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Family Connections for Lethbridge

This information started with the three-part document published by Joseph Scanlon in 2012, known as Canadian University Basketball – A Family Affair. That document is published on the Basketball Canada website. Significant contributions have been provided by Paul Seaborn and David Wells, both long time information contributors.

Karter Fry (player 2020-22) is son of John Fry and grandson of Robin Fry

Jeffrey Rodehutskors (player 2019-22) is brother of Mark Rodehutskors and son of Steve Rodehutskors

Colton Gibb (player 2016-21) is brother of Hannah Gibb

Scott Mazutinec (player 2016-20) is husband of Kansas Long-Mazutinec and brother of Amy Mazutinec and brother of Kylie Mazutinec

Zac Overwater (player 2014-19) is brother of Braden Overwater and son of Chris Overwater

Mike Hansen (player 1990-94, support staff 1997-98, head coach 2013-19) is husband of Anne Trenholm

Mark Rodehutskors (player 2016-18) is brother of Jeffrey Rodehutskors and son of Steve Rodehutskors

Mahmoud (Junior) Sesay (player 2016-17) is brother of William Sesay

Braden Overwater (player 2014-15) is brother of Zac Overwater and son of Chris Overwater

Quinn Van Gaalen (player 2007-11) is son of Garth Van Gaalen

Taylor Norum (player 2009-10) is brother of Jaime Norum Boyd

Kyle Wilson (player 2009-10) is brother of Aimee Wilson and son of Annette Sanregret and son of Rob Wilson

Matthew Bekkering (player 2001-07) is brother of Carisa Bekkering

Scott MacKinnon (player 2000-07) is brother of Ryan MacKinnon

Denis Bekkering (player 1997-02) is son of Harry Bekkering

Aaron Edlund (player 1999-01) is brother of Amanda Edlund and son of Lauren Edlund

John Tschritter (player 1995-00) is brother of Jaime Tschritter

Danny Balderson (player 1993-00) is brother of Patricia Balderson and son of Wes Balderson

Robert Kain (player 1995-99) is brother of Crystal Kain

Jared Heidinger (player 1994-99) is husband of Krista Robson Heidinger

Curtis Bullock (player 1995-97) is brother of Ben Bullock

Anthony Pomonis (player 1994-96) is husband of Bonnie Miller

Jack McMurray (player 1993-95) is brother of Ken McMurray

Darren Miller (player 1993-95) is brother of Bonnie Miller and father of Maitlynn Miller and father of Mariah Miller and father of Mylanda Miller

Joe Dewit (player 1990-94) is husband of Corie Gunderson

Brady Ibbetson (player 1991-93) is father of Jaeli Ibbetson

Ben Bullock (player 1987-93) is brother of Curtis Bullock

Kent Hecker (player 1987-92) is brother of Shannon Hecker

Keith Pushor (player 1987-91) is son of Dale Pushor

Chad Bowie (player 1984-90, support staff 1990-91) is son of Gary Bowie

Doug Baker (support staff 1988-89) is father of Jordan Baker and husband of Trix Kannekens Baker

Ryan Heggie (player 1985-89) is cousin of Dan Court and cousin of Monte Court

Garth Van Gaalen (player 1980-88) is father of Quinn Van Gaalen

Ken Olynyk (head coach 1979-88) is husband of Arlene Corness and father of Maya Olynyk

Curtis French (player 1984-87) is brother of Stacey French

Ken McMurray (player 1982-86) is brother of Jack McMurray

Murray Hanna (player 1982-85) is brother of Bev Hanna and brother of Donna Hanna Branch and brother of Terry Hanna

Tom Elwood (player 1980-82, support staff 1984-85) is father of Chelsea Elwood

Steve Rodehutskors (player 1982-84) is father of Jeffrey Rodehutskors and father of Mark Rodehutskors

Jack Lilja Jr. (player 1981-83) is brother of Leslie Lilja and brother of Lorell Lilja and brother of Lynette Lilja Taal and son of Jack Lilja

Rob Wilson (player 1978-81) is husband of Annette Sanregret and father of Aimee Wilson and father of Kyle Wilson

Bren Ennis (player 1979-80) is cousin of Corey Ennis

Jim Duxbury (player 1975-80) is father of Jorri Duxbury

Harry Bekkering (player 1976-77) is father of Denis Bekkering

Monte Court (player 1976-77) is brother of Dan Court and cousin of Ryan Heggie

Terry Hanna (player 1976-77) is brother of Bev Hanna and brother of Donna Hanna Branch and brother of Murray Hanna

Mark Baldry (player 1975-76) is brother of Roger Baldry

Roger Baldry (player 1972-76) is brother of Mark Baldry

Lauren Edlund (player 1972-76) is father of Aaron Edlund and father of Amanda Edlund

Robin Fry (support staff 1972-73, head coach 1969-76) is father of Dawn Fry Keith and father of John Fry and grandfather of Karter Fry

Dan Court (player 1972-74) is brother of Monte Court and cousin of Ryan Heggie

Phil Tollestrup (player 1972-73) is brother of Tim Tollestrup and brother of Wallace Tollestrup

Gary Bowie (support staff 1970-71, head coach 1971-73) is father of Chad Bowie

Tim Tollestrup (player 1970-71) is brother of Phil Tollestrup and brother of Wallace Tollestrup

Dale Pushor (player 1969-70) is father of Keith Pushor

Scott Whitelaw (player 1969-70) is brother of Shelly Whitelaw

Statistical information maintained by Martin Timmerman. Please provide feedback to: MartinTimmerman@gmail.com