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U Sports Hoops — Women
University Basketball in Canada
provided by Martin Timmerman
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Basketball Award Winners - League

Great Plains Coach of the Year:
Award description still to come

1979-80Tom Kendall, Winnipeg
1981-82Tom Kendall, Winnipeg
1982-83Bill Moody, Brandon
1983-84Bill Moody, Brandon
1984-85Coleen Dufresne, Manitoba
1986-87Coleen Dufresne, Manitoba
1987-88Coleen Dufresne, Manitoba
1988-89Tom Kendall, Winnipeg
1989-90Debbie Patterson, Regina
1992-93Tom Kendall, Winnipeg
1993-94Tom Kendall, Winnipeg
1994-95Tom Kendall, Winnipeg
1995-96Coleen Dufresne, Manitoba
1996-97Christine Stapleton, Regina
1997-98Coleen Dufresne, Manitoba
1998-99Christine Stapleton, Regina
1999-00Christine Stapleton, Regina
2000-01Christine Stapleton, Regina

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