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Family Connections for Queens

This information started with the three-part document published by Joseph Scanlon in 2012, known as Canadian University Basketball – A Family Affair. That document is published on the Basketball Canada website. Significant contributions have been provided by Paul Seaborn and David Wells, both long time information contributors.

Scott Jenkins (player 2020-22) is brother of Sam Jenkins

Cole Syllas (player 2019-22) is brother of Luka Syllas

Luka Syllas (player 2019-22) is brother of Cole Syllas

Jesse Graham (player 2014-19) is brother of Tanner Graham

Tanner Graham (player 2014-19) is brother of Jesse Graham

Michael Ogoms (player 2016-18) is son of Laura Kwiatkowski and son of Joe Ogoms

Mike Shoveller (player 2013-18) is brother of Ben Shoveller and son of Bruce Shoveller

Mike Mullins (player 2013-16) is brother of Marie Mullins and son of Theresa Grant Mullins and son of Andy Mullins

Rob Smart Sr. (player 1971-77, support staff 2003-05, head coach 2005-10) is uncle of Aaron Doornekamp and uncle of Amy Doornekamp and uncle of Ben Doornekamp and father of Michael Smart and father of Rob Smart Jr. and brother of Dave Smart

Jeffrey Lightburn (player 2008-09) is brother of Ben Lightburn

Travis Mitchell (player 2007-08) is brother of Simon Mitchell

Simon Mitchell (player 2003-08) is brother of Travis Mitchell

Kyle McCleery (player 2003-07) is son of Colin McCleery and brother of Kevin McCleery and brother of Shawn McCleery

Ben Doornekamp (player 2003-04) is brother of Amy Doornekamp and brother of Aaron Doornekamp and nephew of Dave Smart and cousin of Michael Smart and cousin of Rob Smart Jr. and nephew of Rob Smart Sr.

Ben Lightburn (player 2003-04) is brother of Jeffrey Lightburn

Brendan Byrne (player 1995-00) is brother of Sean Byrne and son of Patrick Byrne

Mike Gleeson (player 1995-00) is brother of Pat Gleeson

Brad Hann (support staff 1997-98) is brother of Norm Hann and brother of Shannon Hann and brother of Stacey Hann

Pat Gleeson (player 1995-96) is brother of Mike Gleeson

Geoff Budgell (player 1993-94) is brother of Bob Budgell

Dave Smart (player 1991-94) is uncle of Aaron Doornekamp and uncle of Amy Doornekamp and uncle of Ben Doornekamp and uncle of Michael Smart and uncle of Rob Smart Jr. and brother of Rob Smart Sr.

Sean Smith (player 1991-94) is brother of Erin Smith and son of Barry Smith

Barry Smith (head coach 1985-94) is father of Erin Smith and father of Sean Smith

Michael Burleigh (player 1987-92) is brother of Dave Burleigh

Doug Laughton (player 1985-91) is cousin of Jeff Laughton and cousin of Jennie Laughton and nephew of Barrie Laughton and son of Bob Laughton

Michael Boydell (player 1987-90) is son of Craig Boydell

Dave Burleigh (player 1988-89) is brother of Michael Burleigh

Mark Alessio (player 1986-89) is brother of Mike Alessio

Jeff Laughton (player 1987-88) is brother of Jennie Laughton and son of Barrie Laughton and nephew of Bob Laughton and cousin of Doug Laughton

Bob Budgell (player 1985-88) is brother of Geoff Budgell

David Smith (player 1985-86) is son of Geoff Smith

Bruce Shoveller (player 1982-86) is father of Ben Shoveller and father of Mike Shoveller

Geoff Smith (support staff 1979-80, head coach 1973-74) is father of David Smith

Colin McCleery (player 1972-76) is father of Kevin McCleery and father of Kyle McCleery and father of Shawn McCleery

Paul Howard (player 1970-73) is father of Shannon Howard

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