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Family Connections for St. Francis Xavier X-Women

This information started with the three-part document published by Joseph Scanlon in 2012, known as Canadian University Basketball – A Family Affair. That document is published on the Basketball Canada website. Significant contributions have been provided by Paul Seaborn and David Wells, both long time information contributors.

Sarah Mowat (player 2021-23, support staff 2023-24) is sister of Olivia Mowat and niece of Jacklyn Mowat Stevenson

Kira Atherley (player 2021-23) is twin sister of Tyra Atherley

Tyra Atherley (player 2021-22) is twin sister of Kira Atherley

Emily Rheault (player 2021-22) is sister of Grace Rheault

Grace Rheault (player 2019-22) is sister of Emily Rheault

Tyrell Vernon (support staff 2019-20) is brother of Antoine Vernon

Brianna Gottschall (player 2018-20) is sister of Melissa Gottschall

Ashley Stephen (player 2006-11, support staff 2018-19) is sister of Alexander Stephen

Chelsea Provo (player 2015-18) is sister of Davonte Provo and cousin of Nevell Provo

Shannon Hatch (player 2012-16) is sister of Jason Hatch and daughter of John Hatch

Samantha Robertson (player 2014-15) is sister of Hayley Robertson and daughter of Kelly Tucker

Melissa Gottschall (player 2012-15) is sister of Brianna Gottschall

Maria Konchalski (player 2006-10) is daughter of Steve Konchalski

Kathleen McIver (player 2008-09) is daughter of Geoff McIver and sister of Patrick McIver

Laura Himmelman (player 2006-07) is sister of Kelly Himmelman

Theresa MacCuish (player 1991-97, support staff 2004-05, head coach 2005-06) is aunt of Dondre Reddick

Aynsley Marr (player 2002-04) is sister of Elizabeth Marr

Karen Piers (player 2001-02) is sister of Jeff Piers

Mary Jamieson (player 1998-02) is sister of Catherine Jamieson

Angela Large (player 1996-99) is wife of Steve Lawlor

Catherine Jamieson (player 1994-98) is sister of Mary Jamieson

Syna Reddick (player 1993-97) is aunt of Dondre Reddick

Janice Murphy (player 1994-96) is sister of Cynthia Murphy

Cynthia Murphy (player 1992-96) is sister of Janice Murphy

Shannon Walsh (player 1993-94) is brother of Shane Walsh

Paula McCarron Mathis (player 1988-92) is wife of Marion Mathis

Ellen Milner (player 1987-89) is mother of Andrew Milner and mother of Sophie Milner

Debbie McFarland (player 1984-88) is daughter of Packy MacFarland and sister of Danny McFarland and sister of John McFarland

Anne Hurley McGrath (head coach 1977-80) is mother of Meaghan McGrath and mother of Melissa McGrath and wife of Paul McGrath

Claire Mitton (player 1975-77) is aunt of Katherine Adams

Helen Jensen Folker (player 1973-76) is mother of Mike Folker and wife of Gary Folker

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