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U Sports Hoops — Women
University Basketball in Canada
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Women's Basketball Awards for Waterloo Warriors

National Awards
These awards were presented by U SPORTS, CIS or CIAU to recognize outstanding performance at the national level
Kathy Shields Award (CIS Rookie of the Year)
2001-02 Julie Devenny
CIS First Team All-Canadian
1978-79 Liz Silcott
CIS All-Rookie Team
2018-19 Kaitlyn Overeem
League Awards
These awards were presented by the league in which this team played to recognize achievement at the league level
OUA Coach of the Year
1985-86 Sally Kemp
OUA West Rookie of the Year
1997-98 Leslie Mitchell
2001-02 Julie Devenny
OUA Rookie of the Year
2018-19 Kaitlyn Overeem
Joy Bellinger Award of Merit - OUA West
2004-05 Kate McCrae-Bristol
2009-10 Reanne Holden
OUA West First Team All-Star
2021-22 Vanessa Hughes
OUA West All-Star Team
1982-83 Patti Edwards
1983-84 Patti Edwards
1984-85 Kim Rau
1985-86 Corinna Lueg
1985-86 Kim Rau
1986-87 Cindy Poag
1987-88 Kim Rau
1990-91 Brenda Kraemer
1991-92 Brenda Kraemer
1992-93 Brenda Kraemer
1993-94 Susan Kruis
1994-95 Susan Kruis
1995-96 Jacalyn White
1996-97 Jody Hawley
1997-98 Jody Hawley
1997-98 Jacalyn White
1998-99 Leslie Mitchell
1999-00 Kristen Eisner
2000-01 Kristen Eisner
2001-02 Julie Devenny
2007-08 Gillian Maxwell
OUA West All-Star Second Team
1981-82 Patti Edwards
1981-82 Jennifer Russell-Smyth
1983-84 Kim Rau
1984-85 Corinna Lueg
1986-87 Corinna Lueg
2006-07 Kate Poulin
2008-09 Kimberly Lee
OUA Second Team All-Star
2022-23 Vanessa Hughes
OUA Tier One Second Team All-Star
1979-80 Sue Porter
1980-81 Jennifer Russell-Smyth
OUA West All-Rookie Team
2000-01 Amanda Kieswetter
2003-04 Gillian Maxwell
2004-05 Kimberly Lee
2005-06 Alyssa Prevett
2011-12 Marti Killeen
2013-14 Kristen Osborne
OUA All-Rookie Team
2014-15 Amy Jarvis
2018-19 Kaitlyn Overeem
University Awards
These awards were presented by the university where the athlete participated, often an Athletic Department award to recognized achievement across all sports
Waterloo Imprint Coach of the Year
2022-23 Jessica Roque
Waterloo Women's Basketball Team MVP
2018-19 Kaitlyn Overeem
2019-20 Vanessa Hughes
2021-22 Vanessa Hughes
2022-23 Vanessa Hughes
Waterloo Women's Basketball Rookie of the Year
2018-19 Kaitlyn Overeem
2019-20 Azaliah Colquhoun
2019-20 Viktoria Cubelic
2021-22 Jamie Newell
2022-23 Ghiselle Poblete
Waterloo Women's Basketball Most Improved Player
2018-19 Abbey Sayles
2019-20 Sydney Wilson
2021-22 Mackenzie Obermayer
2022-23 Jamie Newell
Waterloo Women's Basketball Impact Award
2022-23 Beth Howlett
UW Community Service Award
2019-20 Aphia Ward
2021-22 Beth Howlett
Waterloo Shield of Excellence Award
2022-23 Vanessa Hughes
2022-23 Kaitlyn Overeem

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