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Family Connections for Victoria

This information started with the three-part document published by Joseph Scanlon in 2012, known as Canadian University Basketball – A Family Affair. That document is published on the Basketball Canada website. Significant contributions have been provided by Paul Seaborn and David Wells, both long time information contributors.

Tara Gallaway Beaucamp (support staff 2018-22) is mother of Calli McMillan and wife of Craig Beaucamp

Craig Beaucamp (support staff 2001-03, head coach 2003-22) is husband of Tara Gallaway Beaucamp and step father of Calli McMillan

Ian Hyde-Lay (player 1976-80, support staff 2004-22) is father of Graeme Hyde-Lay

Graeme Hyde-Lay (player 2015-21) is son of Ian Hyde-Lay

Phil Ohl (player 1981-85, support staff 2009-20) is father of Dominic Ohl

Ken Shields (support staff 2018-20, head coach 1976-89) is husband of Kathy Williams Shields

Jake Newman (player 2016-19) is son of Jamie Newman

Noah Charles (player 2016-17) is brother of Joshua Charles

Joshua Charles (player 2015-16) is brother of Noah Charles

Andrew Morris (player 2015-16) is brother of Cameron Morris

Billy Yaworsky (player 2015-16) is brother of Matthew Yaworsky

Mack Roth (player 2013-16) is son of Melanie Roth and son of Steve Roth

Mahmoud (Junior) Sesay (player 2013-15) is brother of William Sesay

Chris McLaughlin (player 2010-15) is brother of Geoff McLaughlin

Dominic Ohl (player 2011-14) is son of Phil Ohl

Reese Pribilsky (player 2010-12) is brother of Kevin Pribilsky

Ryan MacKinnon (player 2007-12) is brother of Scott MacKinnon

Michael Berg (player 2006-12) is brother of Cody Berg

Marco Dolcetti (player 2008-11) is son of Rene Dolcetti

Jeff Spoor (player 2008-11) is brother of Chris Spoor

Isiah Pasquale (player 2006-08) is son of Eli Pasquale and brother of Emanuel Pasquale and nephew of Vito Pasquale

Josh Whyte (player 2006-07) is brother of Jordan Jensen-Whyte

Matt Kuzminski (player 2004-06) is brother of Drew Kuzminski

Chris Spoor (player 2001-06) is brother of Jeff Spoor

Chris Trumpy (player 2000-06) is son of Chris Trumpy

Ryan Vetrie (player 2003-04) is son of Guy Vetrie

Guy Vetrie (head coach 1989-03) is father of Ryan Vetrie

Etienne Orr-Ewing (player 1999-01) is brother of Simon Orr-Ewing

Allister Wilmott (player 1995-01) is brother of Andrew Wilmott

Raphael Chillious (player 1997-99) is husband of Charlene Klasema Chillious

Dan McMillan (player 1991-96) is father of Calli McMillan

Andrew Wilmott (player 1990-96) is brother of Allister Wilmott

Clint Hamilton (player 1983-91, support staff 1991-92) is father of Whitney Hamilton

Wade Loukes (player 1984-89) is father of Hannah Loukes

Graham Taylor (player 1983-88) is son of Gary Taylor

Vito Pasquale (player 1982-88) is uncle of Emanuel Pasquale and uncle of Isiah Pasquale and brother of Eli Pasquale

Lloyd Scrubb (player 1984-87) is husband of Diane Murphy and father of Philip Scrubb and father of Thomas Scrubb

Jamie Newman (player 1984-86) is father of Jake Newman

Eli Pasquale (player 1979-84) is father of Emanuel Pasquale and father of Isiah Pasquale and brother of Vito Pasquale

Kelly Dukeshire (player 1978-83) is father of Ashley Dukeshire

Gerald Kazanowski (player 1978-83) is brother of Greg Kazanowski and brother of Richard Kazanowski and brother of John Kazanowski

Greg Kazanowski (player 1978-83) is brother of Richard Kazanowski and brother of Gerald Kazanowski and brother of John Kazanowski

Rene Dolcetti (player 1977-80) is father of Marco Dolcetti

Chris Hebb (player 1975-80) is brother of Luanne Hebb Krawetz

John Kazanowski (player 1978-79) is brother of Gerald Kazanowski and brother of Greg Kazanowski and brother of Richard Kazanowski

Ken Kirzinger (player 1978-79) is brother of Dave Kirzinger

Ken Olynyk (support staff 1978-79) is husband of Arlene Corness and father of Maya Olynyk

Lee Edmondson (player 1973-77) is husband of Ronni Hind Edmondson

Gary Taylor (head coach 1971-76) is father of Graham Taylor

Harry Hunter (player 1971-74) is brother of Jim Hunter

Jim Hunter (player 1971-74) is brother of Harry Hunter

Statistical information maintained by Martin Timmerman. Please provide feedback to: MartinTimmerman@gmail.com