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U Sports Hoops — Men
University Basketball in Canada
provided by Martin Timmerman
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Men's Basketball Awards for Queens

National Awards
These awards were presented by U SPORTS, CIS or CIAU to recognize outstanding performance at the national level
Ken Shields Award
2018-19 Tanner Graham
Second Team All-Canadian
1969-70 Ronald Walsh
All-Canadian (Honourable Mention)
1968-69 Ronald Walsh
1988-89 Mike Scotten
League Awards
These awards were presented by the league in which this team played to recognize achievement at the league level
E.C. Lebel Plaque (OUA East MVP)
1987-88 Mike Scotten
OUA East Defensive Player of the Year
2004-05 Neal Dawson
OUA East Rookie of the Year
2003-04 Simon Mitchell
2007-08 Jon Ogden
2012-13 Sukhpreet Singh
OUA East Ken Shields Nominee
2009-10 Baris Ondul
OUA Ken Shields Award Nominee
2018-19 Tanner Graham
OUA East First Team All-Star
1971-72 Andrejs Daugulis
1971-72 Paul Howard
1986-87 Mike Scotten
1987-88 Mike Scotten
1992-93 Dave Smart
1993-94 Dave Smart
1997-98 Derek Richardson
1998-99 Derek Richardson
Ontario East - Central Division First Team All-Star
1988-89 Mike Scotten
1990-91 Doug Laughton
1991-92 Dave Smart
OUA East Second Team All-Star
1972-73 Paul Howard
1974-75 John Keck
1979-80 Kelly Campbell
1985-86 Mike Scotten
1987-88 Bob Budgell
1988-89 Mike Scotten
1999-00 John Purdy
1999-00 Derek Richardson
2008-09 Mitch Leger
2010-11 Daniel Bannister
2012-13 Greg Faulkner
2013-14 Greg Faulkner
Ontario East - Central Division Second Team All-Star
1990-91 Denny Palarchio
1991-92 Michael Burleigh
OUA East All Rookie Team
2007-08 Travis Mitchell
2007-08 Jon Ogden
2010-11 Nikola Misljencevic
2012-13 Roshane Roberts
2012-13 Sukhpreet Singh
OUA First Team All-Star
2014-15 Greg Faulkner
2015-16 Sukhpreet Singh
OUA Second Team All-Star
2016-17 Sukhpreet Singh
2018-19 Tanner Graham
OUA Third Team All-Star
2017-18 Jaz Bains
2017-18 Tanner Graham
2018-19 Jaz Bains
2019-20 Quinton Gray
OUA All-Rookie Team
2014-15 Tanner Graham
2019-20 Cole Syllas
O-QIAA East Division First Team All-Star
1965-66 Doug Fraser
1965-66 Peter Scobie
1965-66 Ted Waring

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