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Family Connections for UBC

This information started with the three-part document published by Joseph Scanlon in 2012, known as Canadian University Basketball – A Family Affair. That document is published on the Basketball Canada website. Significant contributions have been provided by Paul Seaborn and David Wells, both long time information contributors.

Jack Cruz-Dumont (player 2018-22) is son of Trixie Cruz and son of John Dumont

Lincoln Rosebush (player 2018-22) is son of David Rosebush

Kevin Hanson (player 1984-87, support staff 1990-91, head coach 2000-22) is father of Jessica Hanson

Jadon Cohee (player 2018-20) is cousin of Jaxon Cohee and son of Michael Cohee and nephew of Paul Cohee and nephew of Richard Cohee

Cameron Morris (player 2017-19) is brother of Andrew Morris

Jordan Jensen-Whyte (player 2012-17) is brother of Josh Whyte

Shaun McGuinness (support staff 2014-15) is father of Andrew McGuinness and father of Erica McGuinness

Andrew McGuinness (player 2013-15) is brother of Erica McGuinness and son of Shaun McGuinness

Geoff Pippus (player 2010-14) is nephew of Ross Marshall

Doug Plumb (player 2010-13) is brother of Colin Plumb

Kamar Burke (player 2009-12) is brother of Navanga Burke

Nathan Yu (player 2007-12) is brother of Jordan Yu

Chad Posthumus (player 2009-11) is brother of Christina Posthumus and son of Diana Quartel

Josh Whyte (player 2008-11) is brother of Jordan Jensen-Whyte

Brent Malish (player 2006-11) is brother of Sara Malish

Denny Dumas (player 2009-10) is brother of Christina Dumas and brother of Vinny Dumas

Cody Berg (player 2006-07) is brother of Michael Berg

Jordan Yu (player 2003-06) is husband of Candace Morisset and brother of Nathan Yu

Paul Naka (player 2001-02) is brother of Ross Naka

Nick Seredick (player 1997-98) is brother of Al Seredick

Sean Mitchell (support staff 1996-97) is brother of Aaron Mitchell

Simon Orr-Ewing (player 1996-97) is brother of Etienne Orr-Ewing

John Dumont (player 1994-97) is father of Jack Cruz-Dumont and husband of Trixie Cruz

Brady Ibbetson (player 1994-97) is father of Jaeli Ibbetson

Derek Christiansen (player 1989-94) is brother of Axel Christiansen

Al Seredick (player 1992-93) is brother of Nick Seredick

David Williscroft (player 1989-93) is brother of Paul Williscroft and son of Neil Williscroft

Mike Potkonjak (player 1990-91) is son of Mike Potkonjak

Vic Pruden (head coach 1990-91) is father of Keith Pruden

Alan Lalonde (player 1986-91) is father of Jayden Lalonde and father of Kiana Lalonde

Axel Christiansen (player 1989-90) is brother of Derek Christiansen

Paul Cohee (player 1988-90) is uncle of Jadon Cohee and uncle of Jaxon Cohee and brother of Michael Cohee and brother of Richard Cohee

Kevin Korol (player 1987-88) is father of Jordan Korol and husband of Ronalee Thistlewaite

Lloyd Scrubb (player 1981-83) is husband of Diane Murphy and father of Philip Scrubb and father of Thomas Scrubb

Ross Marshall (player 1979-83) is uncle of Geoff Pippus

Bob Forsyth (player 1978-82) is husband of Linda Edwards Forsyth

Chris Trumpy (player 1974-78) is father of Chris Trumpy

Dave Kirzinger (player 1975-76) is brother of Ken Kirzinger

Neil Williscroft (player 1968-69) is father of David Williscroft and father of Paul Williscroft

Ken Shields (player 1967-69) is husband of Kathy Williams Shields

Gene Rizak (player 1964-65) is grandfather of Addison Docherty and grandfather of Madi Docherty

Mike Potkonjak (player 1962-63) is father of Mike Potkonjak

Statistical information maintained by Martin Timmerman. Please provide feedback to: MartinTimmerman@gmail.com