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Family Connections for Dalhousie Tigers

This information started with the three-part document published by Joseph Scanlon in 2012, known as Canadian University Basketball – A Family Affair. That document is published on the Basketball Canada website. Significant contributions have been provided by Paul Seaborn and David Wells, both long time information contributors.

Madeleine Maillet (player 2021-23) is daughter of Greg Maillet and sister of Samuel Maillet

Joey Wells (support staff 1999-23) is father of Janet Wells and father of JoAnne Wells Small

Brinly Holt (player 2020-22) is sister of Emily Holt

Hannah Chadwick (player 2018-22) is daughter of Rob Chadwick

Emily Holt (player 2018-22) is sister of Brinly Holt

Noel Pendergast (support staff 2010-21) is uncle of Cailin Crosby and brother of Anna Pendergast Stammberger and brother of Rita Pendergast Crosby and uncle of Sven Stammberger and uncle of Tessa Stammberger

Leah Girdwood Martin (player 2005-10, support staff 2013-21) is twin sister of Laurie Girdwood

Anna Pendergast Stammberger (player 1978-83, support staff 1983-85, head coach 2009-21) is aunt of Cailin Crosby and sister of Rita Pendergast Crosby and mother of Sven Stammberger and mother of Tessa Stammberger and sister of Noel Pendergast

Devon Norris (support staff 2018-19) is brother of Derek Norris

Tessa Stammberger (player 2011-16) is daughter of Anna Pendergast Stammberger and niece of Noel Pendergast and niece of Rita Pendergast Crosby and sister of Sven Stammberger

Robbi Daley (player 2012-15) is sister of Kelsey Daley

Emily Hanaka (player 2012-14) is sister of Hilary Hanaka and sister of Julia Hanaka

Alise Brown (support staff 2012-13) is sister of Keisha Brown

Kelsey Daley (support staff 2012-13) is sister of Robbi Daley and wife of Mark McLaughlin

Keisha Brown (player 2011-13) is sister of Alise Brown

Cailin Crosby (player 2008-12) is niece of Anna Pendergast Stammberger and niece of Noel Pendergast and daughter of Rita Pendergast Crosby

Brooke Sullivan (player 2007-11) is sister of Brittany Sullivan

Brittany Sullivan (player 2006-11) is sister of Brooke Sullivan

Marie Mullins (player 2009-10) is daughter of Theresa Grant Mullins and daughter of Andy Mullins and sister of Mike Mullins

Laurie Girdwood (player 2005-10) is twin sister of Leah Girdwood Martin

April Scott Gamblin (player 2004-10) is wife of Matt Gamblin

Kelly Donald (player 2003-09) is sister of Gillian Donald and sister of Nick Donald

Gillian Donald (player 2004-06) is sister of Kelly Donald and sister of Nick Donald

Scott Morrison (support staff 2001-02, head coach 2002-03) is husband of Susanne Canvin Morrison and uncle of Jeff Morrison and son of George Morrison

Leila Burden Nixon (player 2001-02) is sister of Julia Burden

Julia Burden (player 1998-02) is sister of Leila Burden Nixon

Jim Charters (support staff 1999-00) is brother of Velvet Charters McGarrigle and uncle of Katie McGarrigle and uncle of Mark McGarrigle

Janet Wells (player 1997-00) is sister of JoAnne Wells Small and daughter of Joey Wells

Danielle Moe-Gardner (player 1994-97) is sister of Damian Moe

Carolyn Wares (player 1993-97) is sister of Brennan Wares

Patti Langille Hutchison (player 1979-97) is sister of Wendy Langille

Corey Ennis (player 1994-95) is cousin of Bren Ennis

Lori Knickle Lancaster (support staff 1994-95) is sister of Stephanie Knickle and sister of Susan Knickle Deighan and mother of Grace Lancaster

Marjorie Cameron (player 1987-89) is sister of Mark Cameron and sister of Mary Cameron

Mary Cameron (player 1987-89) is sister of Marjorie Cameron and sister of Mark Cameron

Kathy MacCormack Spurr (player 1985-89) is sister of Trish MacCormack

Trish MacCormack (player 1984-89) is sister of Kathy MacCormack Spurr

Peggy MacLean (player 1983-85) is mother of Benjamin Johnson and mother of Nathan Johnson

Karen Bird (player 1981-83) is sister of Margot Bird

Natalie Vukovich (player 1981-82) is mother of Brody Clarke and mother of Julian Clarke and wife of Norman Clarke

Jill Tasker (player 1976-81) is mother of Katie Ross and sister of Tony Tasker

Rose Johnston (player 1972-76) is sister of Beth Johnston

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