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University Basketball in Canada
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Men's Basketball Awards for UNBC Timberwolves

League Awards
These awards were presented by the league in which this team played to recognize achievement at the league level
Canada West Ken Shields Student-Athlete Community Award
2014-15 Devin McMurtry
Canada West Second Team All-Star
2014-15 Franck Olivier Kouagnia
Canada West Third Team All-Star
2018-19 Jovan Leamy
2022-23 Fareed Shittu
Canada West All Rookie Team
2019-20 Fareed Shittu
University Awards
These awards were presented by the university where the athlete participated, often an Athletic Department award to recognized achievement across all sports
UNBC Male Athlete of the Year
2021-22 Tyrell Laing
UNBC Male Rookie of the Year
2021-22 Darren Hunter
UNBC Men's Basketball Most Outstanding Player
2012-13 Sam Raphael
2013-14 Charles Barton
2014-15 Franck Olivier Kouagnia
2015-16 Rhys Elliot
2016-17 Rhys Elliot
2017-18 Volodymyr Pluzhnikov
2018-19 Jovan Leamy
2019-20 Tyrell Laing
2021-22 Tyrell Laing
UNBC Men's Basketball Rookie of the Year
2012-13 Navjot Bains
2013-14 Marcus MacKay
2014-15 Vaggelis Loukas
2015-16 Saje Gosal
2016-17 Tyrell Laing
2017-18 Adam Pahl
2018-19 Spencer Ledoux
2018-19 Chris Ross
2019-20 Fareed Shittu
2021-22 Darren Hunter
UNBC Men's Basketball Best Defensive Player
2012-13 Sam Raphael
2013-14 Daniel Stark
2014-15 Jeff Chu
2014-15 Rhys Elliot
2015-16 Colin Plumb
2016-17 Austin Chandler
2017-18 Vaggelis Loukas
2018-19 Austin Chandler
2021-22 Fareed Shittu
UNBC Men's Basketball Zane Robison Award
2012-13 Josh Raphael
2013-14 Jeff Chu
2014-15 Jeff Chu
2016-17 Marcus MacKay
2017-18 Marcus MacKay
2017-18 Adam Pahl
2018-19 Volodymyr Pluzhnikov
2019-20 Chris Ross
2021-22 Chris Ross
UNBC Men's Basketball Most Inspirational Player
2013-14 Devin McMurtry
2014-15 Nolan Hanson
2017-18 Daniel Stark
2018-19 James Agyeman
2018-19 Vaggelis Loukas
2019-20 Saje Gosal
2021-22 Volodymyr Pluzhnikov
UNBC Men's Basketball Practice Wins Leader
2019-20 Volodymyr Pluzhnikov
2021-22 Volodymyr Pluzhnikov

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