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Family Connections for Calgary

This information started with the three-part document published by Joseph Scanlon in 2012, known as Canadian University Basketball – A Family Affair. That document is published on the Basketball Canada website. Significant contributions have been provided by Paul Seaborn and David Wells, both long time information contributors.

Aidan Smith (player 2020-21) is son of Lynette Lepan and son of Jeff Smith

Marcus Foreman (player 2019-21) is brother of Matthew Foreman and son of Michelle Chambers Foreman and son of Jeff Foreman and brother of Mason Foreman

Parker Johnstone (player 2019-21) is son of Jay Johnstone

Mason Foreman (player 2017-21) is brother of Marcus Foreman and brother of Matthew Foreman and son of Michelle Chambers Foreman and son of Jeff Foreman

Dan Vanhooren (head coach 2000-21) is husband of Kara Haines and brother of Dale Vanhooren

Lucas Mannes (player 2017-19) is brother of Gabe Mannes

Andrew Milner (player 2017-19) is brother of Sophie Milner and son of Ellen Milner

David Kapinga (player 2015-19) is brother of Ben Kapinga

Jeffrey Rodehutskors (player 2016-17) is brother of Mark Rodehutskors and son of Steve Rodehutskors

Adonis Monfort-Palomino (player 2014-16) is brother of Kristen Monfort-Palomino

Dave Love (support staff 2008-14) is brother of Jonathan Love

Boris Bakovic (player 2011-12) is brother of Igor Bakovic

Andrew McGuinness (player 2009-12) is brother of Erica McGuinness and son of Shaun McGuinness

Dan Tilleman (player 2009-10) is son of Karl Tilleman

Ross Bekkering (player 2005-10) is brother of Anna Bekkering and brother of Cory Bekkering and cousin of Alison Bekkering and brother of Henry Bekkering

Henry Bekkering (player 2007-09) is brother of Anna Bekkering and brother of Cory Bekkering and brother of Ross Bekkering and cousin of Alison Bekkering

Chris Unsworth (player 2006-08) is brother of Clint Unsworth

Cody Darrah (player 2005-08) is brother of Max Darrah

Sandy Brar (player 2004-05) is brother of Rick Brar

Rick Brar (player 2003-05) is brother of Sandy Brar

Jeff Loomis (player 1999-02) is husband of Anna Bekkering

Dale Vanhooren (player 2000-01) is brother of Dan Vanhooren

Richard Bohne (player 1992-96) is father of Chase Bohne

Jeff Smith (player 1988-94) is husband of Lynette Lepan and father of Aidan Smith

Brian Masikewich (player 1987-90, support staff 1992-93) is father of Summer Masikewich and husband of Shantal Reed

Chris Overwater (player 1984-85) is father of Braden Overwater and father of Zac Overwater

Bill Nash (player 1981-85) is husband of Debbie Patterson Nash

Karl Tilleman (player 1979-84) is father of Dan Tilleman

Jim Collins (support staff 1982-83) is brother of Larry Collins

Geoff Thompson (player 1977-80) is father of Susan Thompson

John Thoutenhoofd (player 1978-79) is father of Rochelle Thoutenhoofd

Jim Lathrop (player 1970-75) is brother of Bill Lathrop

Bill Lathrop (player 1969-74) is brother of Jim Lathrop

Wes Balderson (player 1967-68) is father of Danny Balderson and father of Patricia Balderson

Robin Fry (player 1965-67) is father of Dawn Fry Keith and father of John Fry and grandfather of Karter Fry

Ken Shields (player 1965-67) is husband of Kathy Williams Shields

John Dewar (head coach 1962-66) is grandfather of Addison Dewar and grandfather of Alexander Dewar and father of Dan Dewar and father of John Dewar

Statistical information maintained by Martin Timmerman. Please provide feedback to: MartinTimmerman@gmail.com