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University Basketball in Canada
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National Basketball Championship History for Winnipeg Wesmen

Championships: 3 times in 1993, 1994, 1995

Appearances: 25 times in 1974, 1975, 1976, 1977, 1978, 1979, 1980, 1981, 1982, 1983, 1984, 1986, 1987, 1989, 1991, 1992, 1993, 1994, 1995, 2002, 2003, 2004, 2005, 2011, 2022

Games played in 2021-22 championship play
Thu Mar 31, 2022Kingston, ONWinnipeg81Laval67 U Sports Quarterfinal
Sat Apr 2, 2022Kingston, ONWinnipeg80Queen's78 U Sports Semifinal
Sun Apr 3, 2022Kingston, ONRyerson70Winnipeg48 U Sports Championship
Games played in 2010-11 championship play
Fri Mar 11, 2011Ottawa, ONCarleton62Winnipeg59 CIS Central Regional Semifinal
Games played in 2004-05 championship play
Fri Mar 11, 2005Winnipeg, MBWinnipeg79Guelph62 CIS Quarterfinal
Sat Mar 12, 2005Winnipeg, MBWinnipeg66Victoria48 CIS Semifinal
Sun Mar 13, 2005Winnipeg, MBSimon Fraser70Winnipeg60 CIS Championship
Games played in 2003-04 championship play
Fri Mar 12, 2004Winnipeg, MBWinnipeg70Bishop's62 CIS Quarterfinal
Sat Mar 13, 2004Winnipeg, MBRegina90Winnipeg77 CIS Semifinal
Sun Mar 14, 2004Winnipeg, MBWinnipeg65Simon Fraser62 CIS Bronze Medal
Games played in 2002-03 championship play
Sat Mar 8, 2003Hamilton, ONWinnipeg92McMaster70 CIS Quarterfinal
Sun Mar 9, 2003Hamilton, ONWinnipeg68Simon Fraser61 CIS Semifinal
Mon Mar 10, 2003Hamilton, ONVictoria60Winnipeg51 CIS Championship
Games played in 2001-02 championship play
Thu Mar 7, 2002Hamilton, ONWinnipeg75Memorial67 CIS Quarterfinal
Fri Mar 8, 2002Hamilton, ONSimon Fraser72Winnipeg51 CIS Semifinal
Sat Mar 9, 2002Hamilton, ONWinnipeg64Regina47 CIS Bronze Medal
Games played in 1994-95 championship play
Fri Mar 10, 1995Thunder Bay, ONWinnipeg90Lakehead72 CIAU Quarterfinal
Sat Mar 11, 1995Thunder Bay, ONWinnipeg79Toronto75 CIAU Semifinal
Sun Mar 12, 1995Thunder Bay, ONWinnipeg72Manitoba61 CIAU Championship
Games played in 1993-94 championship play
Fri Mar 11, 1994Calgary, ABWinnipeg86Concordia72 CIAU Quarterfinal
Sat Mar 12, 1994Calgary, ABWinnipeg75Manitoba55 CIAU Semifinal
Sun Mar 13, 1994Calgary, ABWinnipeg90Toronto76 CIAU Championship
Games played in 1992-93 championship play
Fri Mar 12, 1993Victoria, BCWinnipeg96UPEI80 CIAU Quarterfinal
Sat Mar 13, 1993Victoria, BCWinnipeg75Lethbridge59 CIAU Semifinal
Sun Mar 14, 1993Victoria, BCWinnipeg70Victoria63 CIAU Championship
Games played in 1991-92 championship play
Thu Mar 5, 1992Charlottetown, PEWinnipeg72UNB69 CIAU Quarterfinal
Fri Mar 6, 1992Charlottetown, PEWinnipeg81Laurentian72 CIAU Semifinal
Sat Mar 7, 1992Charlottetown, PEVictoria64Winnipeg51 CIAU Championship
Games played in 1990-91 championship play
Fri Mar 8, 1991Quebec City, QCWinnipeg88Western82 CIAU Quarterfinal
Sat Mar 9, 1991Quebec City, QCLaurentian75Winnipeg61 CIAU Semifinal
Sun Mar 10, 1991Quebec City, QCCalgary96Winnipeg75 CIAU Bronze Medal
Games played in 1988-89 championship play
Thu Mar 9, 1989Sudbury, ONToronto85Winnipeg59 CIAU Quarterfinal
