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Family Connections for UNB

This information started with the three-part document published by Joseph Scanlon in 2012, known as Canadian University Basketball – A Family Affair. That document is published on the Basketball Canada website. Significant contributions have been provided by Paul Seaborn and David Wells, both long time information contributors.

Sterling Simpson (player 2017-22) is brother of Grace Simpson

Chris Spurrell (player 2016-22) is brother of Adam Spurrell

Finn Larkin (player 2019-21) is son of David Larkin

Marcus Masters (player 2019-21) is brother of Javon Masters

Bram Russell (player 1999-02, support staff 2020-21) is husband of Bridget Gamble

Mina Ogot (player 2018-20) is cousin of Ater Magok and twin brother of Ogot Ogot

Ogot Ogot (player 2017-19) is cousin of Ater Magok and twin brother of Mina Ogot

Javon Masters (player 2013-18) is brother of Marcus Masters

Peter Esson (player 2011-12) is husband of Nicole LaFleur Esson

Dustin Anthony (player 2008-12) is brother of Doyle Anthony

Kirt Mombourquette (player 2001-02, support staff 2011-12) is husband of Amber Andrews

Andrew Wright (player 2009-11) is son of Dr. Phil Wright

Bill Walker (player 2005-07) is brother of Greg Walker and brother of Jeff Walker

Oliver Glencross (player 2002-07) is husband of Katelyn Springer Glencross

Doug Thompson (player 2001-06) is brother of Joseph Thompson and brother of Elliot Thompson

Dylan Lisson (player 2001-05) is brother of Devan Lisson

Greg Walker (player 2003-04) is brother of Bill Walker and brother of Jeff Walker

Joseph Thompson (player 1999-04) is brother of Doug Thompson and brother of Elliot Thompson

Andrew Cotter (player 1999-02) is brother of Jeff Cotter and son of Rick Cotter

Jeff Cotter (player 1997-02) is brother of Andrew Cotter and son of Rick Cotter

Steve Lawlor (player 1997-99) is husband of Angela Large and brother of Cathy Lawlor and uncle of Devon Lawlor and son of Ed Lawlor and brother of Peter Lawlor

Jon Kreiner (player 1994-99) is father of Jared Kreiner

Clint Hamilton (head coach 1992-99) is father of Whitney Hamilton

Gordon McNeilly (player 1993-98) is husband of Eireann Rigby and father of Kiera Rigby

Simon Orr-Ewing (player 1993-96) is brother of Etienne Orr-Ewing

Spencer Jeffrey (player 1992-93) is brother of Candace Jeffrey

Dr. Phil Wright (support staff 1976-88, head coach 1988-92) is father of Andrew Wright

Mark Hazlett (player 1986-89) is husband of Leanne Brady Hazlett and father of Emily Hazlett and father of Olivia Hazlett

Ted DeWinter (player 1981-83) is father of Monique DeWinter Gulliver and father of Ryan DeWinter

Brian (B.J.) Ross (player 1980-81) is husband of Cathie Coll-Ross and brother of Chris Ross and uncle of Tristen Ross

Dick Slipp (player 1969-73, support staff 1973-75) is husband of Joyce Douthwright Slipp and father of Tyler Slipp

Rick Cotter (player 1963-67) is father of Andrew Cotter and father of Jeff Cotter

Peter McAleenan (player 1962-66) is father of Erin McAleenan and father of Tim McAleenan

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