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Family Connections for Toronto Varsity Blues

This information started with the three-part document published by Joseph Scanlon in 2012, known as Canadian University Basketball – A Family Affair. That document is published on the Basketball Canada website. Significant contributions have been provided by Paul Seaborn and David Wells, both long time information contributors.

Gabrielle Reed (player 2021-24) is sister of Marshall Reed

Ellen Ougrinov (player 2019-24) is sister of Emilie Ougrinov and sister of Vanessa Ougrinov

Tamara Tatham (support staff 2017-20, head coach 2020-24) is sister of Alisha Tatham and sister of Patrick Tatham

Carly Magarelli (player 2021-23) is daughter of Mary Barbieri Magarelli

Nicole Chateau (player 2020-22) is sister of Jenna Chateau

Olivia Brunnenkant (player 2020-21) is sister of Lucas Brunnenkant

Ayden Kristmanson (player 2020-21) is sister of Ryann Kristmanson and daughter of Alan Kristmanson

Sara Cumby (player 2019-21) is sister of Gillian Cumby

Mikhaela Ekwandja (player 2019-21) is twin sister of Nakeisha Ekwandja

Nakeisha Ekwandja (player 2019-21) is twin sister of Mikhaela Ekwandja

Sarah Bennett (player 2015-21) is daughter of Linda Baumann and daughter of Jeff Bennett and sister of Ryan Bennett and niece of Mark Bennett

Samantha Robertson (player 2018-20) is sister of Hayley Robertson and daughter of Kelly Tucker

Kirsten MacLeod (player 2017-20) is sister of Caitlin MacLeod

Michele Belanger (head coach 1979-20) is aunt of Amelie Bouchard

Ariana Sider (player 2018-19) is sister of Rachael Sider

Alisha Tatham (support staff 2018-19) is sister of Patrick Tatham and sister of Tamara Tatham

Charlotte Collyer (player 2015-19) is sister of Alexandra Collyer

Elise Holt (player 2017-18) is sister of Katharina Holt

Ian Morse (support staff 2014-17) is son of Angie MacDonald

Liane Bailey (player 2010-15) is daughter of Lisa Dignard-Bailey and niece of Denise Dignard

Madison Laurin (player 2013-14) is sister of Dakota Laurin

Vanessa Brathwaite (player 2012-14) is sister of Sabrina Brathwaite

Rachael Sider (player 2010-14) is sister of Ariana Sider

Erin McNeely (player 2006-11) is sister of Annie McNeely

Alexandra Collyer (player 2007-09) is sister of Charlotte Collyer

Mary Ann Kowal (player 1984-89, support staff 1989-08) is sister of Theresa Kowal

Kauri LaFontaine (player 2005-06) is sister of Kelly LaFontaine and sister of John Lafontaine

Kelly LaFontaine (player 2004-06) is sister of John Lafontaine and sister of Kauri LaFontaine

Kaila MacAlpine (player 2002-06) is sister of Kurt MacAlpine

Julia Gaffield (player 2002-05) is daughter of Chad Gaffield and sister of Johanna Gaffield Spaans

Catherine Chorney (player 2001-02) is sister of Jennifer Chorney

Suzanne McAlpine (player 1996-01) is sister of Heather McAlpine

Wendy Merritt (player 1999-00) is sister of Cindy Merritt

Rachel Ellison (player 1997-00) is sister of Justine Ellison Sharp

Karen Bottineau (player 1995-99) is sister of Anne-Marie Bottineau and sister of Nicole Bottineau

Stephanie Splitter Rudnick (player 1995-99) is mother of Ryan Rudnick and wife of David Rudnick

Laurel Johnson (player 1992-97, support staff 1997-98) is sister of Kimberley Johnson

Justine Ellison Sharp (player 1991-96, support staff 1997-98) is sister of Rachel Ellison

Enid Headley Selkirk (player 1995-96) is wife of Glen Selkirk

Kate Vrancart (player 1992-96) is sister of Megan Vrancart

Kimberley Johnson (player 1990-95) is sister of Laurel Johnson

Peggy Blumenthal (player 1982-92) is spouse of Lori Clarke

Anne-Marie Bottineau (player 1985-86) is sister of Karen Bottineau and sister of Nicole Bottineau

Natalie Vukovich (support staff 1980-86) is mother of Brody Clarke and mother of Julian Clarke and wife of Norman Clarke

Jeff Bennett (support staff 1982-83) is husband of Linda Baumann and father of Ryan Bennett and father of Sarah Bennett and brother of Mark Bennett

Linda Baumann (player 1978-83) is mother of Ryan Bennett and mother of Sarah Bennett and wife of Jeff Bennett

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