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U Sports Hoops — Women
University Basketball in Canada
provided by Martin Timmerman
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Women's Basketball Awards for UPEI

National Awards
These awards were presented by U SPORTS, CIS or CIAU to recognize outstanding performance at the national level
Sylvia Sweeney Award (Outstanding Student-Athlete)
2017-18 Kiera Rigby
CIS Second Team All-Canadian
2007-08 Jenna Kaye
CIS All-Rookie Team
2016-17 Jenna Mae Ellsworth
2017-18 Reese Baxendale
League Awards
These awards were presented by the league in which this team played to recognize achievement at the league level
AUS Coach of the Year
1978-79 Dave (Hermie) MacNeill
1983-84 Dave (Hermie) MacNeill
1985-86 Dave (Hermie) MacNeill
1986-87 Dave (Hermie) MacNeill
1987-88 Dave (Hermie) MacNeill
1991-92 Dave (Hermie) MacNeill
1992-93 Dave (Hermie) MacNeill
1996-97 Tracy MacEachern Ellsworth
AUS Most Valuable Player
1985-86 Paula Edwards
1998-99 Jennifer Johnston
AUS Rookie of the Year
1984-85 Paula Edwards
2016-17 Jenna Mae Ellsworth
2017-18 Reese Baxendale
AUS Defensive Player of the Year
2017-18 Carolina Del Santo
2018-19 Carolina Del Santo
AUS Tracey MacLeod Award Nominee
2013-14 Jenna Jones
2017-18 Jane McLaughlin
AUS Student-Athlete Community Service Award
2017-18 Kiera Rigby
AUS First Team All-Star
1983-84 Cathy Chandler
1984-85 Paula Edwards
1985-86 Ria Bahadursingh
1985-86 Paula Edwards
1986-87 Paula Edwards
1987-88 Ria Bahadursingh
1987-88 Janet Nichols
1988-89 Paula Edwards
1988-89 Stephanie Smith
1989-90 Paula Edwards
1989-90 Susan Knickle
1991-92 Lori Knickle
1992-93 Lori Knickle
1995-96 Eireann Rigby
1996-97 Eireann Rigby
1997-98 Jennifer Johnston
1997-98 Eireann Rigby
1998-99 Jennifer Johnston
2007-08 Jenna Kaye
2014-15 Amy Gough
2017-18 Kiera Rigby
2018-19 Carolina Del Santo
AUS Second Team All-Star
1983-84 Libby Baldwin
1984-85 Sherrydawn Jones
1986-87 Ria Bahadursingh
1986-87 Tracy MacEachern Ellsworth
1987-88 Susan Knickle
1987-88 Tracy MacEachern Ellsworth
1988-89 Susan Knickle
1988-89 Janet Nichols
1990-91 Lori Knickle
1992-93 Hilary Watson
1993-94 Hilary Watson
1996-97 Jennifer Johnston
1998-99 Marie-Claude Couture
1999-00 Marie-Claude Couture
2000-01 Kate Ellis
2001-02 Kate Myron
2002-03 Lindsay Coade
2003-04 Katherine Walters
2004-05 Lindsay Coade
2004-05 Katherine Walters
2005-06 Katherine Walters
2007-08 Susanne Canvin
2008-09 Myra Donkin
2015-16 Katelynn Donahoe
2016-17 Jenna Mae Ellsworth
2017-18 Jenna Mae Ellsworth
2018-19 Jenna Mae Ellsworth
AUS Rookie Team All-Star
2006-07 Susanne Canvin
2008-09 Carly LaFave
2010-11 Amy Gough
2016-17 Jenna Mae Ellsworth
2016-17 Karla Yepez
2017-18 Reese Baxendale
AUS Championship Tournament All-Star
1985-86 Ria Bahadursingh
1985-86 Tracy MacEachern Ellsworth
1998-99 Jennifer Johnston
AUAA NB-PEI League Coach of the Year
1980-81 George Morrison
AUAA NB-PEI League All-Star Team`
1979-80 Cathy Chandler
1979-80 Sharon Douglas
1980-81 Susan Betts
University Awards
These awards were presented by the university where the athlete participated, often an Athletic Department award to recognized achievement across all sports
UPEI Women's Basketball Team MVP
2018-19 Carolina Del Santo
2018-19 Jenna Mae Ellsworth

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