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Family Connections for Calgary Dinos

This information started with the three-part document published by Joseph Scanlon in 2012, known as Canadian University Basketball – A Family Affair. That document is published on the Basketball Canada website. Significant contributions have been provided by Paul Seaborn and David Wells, both long time information contributors.

Madison Landry (player 2022-23) is sister of Rebecca Landry

Mackenzie Trpcic (player 2021-23) is sister of Matt Trpcic

Christy Fehr (player 2021-22) is twin sister of Brianna Fehr

Kamryn Deklerk (player 2020-22) is cousin of Chloe DeKlerk and granddaughter of Dick de Klerk

Michaela Nieuwenhuizen (player 2017-20) is sister of Emma Nieuwenhuizen

Autumn Agar (player 2018-19) is daughter of Cheryl McCombe

Shannon Hatch (player 2016-18) is sister of Jason Hatch and daughter of John Hatch

Emma Nieuwenhuizen (player 2014-16) is sister of Michaela Nieuwenhuizen

Katherine Adams (player 2001-06, support staff 2010-16) is niece of Claire Mitton

Aimee Wilson (player 2013-15) is daughter of Annette Sanregret and sister of Kyle Wilson and daughter of Rob Wilson

Claire Mitton (support staff 1998-12) is aunt of Katherine Adams

Brittany Knievel (player 2007-08) is sister of Cassandra Knievel

Shari Jonker (player 2002-05) is sister of Amy Jonker

Cory Bekkering (player 2000-05) is cousin of Alison Bekkering and sister of Anna Bekkering and sister of Henry Bekkering and sister of Ross Bekkering

Alison Bekkering (player 2001-03) is cousin of Anna Bekkering and cousin of Cory Bekkering and cousin of Henry Bekkering and cousin of Ross Bekkering

Anna Bekkering (player 1998-03) is sister of Cory Bekkering and cousin of Alison Bekkering and sister of Henry Bekkering and sister of Ross Bekkering and wife of Jeff Loomis

Kirsten Swann (player 1998-99) is sister of Tandela Swann and daughter of David Swann

Kara Haines (player 1992-97) is wife of Dan Vanhooren

Lynette LePan-Smith (player 1990-92) is mother of Aidan Smith and mother of Magdalene Smith and wife of Jeff Smith

Debbie Patterson Nash (player 1983-89, head coach 1987-88) is wife of Bill Nash

Leslie Morgan (player 1986-87) is daughter of Bob (Skip) Morgan

Cathie Coll-Ross (player 1981-82) is wife of Brian (B.J.) Ross

Donna Hanna Branch (player 1979-81) is sister of Bev Hanna and sister of Murray Hanna and sister of Terry Hanna

Statistical information maintained by Martin Timmerman. Please provide feedback to: MartinTimmerman@gmail.com