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Family Connections for Trinity Western Spartans

This information started with the three-part document published by Joseph Scanlon in 2012, known as Canadian University Basketball – A Family Affair. That document is published on the Basketball Canada website. Significant contributions have been provided by Paul Seaborn and David Wells, both long time information contributors.

Jenna Gill (player 2021-24) is sister of Jayden Gill

Jayden Gill (player 2019-24) is sister of Jenna Gill

Tessa Ratzlaff Allison (player 2014-19, support staff 2020-21) is wife of Josiah Allison

Breanna Cabuco (player 2015-20) is sister of Nikki Cabuco

Natalie Carkner (player 2012-17) is sister of Stephanie Carkner

Laurelle Weigl (player 2011-12, support staff 2012-15) is sister of Laurissa Weigl

Laurissa Weigl (player 2011-15) is sister of Laurelle Weigl

Chelsey Olsen (player 2010-13) is sister of Tiffany Olsen

Stephanie Carkner (player 2008-13) is sister of Natalie Carkner

Emily Knauff (player 2007-13) is sister of Amanda Knauff

Tiffany Olsen (player 2008-12) is sister of Chelsey Olsen

Rochelle Thoutenhoofd (player 2010-11) is daughter of John Thoutenhoofd

Amanda Knauff (player 2007-10) is sister of Emily Knauff

Jordan Verhoeff (player 2006-10) is cousin of Lance Verhoeff

Tyler Coston (support staff 2006-07) is brother of Kyle Coston

Christina Dumas (player 2004-05) is sister of Denny Dumas and sister of Vinny Dumas and wife of Randy Nohr

Lee Wedlake (player 2003-05) is cousin of Adam Wedlake and cousin of Sean Wedlake and niece of Bill Wedlake and sister of Heather Wedlake Rempel and daughter of Ross Wedlake

Kirsten Swann (player 2000-01) is sister of Tandela Swann and daughter of David Swann

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