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Family Connections for UBC Thunderbirds

This information started with the three-part document published by Joseph Scanlon in 2012, known as Canadian University Basketball – A Family Affair. That document is published on the Basketball Canada website. Significant contributions have been provided by Paul Seaborn and David Wells, both long time information contributors.

Isabel Ormond (head coach 2023-25) is sister of Elliot Ormond

Alan Kristmanson (support staff 2023-24) is father of Ryann Kristmanson and father of Ayden Kristmanson

Ryann Kristmanson (player 2021-23, support staff 2023-24) is sister of Ayden Kristmanson and daughter of Alan Kristmanson

Erin McAleenan (head coach 2021-23) is daughter of Peter McAleenan and sister of Tim McAleenan

Harleen Sidhu Dulay (player 2013-15, support staff 2022-23) is wife of Manjodh Dulay

Kate Johnson (player 2018-22) is sister of Emma Johnson and sister of Olivia Johnson

Madison Legault (player 2017-22) is sister of Brooklyn Legault

Dina Strujic (player 2017-22) is sister of Andrea Strujic

Keylyn Filewich (player 2016-21) is daughter of Arlyn Adam Filewich and daughter of Keon Filewich

Shaun McGuinness (support staff 2006-21) is father of Andrew McGuinness and father of Erica McGuinness

Dayna Pearce (player 2017-20) is sister of Avery Pearce

Jessica Hanson (player 2015-20) is daughter of Kevin Hanson

Kiana Lalonde (player 2014-16, support staff 2016-18) is cousin of Rylee Semeniuk and cousin of Nash Semeniuk and daughter of Alan Lalonde and sister of Jayden Lalonde and niece of Darren Semeniuk and granddaughter of Heather Semeniuk and niece of Marc Semeniuk

Andrea Strujic (player 2012-17) is sister of Dina Strujic

Susan Thompson (player 2012-17) is daughter of Geoff Thompson

Cassandra Knievel (player 2011-15) is sister of Brittany Knievel

Erika Vieweg (player 2009-14) is sister of Alexandra Vieweg

Chloee St Amour (player 2009-12) is twin sister of Chanelle St-Amour

Alexandra Vieweg (player 2007-12) is sister of Erika Vieweg

Devan Lisson (player 2006-11) is sister of Dylan Lisson

Candace Morisset (player 2005-10) is wife of Jordan Yu

Sara Malish (player 2008-09) is sister of Brent Malish

Erica McGuinness (player 2003-08) is sister of Andrew McGuinness and daughter of Shaun McGuinness

Amy Jonker (player 1997-00, support staff 2002-03) is sister of Shari Jonker

Stacy Reykdal (player 1998-01) is wife of Paul Williscroft

Lori Clarke (support staff 1997-00) is spouse of Peggy Blumenthal

Trixie Cruz (player 1994-97) is mother of Cole Cruz-Dumont and mother of Jack Cruz-Dumont and wife of John Dumont

Misty Thomas (head coach 1989-95) is daughter of Dr. Paul (Doc) Thomas and sister of Scott Thomas

Linda Edwards Forsyth (player 1983-84) is wife of Bob Forsyth

Diane Murphy (player 1982-83) is mother of Philip Scrubb and mother of Thomas Scrubb and wife of Lloyd Scrubb

Janet Atkinson Graham (player 1976-78) is mother of Carly Graham and mother of Stacey Graham

Kathy Williams Shields (player 1969-71) is wife of Ken Shields

Ken Shields (head coach 1969-70) is husband of Kathy Williams Shields

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