Visit
Aug 25, 2010Montreal, QCMaine87McGill66 Maine Black Bears Visit
Sep 5, 2009Montreal, QCSt. Johns University90McGill55 St. John's Red Storm Visit
Sep 1, 2008Montreal, QCNortheastern87McGill73  
Aug 31, 2008Montreal, QCMcGill88Virginia83  
Aug 30, 2008Ottawa, ONKansas72McGill67 Kansas Jayhawks Trip
Sep 3, 2007Montreal, QCIllinois107McGill1032OTIllinois Tour
Sep 1, 2007Ottawa, ONAlabama93McGill84 Alabama Tour
Sep 3, 2006Kingston, ONArmy76McGill69 Army Foreign Tour
Nov 5, 2005New York, NYManhattan College84McGill35  
Nov 4, 2005Albany, NYAlbany85McGill41  
Sep 3, 2005Montreal, QCWestern Illinois70McGill45 Western Illinois Canadian Tour
Oct 10, 2004Montreal, QCVirginia83McGill46  
Jan 14, 1982Montreal, QCRhode Island0McGill0  
Jul 1, 1979UnknownMcGill2Maine0 TSLU Dec/79
Jan 3, 1978Halifax, NSMaine106McGill89 National Basketball Festival
Dec 14, 1968Montreal, QCNew Hampshire106McGill83  
Jul 1, 1966UnknownMcGill2Kent State0 For McGill overall record of 9-13

Summary of matchup record
McGill Redmen124961.176.9
Teams in NCAA Division 1491276.961.1

Matchup information for Harvard Crimson (Ivy League) and teams in CIS

Scores for games played
Game DateLocationWinnerOpptwont Comment
Jan 10, 2017Cambridge, MAHarvard70McGill45  
Jan 12, 2016Boston, MAHarvard73Ryerson57  
Nov 7, 2015Boston, MAHarvard66McGill63  
Nov 6, 2004Cambridge, MAHarvard75McMaster62  
Oct 11, 2004Halifax, NSHarvard65Dalhousie54 Harvard Foreign Tour
Oct 10, 2004Antigonish, NSStFX70Harvard67 Harvard Foreign Tour
Oct 9, 2004Halifax, NSHarvard78Saint Marys54 Harvard Foreign Tour
Nov 9, 2003UnknownStFX77Harvard74OT 
Nov 10, 2001UnknownHarvard85StFX75  
Nov 12, 2000Cambridge, MAHarvard79StFX62  
Nov 7, 1999UnknownHarvard70StFX65  
Nov 19, 1995UnknownHarvard85McMaster47  
Nov 16, 1992Boston, MAHarvard73Saint Marys65  
Jul 1, 1978Cambridge, MAHarvard2Carleton0  
Jul 1, 1974Cambridge, MAHarvard89Acadia53  
Jan 6, 1968Halifax, NSHarvard2Saint Marys0 Bluenose Classic
Jan 5, 1968Halifax, NSHarvard83Dalhousie75 Bluenose Classic

Summary of matchup record
Harvard Crimson15266.854.4
Teams in CIS21554.466.8

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