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Family Connections for StFX

This information started with the three-part document published by Joseph Scanlon in 2012, known as Canadian University Basketball – A Family Affair. That document is published on the Basketball Canada website. Significant contributions have been provided by Paul Seaborn and David Wells, both long time information contributors.

Antoine Vernon (player 2020-22) is brother of Tyrell Vernon

Jamie White (player 2018-22) is nephew of Blair White and son of Jeff White

Tyrell Vernon (player 2011-13, support staff 2019-21, head coach 2021-22) is brother of Antoine Vernon

Jaydan Smith (player 2017-21) is cousin of Chad Smith and cousin of Chanel Smith and brother of Jaxon Smith and son of Wade Smith

Steve Konchalski (head coach 1975-21) is father of Maria Konchalski

Jaxon Smith (player 2019-20) is cousin of Chad Smith and cousin of Chanel Smith and brother of Jaydan Smith and son of Wade Smith

Daniel Passley (player 2015-19) is brother of Mark Passley and brother of Omar Passley

Tristen Ross (player 2015-19) is nephew of Brian (B.J.) Ross and son of Chris Ross

Davonte Provo (player 2013-18, support staff 2018-19) is brother of Chelsea Provo and cousin of Nevell Provo

David Inkumsah (player 2017-18) is brother of Josh Inkumsah

Jason Hatch (player 2014-18) is brother of Shannon Hatch and son of John Hatch

Marquis Clayton (player 2011-12) is brother of Trayvone Clayton

Garry Gallimore (player 2003-07, support staff 2008-09) is brother of Gary Gallimore

Nathan Johnson (player 2006-08) is brother of Benjamin Johnson and son of Peggy MacLean

Alexander Stephen (player 2000-06) is brother of Ashley Stephen

Ian Spindler (player 2002-04) is brother of Jana Spindler

James Maksymiw (player 2000-01, support staff 2001-02) is brother of Joey Maksymiw

Randy Nohr (player 1999-01) is husband of Christina Dumas

Fred Perry (player 1996-01) is son of Fred Perry

Jeff Piers (player 1996-99, support staff 2000-01) is brother of Karen Piers

Tom Kennedy (player 1996-00) is brother of Sarah Kennedy

Michael Clarke (player 1992-97) is brother of Sean Clarke

Sean Clarke (player 1991-95) is brother of Michael Clarke

Blair White (player 1990-95) is uncle of Jamie White and brother of Jeff White

Shane Walsh (player 1991-92) is brother of Shannon Walsh

Marion Mathis (player 1988-92) is husband of Paula McCarron Mathis

Danny McFarland (player 1987-92) is brother of Debbie McFarland and son of Packy MacFarland and brother of John McFarland

Doug MacKinnon (player 1987-91) is brother of Janet MacKinnon Hashem

Chris Ross (player 1983-88, support staff 1990-91) is father of Tristen Ross and brother of Brian (B.J.) Ross

Bruce MacPherson (player 1987-90) is brother of Leo MacPherson

Jeff White (player 1986-90) is brother of Blair White and father of Jamie White

Wade Smith (player 1985-90) is uncle of Chad Smith and uncle of Chanel Smith and father of Jaxon Smith and father of Jaydan Smith

Greg LaMorre (support staff 1985-89) is brother of Jude LaMorre and brother of Lindsay LaMorre and brother of Lisa LaMorre

Leo MacPherson (player 1983-89) is brother of Bruce MacPherson

Tom Chadwick (player 1984-87) is father of Julia Chadwick

Rick Foshay (player 1984-86) is son of Ernie Foshay

John Hatch (player 1980-84) is father of Jason Hatch and father of Shannon Hatch

Geoff McIver (player 1979-84) is father of Kathleen McIver and father of Patrick McIver

Henry Blumenfeld (player 1978-82) is brother of Alan Blumenfeld and brother of Deanna Blumenfeld and brother of Sylvia Blumenfeld

John McFarland (player 1976-80) is brother of Danny McFarland and brother of Debbie McFarland and son of Packy MacFarland

Paul McGrath (player 1973-78) is husband of Anne Hurley McGrath and father of Meaghan McGrath and father of Melissa McGrath

Packy MacFarland (head coach 1962-75) is father of Danny McFarland and father of Debbie McFarland and father of John McFarland

Ernie Foshay (support staff 1972-74) is father of Rick Foshay

Hugh Reid (player 1967-68) is brother of Donald Reid

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