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U Sports Hoops — Women
University Basketball in Canada
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Basketball Award Winners - League

RSEQ Joueuse par excellence (Player of the Year):
Award description still to come

1988-89Tina Fasone, McGill
1989-90Cynthia Johnston, Bishops
1990-91Cynthia Johnston, Bishops
1991-92Chantal Denis, Laval
1992-93Vicky Tessier, McGill
1993-94Vicky Tessier, McGill
1994-95Vicky Tessier, McGill
1995-96Vicky Tessier, McGill
1996-97Vicky Tessier, McGill
1997-98Anne Gildenhuys, McGill
1998-99Carol-Ann Tull, Concordia
1999-00Carol-Ann Tull, Concordia
2000-01Isabelle Grenier, Laval
2001-02Melissa Lemay, Bishops
2002-03Isabelle Grenier, Laval
2003-04Maria-Jose Raposo, Concordia
2004-05Anouk Boulanger, Bishops
2005-06Emilie Crofton, Bishops
2006-07Laure Pitfield, Bishops
2007-08Marie-Michelle Genois, Laval
2008-09Chanelle St-Amour, Laval
2009-10Marie-Michelle Genois, Laval
2010-11Anneth Him-Lazarenko, McGill
2011-12Kaylah Barrett, Concordia
2012-13Kaylah Barrett, Concordia
2013-14Mariam Sylla, McGill
2014-15Mariam Sylla, McGill
2015-16Jessica Lubin, UQAM
2016-17Jane Gagne, Laval
2017-18Alexandria Kiss-Rusk, McGill
2018-19Sarah-Jane Marois, Laval

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