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Family Connections for Waterloo Warriors

This information started with the three-part document published by Joseph Scanlon in 2012, known as Canadian University Basketball – A Family Affair. That document is published on the Basketball Canada website. Significant contributions have been provided by Paul Seaborn and David Wells, both long time information contributors.

Candice Wright (support staff 2020-24) is twin sister of Courtney Wright and sister of Brooklynn Wright

Courtney Wright (support staff 2020-24) is sister of Brooklynn Wright and twin sister of Candice Wright

Keren Hasebenebi (player 2020-23) is sister of Reuben Hasebenebi

Beth Howlett (player 2018-23) is sister of Dayna Howlett and sister of Matthew Howlett

Hayley Robertson (support staff 2021-22) is sister of Samantha Robertson and daughter of Kelly Tucker

Terry Carson Coulthard (support staff 2019-20) is mother of Owen Coulthard and mother of William Coulthard and wife of David Coulthard

Kate McCrae-Bristol (player 2001-05, support staff 2008-19) is daughter of Don McCrae

Caitlin MacLeod (player 2013-18) is sister of Kirsten MacLeod

Kristen Osborne (player 2013-17) is sister of Courtney Osborne

Tyler Slipp (head coach 2008-17) is son of Joyce Douthwright Slipp and son of Dick Slipp

Jacqui Rodrigues (player 2012-16) is wife of Troy Stevenson

Laura Burnett (player 2010-15) is sister of David Burnett

Vivian Milliken (player 2011-12) is daughter of Bruce Milliken

Theresa Jacobse (player 2010-12) is sister of Victoria Jacobse

Sabrina Brathwaite (player 2009-11) is sister of Vanessa Brathwaite

Megan White (player 2007-08) is daughter of Bill White and sister of Dan White

Gillian Maxwell (player 2003-08) is wife of Patrick Tatham

Mano Watsa (head coach 2004-07) is father of Isaac Watsa

Julie Devenny (player 2001-05) is sister of Lisa Devenny

Lori Kraemer (player 1990-96, support staff 2002-05) is sister of Brenda Kraemer and sister of Deborah Kraemer

Amanda Kieswetter (player 2000-04) is cousin of Luke Kieswetter and sister of Matt Kieswetter and daughter of Tom Kieswetter

Amy Pryse-Phillips (player 1998-99) is sister of Gwyneth Pryse-Phillips

Jacalyn White (player 1994-98) is sister of Daniel White and daughter of Ward White

Shannon Van Koughnett (player 1992-96) is sister of Sean Van Koughnett

Susan Kruis Sentance (player 1990-95) is sister of Sharon Kruis Keltos and aunt of Samantha Keltos and aunt of Brookelyn Keltos

Brenda Kraemer (player 1988-93, support staff 1993-94) is sister of Deborah Kraemer and sister of Lori Kraemer

Denise Dignard (head coach 1990-93) is aunt of Liane Bailey and sister of Lisa Dignard-Bailey

Laurie Rempel Zienchuk (player 1990-91) is wife of Andrew Zienchuk

Lorraine Luypaert (player 1974-78) is sister of Yonna Luypaert

Yonna Luypaert (player 1971-73) is sister of Lorraine Luypaert

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