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U Sports Hoops — Women
University Basketball in Canada
provided by Martin Timmerman
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Women's Basketball Awards for Lakehead

National Awards
These awards were presented by U SPORTS, CIS or CIAU to recognize outstanding performance at the national level
Nan Copp Award (CIS Player of the Year)
2014-15 Jylisa Williams
Sylvia Sweeney Award (Outstanding Student-Athlete)
2011-12 Lindsay Druery
Tracy MacLeod Award (Spirit)
1998-99 Angela Hrkac
CIS First Team All-Canadian
2014-15 Jylisa Williams
2017-18 Leashja Grant
2018-19 Leashja Grant
CIS Second Team All-Canadian
1985-86 Lynne Brown Johnson
1991-92 Kathy Harrison
1998-99 Angela Hrkac
League Awards
These awards were presented by the league in which this team played to recognize achievement at the league level
Great Plains Rookie of the Year
1984-85 Julia Scott
Great Plains First Team All-Star
1977-78 Sandy Hummel Boghossian
1978-79 Sandy Hummel Boghossian
1978-79 Cheryl Kryluk
1979-80 Mary Slater
1981-82 J. Bullock
1983-84 Lynne Brown Johnson
1984-85 Lynne Brown Johnson
1984-85 Monica Burchert
1985-86 Lynne Brown Johnson
1986-87 Julia Scott
Great Plains Second Team All-Star
1979-80 Joanne Drake
1979-80 Sandy Hummel Boghossian
1981-82 Lucy Patterson
1982-83 Astrid Kneipp
1982-83 Louise MacDonald
1986-87 J. Powley
1987-88 Trish Hyland
1987-88 Julia Scott
OUA West Coach of the Year
1997-98 Stu Julius
OUA West Player of the Year
1991-92 Kathy Harrison
1998-99 Angela Hrkac
OUA West Rookie of the Year
1995-96 Alicia Gunn
Joy Bellinger Award of Merit - OUA West
2011-12 Lindsay Druery
OUA West All-Star Team
1990-91 Kathy Harrison
1991-92 Kathy Harrison
1991-92 Pam Leitch
1992-93 Jennifer Burgess
1992-93 Kathy Harrison
1993-94 Donna Foreman
1993-94 Pattie Grace
1994-95 Donna Foreman
1994-95 Allison Smith
1995-96 Allison Smith
1996-97 Angela Hrkac
1996-97 Katya Masun
1996-97 Allison Smith
1997-98 Alicia Gunn
1997-98 Angela Hrkac
1998-99 Angela Hrkac
2001-02 Robyn DeGray
2002-03 Robyn DeGray
2003-04 Robyn DeGray
2008-09 Tasia McKenna
2009-10 Tasia McKenna
2010-11 Tasia McKenna
2013-14 Jylisa Williams
OUA West All-Star Second Team
1988-89 Trish Hyland
2005-06 Debra Sandberg
2006-07 Kathryn Verboom
2007-08 Debra Sandberg
2008-09 Kathryn Verboom
2009-10 Lindsay Druery
2010-11 Lindsay Druery
2011-12 Lindsay Druery
2012-13 Carolyn Fragale
OUA West All-Rookie Team
2003-04 Tara Boyce
2004-05 Debra Sandberg
2005-06 Shannon Vellinga
2006-07 Tasia McKenna
2010-11 Darcy Zinck
OUA Coach of the Year
1989-90 Stu Julius
OUA Player of the Year
2014-15 Jylisa Williams
2017-18 Leashja Grant
2018-19 Leashja Grant
OUA First Team All-Star
2014-15 Jylisa Williams
2017-18 Leashja Grant
2018-19 Leashja Grant
OUA Second Team All-Star
2016-17 Bridget O'Reilly
OUA Third Team All-Star
2018-19 Nikki Ylagan
OUA All-Rookie Team
2016-17 Nikki Ylagan
2018-19 Sofia Lluch
OWIAA Championship Tournament All-star
1991-92 Kelly Fitzgerald
1992-93 Donna Foreman

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