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CIAU Men's Basketball Award Winners for 1977-78 Season

Stuart W. Aberdeen Memorial Trophy (CIS Coach of the Year)Bob Bain, York
 Bruce Enns, Winnipeg
Mike Moser Memorial Trophy (CIS Outstanding Player)Charlie Wise, Laurentian
First Team All-CanadianBruce Burnett, Laurentian
 Charlie Wise, Laurentian
 Lorne Killion, Wilfrid Laurier
 Martin Riley, Manitoba
 Victor Soares, Acadia
Second Team All-CanadianCliff Bell, Manitoba
 David Coulthard, York
 Jim Zoet, Lakehead
 John Brown, Saint Marys
 Seymour Hadwen, Waterloo
MVP of CIAU Championship / Jack Donohue TrophyRon McFarland, Saint Marys
CIS Tournament All-Star TeamBilly Turney-Loos, Victoria
 Bruce Burnett, Laurentian
 David Coulthard, York
 Ron McFarland, Saint Marys
 Tom Kappos, Saint Marys
 Victor Soares, Acadia

AUS Coach of the YearDick Hunt, Acadia
AUS First Team All-StarBob Fagan, Dalhousie
 John Brown, Saint Marys
 Michael Hazard, Acadia
 Peter (Doc) Ryan, StFX
 Victor Soares, Acadia
AUS Second Team All-StarFrank White, Saint Marys
 Gil Green, StFX
 Gordie West, Acadia
 Ron McFarland, Saint Marys
 Varouj Gurunlian, StFX

Canada West First Team All-StarBilly Turney-Loos, Victoria
 Bruce Wright, Calgary
 Greg Hess, Calgary
 Pat Rooney, Alberta
 Robbie Parris, Victoria
Canada West Second Team All-StarBrent Patterson, Alberta
 Dale Getty, Calgary
 Lyle Leslie, Calgary
 Rene Dolcetti, Victoria
 Roger Ganes, Saskatchewan
 Ted Hellard, Calgary

Great Plains Player of the YearMartin Riley, Manitoba
Great Plains First Team All-StarCliff Bell, Manitoba
 Jeff Bennett, Lakehead
 Jim Zoet, Lakehead
 Ken Opalko, Winnipeg
 Martin Riley, Manitoba

OUA West Coach of the YearDon McCrae, Waterloo
OUA East Coach of the YearBob Bain, York
OUA West First Team All-StarDave Roser, McMaster
 Don Whaley, Wilfrid Laurier
 Henry Vandenberg, Guelph
 Lorne Killion, Wilfrid Laurier
 Seymour Hadwen, Waterloo
OUA East First Team All-StarBruce Burnett, Laurentian
 Charlie Wise, Laurentian
 David Coulthard, York
 Jonathan Love, Carleton
 Lonnie Ramati, York
OUA West Second Team All-StarBruce Meikle, Western
 Fred Koepke, Wilfrid Laurier
 Jim Nelligan, Brock
 Pat Brill-Edwards, Waterloo
 Vince Landry, Windsor
OUA East Second Team All-StarBo Pelech, York
 Pat Signorotti, Ottawa
 Pat Stoqua, Carleton
 Randy Cook, Toronto
 Varick Cutler, Laurentian
E.C. Lebel Plaque (Outstanding Player in OUA Playoffs)David Coulthard, York

RSEQ First Team All-StarTrevor Bennett, Bishops
RSEQ Second Team All-StarBlair Shier, Bishops

Brock Team MVPJim Nelligan, Brock
Hagey-Siegfried Trophy (Team MVP)Seymour Hadwen, Waterloo
Wardlaw Porteous Trophy (Team MVP)Keith Smith, Alberta
Letterman Award (Rookie-of-the-Year)Leon Passmore, Waterloo
Dalhousie Climo AwardBob Fagan, Dalhousie

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