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U Sports Hoops — Women
University Basketball in Canada
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Basketball Award Winners - University

Dalhousie Class of '55 Award:
Dalhousie Female Athlete of the Year

1971-72Gail Anthony, Dalhousie
1973-74Joan Selig Langley, Dalhousie
1974-75Joan Selig Langley, Dalhousie
1975-76Helen Castonguay, Dalhousie
1977-78Julie West, Dalhousie
1979-80Anne Lindsay, Dalhousie
1982-83Anna Pendergast Stammberger, Dalhousie
1987-88Kathy MacCormack Spurr, Dalhousie
1992-93Angie McLeod, Dalhousie
1996-97Carolyn Wares, Dalhousie

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