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Family Connections for Brock

This information started with the three-part document published by Joseph Scanlon in 2012, known as Canadian University Basketball – A Family Affair. That document is published on the Basketball Canada website. Significant contributions have been provided by Paul Seaborn and David Wells, both long time information contributors.

Cormac McMahon (player 2021-22) is nephew of Chuck McMahon and nephew of Christine Stapleton

Asare Otchere (player 2021-22) is brother of Sefa Otchere

Erik Wouters (player 2019-22) is brother of Luke Wouters

Judy Georges (player 2019-20) is twin brother of Nudy Georges

Nudy Georges (player 2019-20) is twin brother of Judy Georges

Kyle Cooper (player 2018-20) is brother of Ryan Cooper

Ryan Cooper (player 2018-20) is brother of Kyle Cooper

Thomas DiDomenico (player 2018-19) is brother of Nicole DiDomenico and brother of Tori Rigas-DiDomenico

Ibrahim Ngom (player 2017-18) is twin brother of Djibril Ngom

Dani Elgadi (player 2013-18) is brother of Fadi Elgadi

Ryan Bennett (player 2015-17) is brother of Sarah Bennett and son of Linda Baumann and son of Jeff Bennett

Zachary Angelini (player 2014-16) is brother of Jeremy Angelini and brother of Jessica Angelini

Jeremy Angelini (player 2013-14) is brother of Jessica Angelini and brother of Zachary Angelini

Jay Fast (player 2011-14) is son of Doug Fast

Greg Newton (support staff 2011-13) is cousin of Kristy Newton and brother of Tom Newton

Jameson Tipping (player 2011-13) is brother of Jesse Tipping

Michael Williams (player 2008-13) is twin brother of Stephen Williams

Luc Stevenson (support staff 2011-12) is brother of Troy Stevenson

Riley Halpin (player 2009-10) is son of Peter Halpin

Ken Murray (player 1972-77, head coach 1989-10) is father of Scott Murray

Joe Kendrick (player 2007-09) is brother of Jake Kendrick and son of Tim Kendrick

Scott Murray (player 2003-08) is son of Ken Murray

Jesse Tipping (player 2004-07) is brother of Jameson Tipping

Kevin Stienstra (player 2001-06) is brother of Nathan Stienstra

Dave Carlone (player 2003-04) is brother of Eli Carlone

Nathan Stienstra (player 2002-04) is brother of Kevin Stienstra

Eli Carlone (player 2000-03) is brother of Dave Carlone

Ryan Dudley (player 1997-03) is husband of Kathryn Nevar

Serge Fuca (player 1998-99) is brother of Sam Fuca

Sam Fuca (player 1994-99) is brother of Serge Fuca

David Picton (player 1991-96) is father of Madalyn Picton

Jason Tatti (player 1992-95) is brother of Gina Tatti and brother of Tanya Tatti and cousin of Rena Wesolowski and cousin of Richard Wesolowski and son of Bob Tatti

John Pilling (player 1990-91) is father of Jenneke Pilling

Mike Zareski (player 1985-86) is brother of Jim Zareski

Bob Yuhasz (player 1981-84, support staff 1985-86) is brother of Michael Yuhasz

Jim Zareski (player 1980-84) is brother of Mike Zareski

Doug Fast (player 1978-84) is father of Jay Fast

Herwig Baldauf (player 1975-76) is brother of Ortwin Baldauf

Les Korchok (head coach 1968-76) is father of Mark Korchok

Ortwin Baldauf (player 1970-73) is brother of Herwig Baldauf

Bob Tatti (player 1969-70) is father of Gina Tatti and father of Jason Tatti and father of Tanya Tatti

Statistical information maintained by Martin Timmerman. Please provide feedback to: MartinTimmerman@gmail.com