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Family Connections for Laurentian Voyageurs

This information started with the three-part document published by Joseph Scanlon in 2012, known as Canadian University Basketball – A Family Affair. That document is published on the Basketball Canada website. Significant contributions have been provided by Paul Seaborn and David Wells, both long time information contributors.

Brad Hann (support staff 2023-24) is brother of Norm Hann and brother of Shannon Hann and brother of Stacey Hann

Sydney Tabin (player 2021-23) is twin sister of Bailey Tabin

Bailey Tabin (player 2017-23) is twin sister of Sydney Tabin

Olivia Hazlett (player 2014-20) is daughter of Leanne Brady Hazlett and sister of Emily Hazlett and daughter of Mark Hazlett

Kauri LaFontaine (player 2007-10, head coach 2017-18) is sister of Kelly LaFontaine and sister of John Lafontaine

Angie MacDonald (player 1977-80, support staff 1981-14) is mother of Ian Morse

Norma Jean Roberts (player 2006-10) is sister of Lisa Roberts

Kelly LaFontaine (player 2007-08) is sister of John Lafontaine and sister of Kauri LaFontaine

Lisa Roberts (player 2004-07) is sister of Norma Jean Roberts

Tierney Hoo (player 2000-05) is sister of Julie Hoo and sister of Tricia Hoo

Jen Leahey Bourget (player 1990-92, support staff 2003-04) is mother of Delaney Bourget and mother of Bree Bourget

John Campbell (head coach 1997-02) is brother of Jamie Campbell and husband of Dianne Norman and son of Peter Campbell

Meghan Eves (player 2000-01) is sister of Daniel Eves

Leanne Brady Hazlett (player 1999-00, support staff 2000-01) is mother of Emily Hazlett and mother of Olivia Hazlett and wife of Mark Hazlett

Stephanie DeSutter (player 1995-00) is sister of Tracey DeSutter Harrington

Stephanie Harrison Dongelmans (player 1995-00) is mother of Joseph Dongelmans and wife of Ted Dongelmans

Jennifer Chorney (player 1995-99) is sister of Catherine Chorney

Tanya Tatti (player 1994-99) is sister of Gina Tatti and cousin of Rena Wesolowski and cousin of Richard Wesolowski and daughter of Bob Tatti and sister of Jason Tatti

Shelley Dewar Swords (player 1994-98) is wife of Shawn Swords

Dianne Norman (player 1989-95) is wife of John Campbell

Stacey Hann (player 1992-94) is sister of Brad Hann and sister of Norm Hann and sister of Shannon Hann

Carolyn Swords Sturgess (player 1989-94) is sister of Janet Swords Sanderson and sister of Shawn Swords

Christine Stapleton (player 1986-91) is aunt of Cormac McMahon and wife of Chuck McMahon

Sandy Stevenson Falco (player 1983-88) is wife of Paul Falco

Carol Hamilton Goodale (player 1984-87) is sister of Sandra Hamilton and aunt of Savanna Hamilton and sister of Danny Hamilton

Linda Palango (player 1980-83) is mother of Matthew Savel

Donna Zirojevic (player 1978-82) is mother of Stefanija Mrvaljevic

Natalie Vukovich (player 1977-80) is mother of Brody Clarke and mother of Julian Clarke and wife of Norman Clarke

Theresa Kowal (player 1977-78) is sister of Mary Ann Kowal

Michele Belanger (player 1974-78) is aunt of Amelie Bouchard

Anne Hurley McGrath (player 1974-77) is mother of Meaghan McGrath and mother of Melissa McGrath and wife of Paul McGrath

Kathy Williams Shields (player 1971-76) is wife of Ken Shields

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