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Family Connections for Regina

This information started with the three-part document published by Joseph Scanlon in 2012, known as Canadian University Basketball – A Family Affair. That document is published on the Basketball Canada website. Significant contributions have been provided by Paul Seaborn and David Wells, both long time information contributors.

Zachary Hillis (player 2021-22) is brother of Benjamin Hillis and son of James Hillis and brother of Samuel Hillis

Ater Magok (player 2020-22) is cousin of Mina Ogot and cousin of Ogot Ogot

Mina Ogot (player 2020-22) is cousin of Ater Magok and twin brother of Ogot Ogot

Matt Barnard (player 2017-22) is twin brother of Nick Barnard

Nick Barnard (player 2017-22) is twin brother of Matt Barnard

Benjamin Hillis (player 2016-22) is brother of Zachary Hillis and son of James Hillis and brother of Samuel Hillis

Wade Hackl (support staff 2013-22) is brother of Graham Hackl

Joel Hunter (player 2001-06, support staff 2015-22) is brother of Drew Hunter

Ogot Ogot (player 2019-21) is cousin of Ater Magok and twin brother of Mina Ogot

Samuel Hillis (player 2015-20) is brother of Benjamin Hillis and brother of Zachary Hillis and son of James Hillis

Brandon Tull (player 2013-18) is brother of Jonathan Tull

Addison Docherty (player 2010-14, support staff 2017-18) is brother of Madi Docherty and grandson of Gene Rizak

Kieran Hebert (player 2015-17) is brother of Brendan Hebert

Matthew Augustine (player 2012-17) is brother of Ryan Augustine

Jonathan Tull (player 2014-16) is brother of Brandon Tull

Will Tallman (player 2008-16) is brother of David Tallman

Brendan Hebert (player 2010-14) is brother of Kieran Hebert

Vule Grujic (player 2011-13) is brother of Stefan Grujic

Connor Burns (player 2009-13) is brother of Mack Burns and son of Sue Mackenzie Burns

Sterling Nostedt (player 2008-13) is brother of Jordan Nostedt

James Hillis (player 1983-88, head coach 1994-13) is father of Benjamin Hillis and father of Samuel Hillis and father of Zachary Hillis

Matt Campbell (player 2010-12) is son of Skip Campbell

Glen Fekula (player 1975-79, support staff 2007-10) is father of Bradley Fekula

Jerad Kozey (player 2008-09) is brother of Jordan Kozey

Jordan Kozey (player 2002-08) is brother of Jerad Kozey

Bryden Wright (player 2002-08) is brother of Tyler Wright

Shea Murphy (player 2004-07) is cousin of Britton Belyk and cousin of Haley Belyk and cousin of Rayna Belyk and son of Lorrie Kozicki

Drew Kuzminski (player 2003-07) is brother of Matt Kuzminski

Bradley Fekula (player 2001-07) is son of Glen Fekula

Zach Michell (player 2001-06) is brother of Ryan Michell and nephew of Terry Michell

David Tallman (player 2003-05) is brother of Will Tallman

Matthew Cherkas (player 2001-05) is brother of Megan Cherkas

Tyler Wright (player 1998-04) is brother of Bryden Wright

Ryan Michell (player 2000-03) is brother of Zach Michell and nephew of Terry Michell

A.J. Schepers (player 1995-98) is brother of Kathleen Schepers and son of John Schepers

Rhett Burgess (player 1995-97) is brother of Bree Burgess and nephew of Gord Burgess

Drew Hunter (player 1992-97) is brother of Joel Hunter

Graham Hackl (player 1989-92, support staff 1995-97) is brother of Wade Hackl

Gord Burgess (support staff 1986-97) is uncle of Bree Burgess and uncle of Rhett Burgess

Joel Wells (player 1995-96) is father of Eden Wells

Kobie Brandt (player 1990-96) is son of Bernie Brandt

Russell Brodner (player 1989-96) is brother of Rob Brodner

Richard Cohee (player 1987-95) is uncle of Jadon Cohee and father of Jaxon Cohee and brother of Michael Cohee and brother of Paul Cohee

Rob Brodner (player 1992-94) is brother of Russell Brodner

Mark Gottselig (player 1988-93) is uncle of Thomas Laxdal and brother of Troy Gottselig

Roland Biegler (player 1986-91) is brother of Chris Biegler and brother of Lawrence Biegler

Chris Biegler (player 1985-89) is brother of Lawrence Biegler and brother of Roland Biegler

Bill Knudsen (player 1984-89) is father of Cole Knudsen

Ken Murray (head coach 1982-89) is father of Scott Murray

Steve Roth (support staff 1987-88) is father of Mack Roth and husband of Melanie Roth

Lawrence Biegler (player 1984-88) is brother of Roland Biegler and brother of Chris Biegler

Darrel Devernichuk (player 1981-88) is father of Shonte Devernichuk

Greg Czech (player 1985-86) is father of Mickenzie Czech

Albert Benesh (player 1984-85) is brother of Mark Benesh

Mark Benesh (player 1980-85) is brother of Albert Benesh

Brett Gist (player 1981-82) is brother of Rex Gist

Rex Gist (player 1981-82) is brother of Brett Gist

Craig Chamberlin (head coach 1980-81) is father of Megan Chamberlin

Gene Rizak (head coach 1970-80) is grandfather of Addison Docherty and grandfather of Madi Docherty

Mike Frisby (head coach 1978-79) is father of Ben Frisby

Ray Jacoby (player 1975-79) is brother of Paul Jacoby and brother of Neil Jacoby

Skip Campbell (player 1974-77) is father of Matt Campbell

Grant Engel (player 1974-75) is father of Leissa Engel

Terry Michell (player 1973-75) is uncle of Ryan Michell and uncle of Zach Michell

Craig Douglas (player 1973-74) is brother of Murray Douglas and brother of Sharon Douglas

Neil Jacoby (player 1970-74) is brother of Ray Jacoby and brother of Paul Jacoby

John Schepers (player 1968-71) is father of A.J. Schepers and father of Kathleen Schepers

Jack Ebbels (player 1969-70) is twin brother of Jim Ebbels

Darryl Weick (player 1969-70) is brother of Dennis Weick

Dennis Weick (player 1969-70) is brother of Darryl Weick

Bernie Brandt (player 1968-70) is father of Kobie Brandt

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