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Family Connections for Ottawa Gee Gees

This information started with the three-part document published by Joseph Scanlon in 2012, known as Canadian University Basketball – A Family Affair. That document is published on the Basketball Canada website. Significant contributions have been provided by Paul Seaborn and David Wells, both long time information contributors.

Bailey Russell (player 2023-24) is daughter of Bram Russell and daughter of Bridget Gamble

Ariane Saumure (player 2023-24) is daughter of Renee Anne Wilson

Melina De Iulio (player 2018-24) is cousin of Jenna Bugiardini and niece of Claudia De Iulio Bugiardini

Alana Renon (player 2018-24) is sister of Katrina Renon and sister of Ava Renon

Sarah Besselink (player 2013-19, support staff 2021-24) is sister of Mary Besselink

Tyra Blizzard (player 2019-20) is daughter of Fabienne Perrin-Blizzard

Mary Besselink (player 2018-20) is sister of Sarah Besselink

Catherine Traer (player 2012-16) is wife of Thomas Scrubb and daughter of Rick Traer

Kellie Ring (player 2011-16) is niece of Janet Hylland and daughter of Susan Hylland and sister of Scott Ring

Jennifer Stoqua (player 2014-15) is sister of Brendan Stoqua and daughter of Pat Stoqua and sister of Sean Stoqua

Alyska Lukan (player 2012-13) is daughter of Margaret Mulder

Tatiana Hanlan (player 2010-13) is daughter of Henry Hanlan

Kimberly Mathieu Swenson (player 2001-02, support staff 2007-08) is sister of Erin Mathieu

Gillian Runnels (player 2005-07) is sister of Judith Runnels

Catherine Chorney (player 1997-00) is sister of Jennifer Chorney

Dawn Yearwood (player 1995-99) is sister of Charles Yearwood

Fabienne Perrin-Blizzard (player 1989-94, support staff 1994-98, head coach 1998-99) is mother of Tyra Blizzard

Denise Dignard (support staff 1989-90, head coach 1997-98) is aunt of Liane Bailey and sister of Lisa Dignard-Bailey

Gina Tatti (player 1995-96) is cousin of Rena Wesolowski and cousin of Richard Wesolowski and daughter of Bob Tatti and sister of Jason Tatti and sister of Tanya Tatti

Renee Anne Wilson (player 1990-91) is mother of Ariane Saumure

Peggy Oberthier (player 1988-91) is sister of John Oberthier

Janet Swords Sanderson (player 1988-90) is sister of Carolyn Swords Sturgess and sister of Shawn Swords

Caretta Williams (player 1985-90) is wife of David DeAveiro

David Thornhill (head coach 1982-84) is father of Matthew Thornhill

Luce Mercier Coburn (player 1980-81) is wife of Brian Coburn

Theresa Kowal (player 1978-80) is sister of Mary Ann Kowal

Yonna Luypaert (player 1973-74) is sister of Lorraine Luypaert

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