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Family Connections for Saint Mary's Huskies

This information started with the three-part document published by Joseph Scanlon in 2012, known as Canadian University Basketball – A Family Affair. That document is published on the Basketball Canada website. Significant contributions have been provided by Paul Seaborn and David Wells, both long time information contributors.

Sophia Widmeyer (player 2022-23) is sister of Eva Widmeyer

Clara Gascoigne (player 2019-23) is sister of Josie Gascoigne

Jada Mofford (player 2020-22) is sister of Jelani Mofford

Josie Gascoigne (player 2015-19) is sister of Clara Gascoigne

Jayda Veinot (player 2017-18) is niece of Bonnie Hale and daughter of Jennifer Hale and twin sister of Keevan Veinot and daughter of Kevin Veinot

Jasmine Cain (player 2016-18) is sister of Angelina Carvery

Courtney Cain-Nordin (player 2015-18) is sister of Jayden Nordin

Angelina Carvery (player 2012-17) is sister of Jasmine Cain

Rachelle Coward (player 2013-16) is daughter of Curtis Coward

Justine Colley-Leger (player 2009-14) is cousin of Jace Colley

Shannon Chapman (player 2009-13) is sister of Stefanie Chapman

Susanne Canvin Morrison (player 2010-12) is wife of Scott Morrison

Robbi Daley (player 2009-11) is sister of Kelsey Daley

Hayley Fox (player 2005-11) is sister of Casey Fox and sister of Laura Fox and daughter of Mickey Fox

Kelsey Daley (player 2005-10) is sister of Robbi Daley and wife of Mark McLaughlin

Alise Brown (player 2004-08) is sister of Keisha Brown

Jennifer Chorney (player 2003-04) is sister of Catherine Chorney

Jennifer Reid-Davidson (player 1997-99) is sister of Janet Reid

Bonnie MacLean (player 1993-97) is niece of Dick MacLean

Randi Lang (player 1993-95) is sister of Cindy Lang

Cindy Lang (player 1993-94) is sister of Randi Lang

Lisa LaMorre (player 1983-88) is sister of Lindsay LaMorre and sister of Greg LaMorre and sister of Jude LaMorre

Mickey Fox (head coach 1976-77) is father of Casey Fox and father of Hayley Fox and father of Laura Fox

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