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Family Connections for Dalhousie

This information started with the three-part document published by Joseph Scanlon in 2012, known as Canadian University Basketball – A Family Affair. That document is published on the Basketball Canada website. Significant contributions have been provided by Paul Seaborn and David Wells, both long time information contributors.

Matthew Smith (player 2021-22) is brother of Colin Smith

Caleb Sooley (player 2020-22) is nephew of Michael Sooley

Samuel Maillet (player 2019-22) is brother of Madeleine Maillet

Ben Shoveller (player 2019-22) is son of Bruce Shoveller and brother of Mike Shoveller

Kevin Veinot (support staff 2018-22) is husband of Jennifer Hale and father of Jayda Veinot and father of Keevan Veinot

Marley Blommers (player 2017-22) is son of Ron Blommers

Keevan Veinot (player 2017-22) is twin brother of Jayda Veinot and nephew of Bonnie Hale and son of Jennifer Hale and son of Kevin Veinot

Andrea Plato (support staff 2013-22) is wife of Rick Plato

Rick Plato (head coach 2013-22) is husband of Andrea Plato

Sascha Kappos (player 2015-20) is son of Tom Kappos

Mike Shoveller (player 2018-19) is brother of Ben Shoveller and son of Bruce Shoveller

Sven Stammberger (player 2012-18) is brother of Tessa Stammberger and son of Anna Pendergast Stammberger and nephew of Noel Pendergast and nephew of Rita Pendergast Crosby

Ritchie Kanza Mata (player 2011-17) is brother of Gael Kanza

William Yengue (player 2009-16) is brother of Nelson Yengue

Derek Norris (player 2011-14) is brother of Devon Norris

Devon Norris (player 2004-08, support staff 2011-14) is brother of Derek Norris

Seby Joseph (support staff 2011-13) is brother of Saj Joseph

Casey Fox (player 2010-13) is brother of Hayley Fox and brother of Laura Fox and son of Mickey Fox

John Campbell (head coach 2002-13) is brother of Jamie Campbell and son of Peter Campbell

Ryan DeWinter (player 2003-08) is brother of Monique DeWinter Gulliver and son of Ted DeWinter

Chad Smith (player 2003-05) is brother of Chanel Smith and cousin of Jaxon Smith and cousin of Jaydan Smith and nephew of Wade Smith

Hugh Mullally (player 2000-04) is brother of David Mullally and brother of Mark Mullally

Nick Donald (player 1999-04) is brother of Gillian Donald and brother of Kelly Donald

Tim McGarrigle (head coach 1994-02) is husband of Velvet Charters McGarrigle and father of Katie McGarrigle and father of Mark McGarrigle

David Mullally (player 1997-01) is brother of Hugh Mullally and brother of Mark Mullally

Paul Williscroft (player 1997-99) is husband of Stacy Reykdal and brother of David Williscroft and son of Neil Williscroft

Kannin Osei-Tutu (player 1994-97) is brother of Jassie Osei-Tutu

Clive Henry (player 1994-96) is brother of Kurt Henry

Jim Charters (player 1988-89, support staff 1994-96) is brother of Velvet Charters McGarrigle and uncle of Katie McGarrigle and uncle of Mark McGarrigle

Ted Dongelmans (player 1994-95) is husband of Stephanie Harrison Dongelmans

David Chiasson (player 1987-93) is son of Simon Chiasson

Keith Donovan (player 1990-92) is father of Laura Donovan and husband of Elsa Johnston Donovan

Rob Chadwick (player 1985-88) is father of Hannah Chadwick

Noel Pendergast (player 1985-87) is uncle of Cailin Crosby and brother of Anna Pendergast Stammberger and brother of Rita Pendergast Crosby and uncle of Sven Stammberger and uncle of Tessa Stammberger

Bo Hampton (player 1982-84) is brother of Larry Hampton

Bill Burns (player 1972-76) is father of Dave Burns

Gary Folker (player 1968-69) is father of Mike Folker and husband of Helen Jensen Folker

Howard Snow (player 1967-69) is father of Nick Snow

David Montagano (player 1967-68) is brother of Ross Montagano

Simon Chiasson (player 1966-67) is father of David Chiasson

Statistical information maintained by Martin Timmerman. Please provide feedback to: MartinTimmerman@gmail.com