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Family Connections for Victoria Vikes

This information started with the three-part document published by Joseph Scanlon in 2012, known as Canadian University Basketball – A Family Affair. That document is published on the Basketball Canada website. Significant contributions have been provided by Paul Seaborn and David Wells, both long time information contributors.

Kate Johnson (player 2022-23) is sister of Emma Johnson and sister of Olivia Johnson

Brooklyn White (player 2019-23) is sister of Jayden White

Aleah Ashlee (player 2016-22) is daughter of Grant Ashlee

Calli McMillan (player 2016-22) is step daughter of Craig Beaucamp and daughter of Tara Gallaway Beaucamp and daughter of Dan McMillan

Shalie Dheensaw (support staff 2018-20, head coach 2020-21) is sister of Marissa Dheensaw

Marissa Dheensaw (player 2015-21) is sister of Shalie Dheensaw

Ellen Ougrinov (player 2017-19) is sister of Emilie Ougrinov and sister of Vanessa Ougrinov

Jenna Bugiardini (player 2012-17) is cousin of Melina De Iulio and daughter of Claudia De Iulio Bugiardini

Ashley Dukeshire (player 2014-15) is daughter of Kelly Dukeshire

Whitney Hamilton (player 2014-15) is daughter of Clint Hamilton

Alison Mulock (player 2009-14) is sister of Jessica Mulock

Deborah Yeboah (player 2008-13) is sister of Kevin Yeboah

Erin Hubenig (player 2007-09) is sister of Sara Hubenig

Rochelle Thoutenhoofd (player 2007-09) is daughter of John Thoutenhoofd

Tiffany Olsen (player 2006-08) is sister of Chelsey Olsen

Kathy Williams Shields (support staff 1977-78, head coach 1978-01) is wife of Ken Shields

Claire Knechtel (player 1994-96) is sister of Peter Knechtel

Jeff Speedy (support staff 1991-93, head coach 1993-94) is husband of Linda MacKinnon Speedy and father of Brett Speedy and father of Kylee Speedy

Charlene Klasema Chillious (player 1989-93) is wife of Raphael Chillious

Tara Gallaway Beaucamp (player 1988-93) is mother of Calli McMillan and wife of Craig Beaucamp and cousin of Brandon Ellis and cousin of Kali Ellis

Carol Bot DeMong (player 1988-89) is mother of Tea DeMong

Lori Clarke (player 1984-87) is spouse of Peggy Blumenthal

Shelley Godfrey (player 1976-83) is sister of Leslie Godfrey Kaehn and aunt of Emily Kaehn

Luanne Hebb Krawetz (player 1977-82) is sister of Chris Hebb

Leslie Godfrey Kaehn (player 1975-82) is mother of Emily Kaehn and sister of Shelley Godfrey

Michele Belanger (player 1978-79) is aunt of Amelie Bouchard

Patti Pesklevits Buna (player 1976-79) is mother of Robyn Buna

Ronni Hind Edmondson (player 1975-78) is wife of Lee Edmondson

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