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Family Connections for Acadia

This information started with the three-part document published by Joseph Scanlon in 2012, known as Canadian University Basketball – A Family Affair. That document is published on the Basketball Canada website. Significant contributions have been provided by Paul Seaborn and David Wells, both long time information contributors.

Brett Speedy (player 2017-22) is brother of Kylee Speedy and son of Linda MacKinnon Speedy and son of Jeff Speedy

Logan Mahoney (player 2018-21) is brother of Forest Mahoney

Daniel De Palma (support staff 2014-21) is brother of Nick De Palma

Kevin Duffie (player 2007-08, support staff 2008-14, head coach 2014-21) is husband of Kiera Rigby

Marcus Upshaw (player 2018-20) is son of Tarry Upshaw

Forest Mahoney (player 2017-20) is brother of Logan Mahoney

Trevon Grant (player 2016-19) is brother of Leashja Grant

Luc Stevenson (support staff 2016-19) is brother of Troy Stevenson

Nick De Palma (player 2014-19) is brother of Daniel De Palma

Rhys Larry (player 2011-18) is brother of Charlotte Larry

Brendan Stoqua (player 2014-16) is brother of Jennifer Stoqua and son of Pat Stoqua and brother of Sean Stoqua

Kevin Veinot (player 1984-90, support staff 1988-16) is husband of Jennifer Hale and father of Jayda Veinot and father of Keevan Veinot

Sean Stoqua (player 2011-15) is brother of Brendan Stoqua and brother of Jennifer Stoqua and son of Pat Stoqua

Ethan Anderson (player 2013-14) is son of Clive Anderson and nephew of Steve Anderson

Anthony Ashe (player 2010-14) is nephew of Gerry Ashe and nephew of Greg Ashe and nephew of Rob Ashe

Owen Klassen (player 2009-14) is son of Chuck Klassen

Jonathan Tull (player 2010-13) is brother of Brandon Tull

Thomas Filgiano (player 2009-13) is brother of Greg Filgiano

Alexander McLaughlin (player 2009-12) is brother of Mark McLaughlin

Justin Boutilier (player 2008-12) is brother of Jessica Boutilier

Phil Leighton (player 2010-11) is brother of Elizabeth Leighton and son of Peter Leighton

Casey Fox (player 2008-10) is brother of Hayley Fox and brother of Laura Fox and son of Mickey Fox

J.D. Howlett (player 2007-09) is brother of Alexander Howlett

Patrick McIver (player 2006-09) is brother of Kathleen McIver and son of Geoff McIver

Chris Ogbuah (player 2005-09) is brother of David Ogbuah

Achuil Lual (player 2004-08) is brother of Achuil Lual and brother of Manock Lual

James Logue-Prest (player 2006-07) is grandson of Dr. Jim Logue

Mike Folker (player 2005-07) is son of Gary Folker and son of Helen Jensen Folker

Jeff Cummins (head coach 2004-05) is father of Sydney Cummins

Ryan Marrast (player 2000-04) is brother of Logan Marrast

Walter Moyse (player 1999-04) is brother of Heidi Moyse

Daniel White (player 2000-03) is brother of Jacalyn White

Saj Joseph (player 1997-02) is brother of Seby Joseph

Mark Seaborn (player 1995-00) is brother of Paul Seaborn

Markus Goch (player 1996-98) is twin brother of Michael Goch

Michael Goch (player 1996-98) is twin brother of Markus Goch

Derek Cotton (player 1994-98) is husband of Heather O'Grady

James O'Grady (player 1994-98) is brother of Erin O'Grady and brother of Heather O'Grady

Sean Smith (player 1995-97) is brother of Erin Smith and son of Barry Smith

Paul Seaborn (support staff 1993-97) is husband of Heidi Moyse and brother of Mark Seaborn

Clive Henry (player 1992-93) is brother of Kurt Henry

Peter Baldauf (player 1988-92) is brother of Christian Baldauf

Clive Anderson (player 1985-89) is father of Ethan Anderson and brother of Steve Anderson

Peter Morris (player 1983-88) is father of Luke Morris

Mike Zareski (player 1983-84) is brother of Jim Zareski

Kevin Armstrong (player 1980-83) is father of Adrian Armstrong and brother of Colum Armstrong and brother of Pod Armstrong and father of Renee Armstrong and uncle of Tariq Armstrong

Colum Armstrong (player 1981-82) is uncle of Adrian Armstrong and uncle of Renee Armstrong and uncle of Tariq Armstrong and brother of Kevin Armstrong and brother of Pod Armstrong

Larry Hampton (player 1980-81) is brother of Bo Hampton

Bo Hampton (player 1978-81) is brother of Larry Hampton

Ted Upshaw (player 1976-81) is cousin of Robert Upshaw

Robert Upshaw (player 1974-81) is cousin of Ted Upshaw

Tony Aker (player 1974-79) is husband of Janet Specht

Peter Leighton (player 1973-77) is father of Elizabeth Leighton and father of Phil Leighton

Joey Wells (player 1971-75) is father of Janet Wells and father of JoAnne Wells Small

Dr. Jim Logue (support staff 1963-73) is grandfather of James Logue-Prest

Gary Folker (player 1969-72) is father of Mike Folker and husband of Helen Jensen Folker

Chuck Smith (player 1969-70) is brother of Calvin Smith

Brian Forsythe (player 1966-69) is father of Chris Forsythe

Don Smith (player 1964-68) is father of Todd Smith

Steve Konchalski (player 1962-66) is father of Maria Konchalski

Simon Chiasson (player 1963-64) is father of David Chiasson

Dr. Phil Wright (support staff 1962-64) is father of Andrew Wright

Statistical information maintained by Martin Timmerman. Please provide feedback to: MartinTimmerman@gmail.com