Fri Mar 10, 1989Sudbury, ONLaurentian83Winnipeg74 CIAU Consolation Semifinal
Games played in 1986-87 championship play
Thu Mar 5, 1987Quebec City, QCWinnipeg56Toronto53 CIAU Quarterfinal
Sat Mar 7, 1987Quebec City, QCLaurentian47Winnipeg45 CIAU Semifinal
Sun Mar 8, 1987Quebec City, QCManitoba69Winnipeg57 CIAU Bronze Medal
Games played in 1985-86 championship play
Thu Feb 27, 1986Winnipeg, MBVictoria60Winnipeg53 CIAU Quarterfinal
Fri Feb 28, 1986Winnipeg, MBLaurentian65Winnipeg57 CIAU Consolation Semifinal
Games played in 1983-84 championship play
Thu Mar 1, 1984Winnipeg, MBWinnipeg72Laurentian62 CIAU Quarterfinal
Fri Mar 2, 1984Winnipeg, MBWinnipeg73Calgary61 CIAU Semifinal
Sat Mar 3, 1984Winnipeg, MBBishop's70Winnipeg62 CIAU Championship
Games played in 1982-83 championship play
Thu Mar 3, 1983Winnipeg, MBBrock47Winnipeg46 CIAU Quarterfinal
Fri Mar 4, 1983Winnipeg, MBWinnipeg2UNB0 CIAU Consolation Semifinal
Sat Mar 5, 1983Winnipeg, MBManitoba64Winnipeg57 CIAU Consolation Final
Games played in 1981-82 championship play
Thu Mar 4, 1982Saskatoon, SKWinnipeg74York45 CIAU Quarterfinal
Fri Mar 5, 1982Saskatoon, SKVictoria72Winnipeg41 CIAU Semifinal
Sat Mar 6, 1982Saskatoon, SKWinnipeg54Dalhousie52 CIAU Bronze Medal
Games played in 1980-81 championship play
Thu Mar 5, 1981Guelph, ONWinnipeg56Concordia51 CIAU Quarterfinal
Fri Mar 6, 1981Guelph, ONBishop's68Winnipeg60 CIAU Semifinal
Sat Mar 7, 1981Guelph, ONWinnipeg59UNB52 CIAU Bronze Medal
Games played in 1979-80 championship play
Thu Mar 6, 1980Halifax, NSDalhousie61Winnipeg52 CIAU Quarterfinal
Fri Mar 7, 1980Halifax, NSGuelph61Winnipeg59 CIAU Consolation Semifinal
Games played in 1978-79 championship play
Thu Mar 1, 1979Regina, SKVictoria55Winnipeg47 CIAU Quarterfinal
Fri Mar 2, 1979Regina, SKWinnipeg54Calgary44 CIAU Consolation Semifinal
Sat Mar 3, 1979Regina, SKUNB62Winnipeg50 CIAU Consolation Final
Games played in 1977-78 championship play
Thu Mar 2, 1978Calgary, ABWinnipeg80UNB78 CWIAU Quarterfinal
Fri Mar 3, 1978Calgary, ABWinnipeg67Victoria59 CWIAU Semifinal
Sat Mar 4, 1978Calgary, ABLaurentian69Winnipeg54 CWIAU Championship
Games played in 1976-77 championship play
Thu Mar 3, 1977Calgary, ABWinnipeg58Victoria54 CWIAU Opening Round
Fri Mar 4, 1977Calgary, ABWinnipeg78Concordia74 CWIAU Semifinal
Sat Mar 5, 1977Calgary, ABLaurentian61Winnipeg50 CWIAU Championship
Games played in 1975-76 championship play
Fri Mar 5, 1976Guelph, ONUNB72Winnipeg55 CWIAU Quarterfinal
Sun Mar 7, 1976Guelph, ONWinnipeg66Laval61 CWIAU Bronze Medal Game
Games played in 1974-75 championship play
Thu Mar 6, 1975Fredericton, NBWinnipeg63Loyola of Montreal56 CWIAU Quarterfinal
Fri Mar 7, 1975Fredericton, NBUBC74Winnipeg55 CWIAU Semifinal
Games played in 1973-74 championship play
Sat Mar 9, 1974Winnipeg, MBUNB75Winnipeg64 CWIAU Semifinal
Sun Mar 10, 1974Winnipeg, MBWinnipeg53McGill38 CWIAU Consolation

Please note: Although I do know the championship team for each season, information about appearances and game results prior to 1996 is not complete. Please help to provide more complete information.

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