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U Sports Hoops — Men
University Basketball in Canada
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Men's Basketball Awards for Toronto

National Awards
These awards were presented by U SPORTS, CIS or CIAU to recognize outstanding performance at the national level
Stuart W. Aberdeen Memorial Trophy (CIS Coach of the Year)
1994-95 Ken Olynyk
2007-08 Mike Katz
First Team All-Canadian
1987-88 Fred Murrell
1996-97 Eddy Meguerian
Second Team All-Canadian
1968-69 Bruce Dempster
1991-92 Rob Wilson
All-Canadian (Honourable Mention)
1988-89 Mark Harvey
1989-90 Mark Harvey
1995-96 Carl Swantee
CIS All-Rookie Team
2017-18 Evan Shadkami
CIS Tournament All-Star Team
1995-96 Lars Dressler
League Awards
These awards were presented by the league in which this team played to recognize achievement at the league level
OUA East Coach of the Year
1986-87 Gilbert (Gib) Chapman
1987-88 Gilbert (Gib) Chapman
1988-89 Gilbert (Gib) Chapman
1994-95 Ken Olynyk
1995-96 Ken Olynyk
2007-08 Mike Katz
E.C. Lebel Plaque (OUA East MVP)
1996-97 Eddy Meguerian
E.C. Lebel Plaque (Ontario East - Central MVP)
1991-92 Rob Wilson
OUA East Defensive Player of the Year
2005-06 Mike Williams
2006-07 Mike Williams
OUA East First Team All-Star
1983-84 Roger Rollocks
1984-85 Fred Murrell
1985-86 Roger Rollocks
1986-87 Sam Hill
1987-88 Mike Forestell
1987-88 Mark Harvey
1987-88 Fred Murrell
1992-93 Scott Bleue
1993-94 Carl Swantee
1994-95 Eddy Meguerian
1995-96 Eddy Meguerian
1995-96 Carl Swantee
1996-97 Eddy Meguerian
2010-11 Andrew Wasik
Ontario East - Central Division First Team All-Star
1988-89 Mark Harvey
1988-89 Nicholas Saul
1988-89 Rob Wilson
1990-91 Rob Wilson
1991-92 Rob Wilson
OUA East Second Team All-Star
1972-73 Dave Watt
1973-74 Randy Filinski
1974-75 Glenn Scott
1976-77 Doug Fox
1977-78 Randy Cook
1978-79 Randy Cook
1979-80 Tony Braunstein
1979-80 Bill Pangos
1981-82 Bill Pangos
1983-84 Ranald Davidson
1984-85 Ranald Davidson
1984-85 Roger Rollocks
1986-87 John Karpis
1988-89 Mark Harvey
1988-89 Nicholas Saul
1988-89 Rob Wilson
1989-90 Mark Harvey
1994-95 Jason Dressler
1994-95 Carl Swantee
1995-96 Jason Dressler
1996-97 Jason Dressler
1996-97 Jason Gopaul
1997-98 Vidak Curic
1998-99 Reid Beckett
1998-99 Vidak Curic
2008-09 Nick Magalas
2008-09 Rob Paris
2010-11 Drazen Glisic
2011-12 Andrew Wasik
Ontario East - Central Division Second Team All-Star
1990-91 Gunars Balodis
1990-91 Scott Bleue
1991-92 Linas Balaisis
OUA East All Rookie Team
2013-14 Nicholas Burke
OUA First Team All-Star
2016-17 Devin Johnson
OUA Second Team All-Star
2014-15 Devin Johnson
2015-16 Devin Johnson
OUA Third Team All-Star
2017-18 Reilly Reid
OUA All-Rookie Team
2014-15 Sage Usher
2015-16 Daniel Johansson
2015-16 Devon Williams
2017-18 Evan Shadkami
2018-19 Inaki Alvarez
Kitch MacPherson Trophy (MVP in OUA Wilson Cup)
1994-95 Jason Gopaul
O-QIAA West Division First Team All-Star
1968-69 Bruce Dempster
O-QIAA West Division Second Team All-Star
1965-66 Nolan Kane
1965-66 Bill Woloshyn
O-QIAA West Division Honourable Mention All-Star
1965-66 Doug Lockhart

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