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Family Connections for Alberta

This information started with the three-part document published by Joseph Scanlon in 2012, known as Canadian University Basketball – A Family Affair. That document is published on the Basketball Canada website. Significant contributions have been provided by Paul Seaborn and David Wells, both long time information contributors.

Colton Gibb (player 2021-22) is brother of Hannah Gibb

Cole Knudsen (player 2015-22) is son of Bill Knudsen

Jordan Baker (player 2009-14, support staff 2017-21) is son of Doug Baker and son of Trix Kannekens Baker

Andre Kelly (player 2016-20) is son of Jude Kelly

Brody Clarke (player 2014-20) is brother of Julian Clarke and son of Norman Clarke and son of Natalie Vukovich

Geoff Pippus (player 2016-18) is nephew of Ross Marshall

Joel Friesen (player 2013-15) is son of Gary Latty

Colin MacKinnon (player 2009-11) is brother of Erin MacKinnon

Khas Tokar (player 2009-10) is brother of Tarik Tokar

Don Horwood (support staff 1978-79, head coach 1983-09) is father of Chris Horwood

James Suderman (player 2007-08) is son of Mike Suderman

Andrew Parker (player 2005-08) is brother of Stephen Parker

Jamal Bara (player 2006-07) is brother of Yacine Bara

Gavin Fedorak (player 2001-06) is brother of Grant Fedorak

Tyler Coston (player 2002-05) is brother of Kyle Coston

Michael Melnychuk (player 2000-05) is nephew of Al Melnychuk and brother of Andrew Melnychuk and son of Don Melnychuk

Cody Darrah (player 2002-04) is brother of Max Darrah

Stephen Parker (player 1997-02) is brother of Andrew Parker

Max Darrah (player 1996-01) is brother of Cody Darrah

Chris Horwood (player 1996-01) is son of Don Horwood

Andrew Melnychuk (player 1998-99) is brother of Michael Melnychuk and nephew of Al Melnychuk and son of Don Melnychuk

Darren Semeniuk (player 1995-98) is uncle of Jayden Lalonde and uncle of Kiana Lalonde and brother of Marc Semeniuk and father of Rylee Semeniuk and son of Heather Semeniuk

Peter Knechtel (player 1993-96) is brother of Claire Knechtel

Marc Semeniuk (player 1993-96) is uncle of Jayden Lalonde and uncle of Kiana Lalonde and uncle of Rylee Semeniuk and brother of Darren Semeniuk and son of Heather Semeniuk

Murray Cunningham (player 1991-96) is husband of Nadine Traptow Cunningham

Greg DeVries (player 1991-96) is husband of Lisa Craig and father of Tyus De Vries

Jay Johnstone (player 1991-95) is father of Parker Johnstone

Dan Vanhooren (player 1990-93) is husband of Kara Haines and brother of Dale Vanhooren

Dale Vanhooren (player 1989-91) is brother of Dan Vanhooren

Mike Suderman (player 1983-87) is father of James Suderman

Grant Ashlee (player 1978-82) is father of Aleah Ashlee

Doug Baker (player 1974-77) is father of Jordan Baker and husband of Trix Kannekens Baker

Dan Court (player 1974-75) is brother of Monte Court and cousin of Ryan Heggie

Wallace Tollestrup (player 1970-75) is brother of Phil Tollestrup and brother of Tim Tollestrup

Mike Frisby (player 1971-74) is father of Ben Frisby

Bob Bain (player 1969-71, head coach 1972-73) is brother of Doug Bain

Al Melnychuk (player 1967-70) is uncle of Andrew Melnychuk and uncle of Michael Melnychuk and brother of Don Melnychuk

David Swann (player 1967-69) is father of Kirsten Swann and father of Tandela Swann

Jim Ebbels (player 1967-68) is twin brother of Jack Ebbels

Don Melnychuk (player 1965-66) is brother of Al Melnychuk and father of Andrew Melnychuk and father of Michael Melnychuk

Statistical information maintained by Martin Timmerman. Please provide feedback to: MartinTimmerman@gmail.com