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Family Connections for Bishop's Gaiters

This information started with the three-part document published by Joseph Scanlon in 2012, known as Canadian University Basketball – A Family Affair. That document is published on the Basketball Canada website. Significant contributions have been provided by Paul Seaborn and David Wells, both long time information contributors.

Jessica Vidovic (player 2020-23) is sister of Samantha Vidovic

Riley Shkimba (player 2010-13) is sister of Connor Shkimba

Bethan Chalke (player 2009-11) is sister of Alison Chalke

Gabrielle Cote-Caouette (player 2008-11) is sister of Antoine Cote-Caouette

Jamie Forsythe (support staff 1997-00) is son of Brian Forsythe and brother of Chris Forsythe

Kate Bazuk Nicoll (player 1997-98) is aunt of Will Bazuk and sister of Adam Bazuk and sister of Luke Bazuk

Leslie Neasmith (player 1991-95) is sister of Jeff Neasmith

Jessica Johnston (player 1992-93) is sister of Cynthia Johnston and sister of Tim Johnston

Cynthia Johnston (player 1986-91) is sister of Jessica Johnston and sister of Tim Johnston

Kelly Tucker (player 1983-87) is mother of Hayley Robertson and mother of Samantha Robertson

Joani Patola Halvorson (player 1984-86) is mother of Jonathan Halvorson and mother of Jordyn Halvorson and mother of Kaylee Halvorson and sister of David Patola and sister of Matthew Patola

Wayne Hussey (head coach 1977-84) is father of Jon Hussey

Theresa Grant Mullins (player 1980-82) is mother of Marie Mullins and mother of Mike Mullins and wife of Andy Mullins

Denise Dignard (player 1979-82) is aunt of Liane Bailey and sister of Lisa Dignard-Bailey

David Thornhill (support staff 1979-82) is father of Matthew Thornhill

Susan Hylland (player 1978-81) is sister of Janet Hylland and mother of Kellie Ring and mother of Scott Ring

Lisa Dignard-Bailey (player 1977-80) is mother of Liane Bailey and sister of Denise Dignard

Helen McAuley (player 1977-80) is sister of Mark Macauley

Diane Murphy (player 1977-80) is mother of Philip Scrubb and mother of Thomas Scrubb and wife of Lloyd Scrubb

Linda MacPherson (player 1977-78) is mother of Tim Hunter and wife of Chris Hunter

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