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Family Connections for Waterloo

This information started with the three-part document published by Joseph Scanlon in 2012, known as Canadian University Basketball – A Family Affair. That document is published on the Basketball Canada website. Significant contributions have been provided by Paul Seaborn and David Wells, both long time information contributors.

Isaac Watsa (player 2020-22) is son of Mano Watsa

Troy Stevenson (player 2010-13, support staff 2015-19, head coach 2019-22) is brother of Luc Stevenson

Will Urosevic (player 2019-20) is brother of Alexandra Urosevic and brother of Rachael Urosevic and nephew of Alex Urosevic and son of Bob Urosevic

Bob Urosevic (player 1980-83, support staff 2015-19) is brother of Alex Urosevic and father of Alexandra Urosevic and father of Rachael Urosevic and father of Will Urosevic

Fadi Elgadi (player 2016-18) is brother of Dani Elgadi

Tarry Upshaw (support staff 2012-15) is father of Marcus Upshaw

Chuck McMahon (support staff 2012-13) is uncle of Cormac McMahon and husband of Christine Stapleton

Zachary Angelini (player 2010-13) is brother of Jeremy Angelini and brother of Jessica Angelini

Greg Filgiano (player 2011-12) is brother of Thomas Filgiano

Jesse Tipping (player 2008-10, support staff 2011-12) is brother of Jameson Tipping

Tom Kieswetter (player 1968-73, support staff 1973-92, head coach 1992-12) is father of Amanda Kieswetter and uncle of Luke Kieswetter and father of Matt Kieswetter

Alan Goodhoofd (player 2006-11) is brother of Kayla Goodhoofd

Luke Kieswetter (player 2006-11) is cousin of Amanda Kieswetter and cousin of Matt Kieswetter and nephew of Tom Kieswetter

David Burnett (player 2005-10) is brother of Laura Burnett

Ben Frisby (player 2005-10) is son of Mike Frisby

Dan White (player 2004-09) is brother of Megan White and son of Bill White

Matt Kieswetter (player 2002-07) is brother of Amanda Kieswetter and cousin of Luke Kieswetter and son of Tom Kieswetter

Andrew Coatsworth (player 2000-05) is brother of Kyle Coatsworth

Mike Sovran (player 2000-05) is son of Jerry Sovran

Mano Watsa (player 1994-99, support staff 1999-04) is father of Isaac Watsa

Steve Hollinger (player 2001-02) is brother of Deanna Hollinger

Shane Cooney (player 1998-02) is brother of Todd Cooney and son of Frank Cooney

Dave Quinlan (player 1999-01) is brother of John Quinlan

John Quinlan (player 1997-01) is brother of Dave Quinlan

Paul Kwiatkowski (player 1995-00) is brother of Andrew Kwiatkowski

Sean Van Koughnett (player 1990-95, support staff 1999-00) is brother of Shannon Van Koughnett

Nick Poulimenos (player 1993-96) is brother of John Poulimenos

Alex Urosevic (player 1991-94) is uncle of Alexandra Urosevic and uncle of Rachael Urosevic and uncle of Will Urosevic and brother of Bob Urosevic

Robert Baird (player 1988-92) is brother of Sue Baird and son of Jim Baird

Don McCrae (head coach 1971-92) is father of Kate McCrae-Bristol

David Rosebush (player 1987-91) is father of Lincoln Rosebush

Lance Lockhart (player 1988-90) is brother of Barb Lockhart and son of Howard Lockhart

Andrew Zienchuk (player 1988-90) is husband of Laurie Rempel Zienchuk

Marcel Naus (player 1984-87) is brother of Frank Naus and brother of Jasper Naus

Dave Moser (player 1981-85) is brother of Mike Moser

Frank Naus (player 1983-84) is brother of Jasper Naus and brother of Marcel Naus

Bruce Milliken (player 1981-84) is father of Vivian Milliken

Mike Frisby (support staff 1980-84) is father of Ben Frisby

Mark Korchok (player 1982-83) is son of Les Korchok

Matt Ross (player 1978-79) is brother of Bill Ross

Bob Yuhasz (player 1976-77) is brother of Michael Yuhasz

Mike Moser (player 1972-75) is brother of Dave Moser

Phil Goggins (player 1971-75) is father of Justin Goggins

Bill Ross (player 1969-73) is brother of Matt Ross

Bill Lozynsky (player 1971-72) is brother of Walt Lozynsky

Mike Lavelle (head coach 1969-71) is grandfather of Jordan Smith

Walt Lozynsky (player 1969-71) is brother of Bill Lozynsky

Bruce Stiefelmeyer (player 1958-60) is father of Jill Stiefelmeyer and father of John Stiefelmeyer

Statistical information maintained by Martin Timmerman. Please provide feedback to: MartinTimmerman@gmail.com