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Family Connections for Brandon Bobcats

This information started with the three-part document published by Joseph Scanlon in 2012, known as Canadian University Basketball – A Family Affair. That document is published on the Basketball Canada website. Significant contributions have been provided by Paul Seaborn and David Wells, both long time information contributors.

Chelsea Misskey (player 2017-23) is sister of Cara Misskey

Bailey Johnson (player 2018-22) is daughter of Tracy MacLeod Johnson

Josie DeGagne (player 2018-19) is daughter of Rick DeGagne

Melissa Stoesz-Robinson (support staff 2007-19) is daughter of Ted Stoesz

Shonte Devernichuk (player 2013-14) is daughter of Darrel Devernichuk

Aimee Johnston (player 2011-13) is sister of Alanna Johnston

Alanna Johnston (player 2010-13) is sister of Aimee Johnston

Ritchie Jacobson (head coach 2010-12) is father of Chad Jacobson and father of Warren Jacobson

Leissa Engel (player 2001-02) is daughter of Grant Engel

Amy Tegg (player 2000-01) is sister of Brody Tegg and sister of Tyler Tegg

Kaili Dale (player 1998-00) is sister of Tara Dale

Tara Dale (player 1995-00) is sister of Kaili Dale

Christina Moody (player 1995-99) is daughter of Bill Moody

Shannon Hann (player 1995-97) is sister of Stacey Hann and sister of Brad Hann and sister of Norm Hann

Catherine Chorney (player 1995-96) is sister of Jennifer Chorney

Stacey Hann (player 1995-96) is sister of Brad Hann and sister of Norm Hann and sister of Shannon Hann

Tracy MacLeod Johnson (player 1992-95) is mother of Bailey Johnson

Sandra Hamilton (player 1990-93) is sister of Carol Hamilton Goodale

Lynn Zemliak (player 1986-90) is wife of Dave Nackoney

Marie Rohleder (player 1983-89) is aunt of Tia Coulter and sister of Barb Rohleder Coulter

Barb Rohleder Coulter (player 1980-84) is mother of Tia Coulter and wife of Grant Coulter and sister of Marie Rohleder

Bill Moody (head coach 1979-84) is father of Christina Moody

Linda Edwards Forsyth (player 1979-82) is wife of Bob Forsyth

Eleanor Thompson (player 1976-77) is sister of Anne Thompson

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