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U Sports Hoops — Women
University Basketball in Canada
provided by Martin Timmerman
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Women's Basketball Awards for Queens

National Awards
These awards were presented by U SPORTS, CIS or CIAU to recognize outstanding performance at the national level
Peter Ennis Award (CIS Coach of the Year)
2016-17 Dave Wilson
Sylvia Sweeney Award (Outstanding Student-Athlete)
1995-96 Jaylene Morrison
Tracy MacLeod Award (Spirit)
2013-14 Gemma Bullard
CIS Second Team All-Canadian
1993-94 Vicki Wilson
CIS All-Rookie Team
1990-91 Vicki Wilson
CIS Championship Tournament All-Star Team
2016-17 Robyn Pearson
League Awards
These awards were presented by the league in which this team played to recognize achievement at the league level
OUA East Coach of the Year
1992-93 Dave Wilson
1997-98 Dave Wilson
2013-14 Dave Wilson
OUA East Rookie of the Year
2007-08 Brittany Moore
OUA East Defensive Player of the Year
2007-08 Teddi Firmi
Joy Bellinger Award of Merit - OUA East
1995-96 Jaylene Morrison
2002-03 Andrea Hanson
2009-10 Maddie Soye
OUA East All-Star Team
1983-84 Karen McComber
1984-85 Karen McComber
1987-88 Wendy Davison
1990-91 Julie Farquhar
1991-92 Vicki Wilson
1992-93 Vicki Wilson
1993-94 Vicki Wilson
1994-95 Cathy Amara
1995-96 Jaylene Morrison
1995-96 Angela Von Richter
1996-97 Wendy Moon
1997-98 Cheryl Hunt
1997-98 Wendy Moon
1998-99 Stephanie Glancey
1998-99 Wendy Moon
1999-00 Jacqueline Beaudoin Butler
1999-00 Deanah Shelly
2000-01 Jacqueline Beaudoin Butler
2000-01 Heather Box
2000-01 Jennifer Jackson
2001-02 Heather Box
2001-02 Jennifer Jackson
2002-03 Erin McDiarmid
2003-04 Erin McDiarmid
2004-05 Amy Goodday
2006-07 Claire Meadows
2008-09 Brittany Moore
2009-10 Brittany Moore
2010-11 Brittany Moore
2011-12 Brittany Moore
2013-14 Liz Boag
2013-14 Jenny Wright
OUA East All-Star Second Team
1985-86 Shelley Gahagan
1988-89 Nancy Coke
2002-03 Amy Goodday
2003-04 Amy Goodday
2004-05 Sarah Cameron
2005-06 Claire Meadows
2006-07 Jessica Selinger
2007-08 Sarah Barnes
2009-10 Katie Guthrie
2012-13 Liz Boag
2013-14 Gemma Bullard
OUA Tier One Second Team All-Star
1979-80 Ann Cox
OUA Tier Two Second Team All-Star
1980-81 Janice Deakin
1980-81 Liz Ellenton
OUA East All-Rookie Team
2000-01 Heather Box
2004-05 Jaime Dale
2005-06 Teddi Firmi
2007-08 Brittany Moore
2007-08 Alaina Porter
2010-11 Liz Boag
2010-11 Gemma Bullard
2011-12 Jenny Wright
2013-14 Andrea Priamo
OUA Coach of the Year
2016-17 Dave Wilson
OUA Joy Bellinger Award of Merit
2017-18 Andrea Priamo
OUA First Team All-Star
2014-15 Jenny Wright
2015-16 Robyn Pearson
2015-16 Jenny Wright
2016-17 Emily Hazlett
2016-17 Robyn Pearson
OUA Second Team All-Star
2014-15 Liz Boag
2016-17 Andrea Priamo
2017-18 Veronika Lavergne
2018-19 Marianne Alarie
OUA Third Team All-Star
2019-20 Emma Ritcey
OUA All-Rookie Team
2015-16 Myriam Fontaine
2016-17 Bridget Mulholland
OWIAA Championship Tournament All-star
1994-95 Jaylene Morrison

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