U Sports Hoops — Final 8 Championship
Ottawa, Ontario — March 5-8, 2020
provided by Martin Timmerman
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Selected Advanced Player Stats for Championship Teams

Offensive Rating is the number of points produced by a player per 100 total individual possessions.
Defensive Rating estimates how many points the player allowed per 100 possessions he faced while on the court.
Win Shares is a player statistic which attempts to divvy up credit for team success to the individuals on the team. It is calculated using player, team and league-wide statistics and the sum of player win shares on a given team will be roughly equal to that team'€™s win total for the season.
Effective field goal percentage is a statistic that adjusts field goal percentage to account for the fact that three-point field goals count for three points while field goals only count for two points.

These statistics are calculated from all games played between two U Sports teams for which box scores were available. Only players who played at least 10 games are included.
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PlayerOffensive Rating Defensive Rating Win shares Effective FG%
Melissa Tatti, Brock109.881.47.0946%
Sabine Dukate, Saskatchewan119.571.86.9254%
Marin Scotten, Ryerson116.281.16.8652%
Vanessa Wild, Alberta112.674.26.8155%
Summer Masikewich, Saskatchewan112.569.96.7849%
Alyssa Cerino, Carleton115.173.76.5651%
Jenna Mae Ellsworth, UPEI108.980.06.1247%
Megan Ahlstrom, Saskatchewan122.968.35.8057%
Reese Baxendale, UPEI96.781.15.0643%
Rachel Farwell, Ryerson117.778.75.0158%
Erin McIntosh, Calgary109.074.24.9548%
Hayley Robertson, Ryerson93.778.64.7641%
Tatyanna Burke, Carleton105.874.74.7252%
Liene Stalidzane, Calgary108.378.84.7150%
Samantha Keltos, Brock97.176.34.5146%
Jessica Morris, Brock112.083.14.4452%
Libby Epoch, Saskatchewan103.770.34.4448%
Kyla Shand, Saskatchewan108.765.64.4050%
Bobbi-Jo Colburn, Calgary109.978.64.0951%
Bronwyn Williams, Ryerson96.674.83.9643%

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