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University Basketball in Canada
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Basketball Award Winners - League

OUA East Coach of the Year:
Starting with the 1991-92 season, a coach was selected from each of two divisions for coach of the year honours.

1991-92Peter Ennis, Laurentian
1992-93Dave Wilson, Queens
1993-94Michele Belanger, Toronto
1994-95Bill Pangos, York
1995-96Bill Pangos, York
1996-97Michele Belanger, Toronto
1997-98Dave Wilson, Queens
1998-99John Campbell, Laurentian
1999-00Michele Belanger, Toronto
2000-01John Campbell, Laurentian
2001-02John Campbell, Laurentian
2002-03Mike Clarke, Laurentian
2003-04Angie McLeod, Ottawa
2004-05Bill Pangos, York
2005-06Bill Pangos, York
2006-07Bill Pangos, York
2007-08Michele Belanger, Toronto
2008-09Andy Sparks, Ottawa
2009-10Taffe Charles, Carleton
2010-11Michele Belanger, Toronto
2011-12Andy Sparks, Ottawa
2012-13Andy Sparks, Ottawa
2013-14Dave Wilson, Queens

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