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Coaching Record for Howard Lockhart at Waterloo Lutheran Golden Hawks

1966-67 Season
6-6 overall, 3-0 in Ontario IAA
Bob Bain(r)
David Baird
David Bowen
Norm Cuttiford
Jim Donaldson
Bill Gillespie
Mike Kilpatrick
Sandy Nixon
Robert Sleeman
Glen Wilkie
Brian Williams
Digby Wright
John Zdrahal
John Zentins
Doug Coombs - Manager
1967-68 Season
19-2 overall, 8-0 in Ontario IAA
Bob Bain
David Baird
Norm Cuttiford
John Daugavietis
Mike Kilpatrick
Andy Lossberg
Doug Lundy
Dave Miller
Pete Misikowetz
Sandy Nixon
Rod Radebenko
Robert Sleeman
Herb Stan
John Thompson - Assistant Coach
Doug Coombs - Manager
Gary Nickoloff - Manager
1968-69 Season
14-6 overall, 9-1 in Ontario IAA
Jim Axford
Bob Bain
Doug Bain
Darryl Blackie
Chris Coulthard
Wally Escott
Carl Goring
Mike Kilpatrick
Mike Moffat
Sandy Nixon
Dan Radebenko
Mike Reid
Steve Shaver
Jim Reid - Manager
John Daugavietis - Manager
1969-70 Season
0-6 overall, 0-0 in Ontario IAA
Jim Axford
Chris Coulthard
Larry Danby
Leigh Goldie
Brian Kane
Barry Moncrieff
Vic Popov
Blair Quinn
Bob Smeenk
Herb Stan
Steve Zigany
Jim Rife - Manager
Mike Keffer - Manager
Bob Barron - Manager

Total of 4 seasons, coaching 39 players, with an overall record of 39-20 (0.661) and a conference record of 20-1 (0.952)

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