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Family Connections for Western Mustangs

This information started with the three-part document published by Joseph Scanlon in 2012, known as Canadian University Basketball – A Family Affair. That document is published on the Basketball Canada website. Significant contributions have been provided by Paul Seaborn and David Wells, both long time information contributors.

Mariella Palma (player 2022-23) is sister of Jerric Palma

Samantha Vidovic (player 2022-23) is sister of Jessica Vidovic

Sarah Harvey (player 2021-23) is daughter of Mark Harvey

Micah Tamminga (player 2021-23) is sister of Morgan Tamminga and daughter of Richard Tamminga

Madalyn Picton (player 2020-23) is daughter of David Picton

Ariane Saumure (player 2019-23) is daughter of Renee Anne Wilson

Morgan Tamminga (player 2019-23) is sister of Micah Tamminga and daughter of Richard Tamminga

Brett Fischer (player 2018-23) is sister of Sawyer Fischer and sister of Shauney Fischer

Jessica Morris (player 2020-22) is sister of Alison Morris and sister of Drew Morris

Jessica Angelini (player 2018-19) is sister of Jeremy Angelini and sister of Zachary Angelini

Sarah Coulthard (player 2016-18) is cousin of Brett Coulthard and daughter of Bruce Coulthard and niece of Chris Coulthard and niece of David Coulthard and cousin of Owen Coulthard and cousin of William Coulthard

Julia Tennant (player 2014-15) is sister of Lauren Tennant and sister of Aaron Tennant

Kelcey Wright Johnson (player 2013-14) is daughter of Rob Wright

Annabel Hancock (player 2011-13) is sister of Rachel Hancock

Emma Nieuwenhuizen (player 2011-13) is sister of Michaela Nieuwenhuizen

Laura Dally (player 2010-13) is sister of Melissa Dally

Vic Juzenas (support staff 2010-11) is father of Alana Juzenas

Megan Lapointe (player 2005-09) is sister of Matthew Lapointe

Nadine Paron (player 2005-09) is sister of Alan Paron

Vanessa Brathwaite (player 2007-08) is sister of Sabrina Brathwaite

Alana Juzenas (player 2001-06) is daughter of Vic Juzenas

Julie Lamparski (player 2001-06) is wife of Adam Guiney

Chelsea Elwood (player 2000-04) is daughter of Tom Elwood

Angela Nobes Campbell (player 1993-98) is mother of Peyton Campbell and wife of Brad Campbell

Jennifer Reid-Davidson (player 1993-96) is sister of Janet Reid

Kelly Winegard (player 1993-96) is sister of Casey Winegard

Michele Vesprini (player 1991-96) is sister of Carla Vesprini

Casey Winegard (player 1992-95) is sister of Kelly Winegard

Janet Reid (player 1993-94) is sister of Jennifer Reid-Davidson

Jill Stiefelmeyer (player 1989-92) is daughter of Bruce Stiefelmeyer and sister of John Stiefelmeyer

Nicole Bottineau (player 1988-92) is sister of Anne-Marie Bottineau and sister of Karen Bottineau

Deborah Kraemer (player 1987-92) is sister of Lori Kraemer and sister of Brenda Kraemer

Gloria Tomasevic (player 1990-91) is sister of Janey Tomasevic

Claudia De Iulio Bugiardini (player 1989-91) is mother of Jenna Bugiardini and aunt of Melina De Iulio

Bill Pangos (head coach 1985-86) is husband of Patricia Koudys Pangos and father of Kayla Pangos

Tracey DeSutter Harrington (player 1982-86) is sister of Stephanie DeSutter

Leslie Petter (player 1982-86) is sister of Jeff Petter

Peter Campbell (support staff 1983-85) is father of Jamie Campbell and father of John Campbell

Paul Jones (support staff 1982-85) is brother of Mark Jones

Lisa Dignard-Bailey (player 1981-83) is mother of Liane Bailey and sister of Denise Dignard

Cathy Brabant (player 1980-82) is sister of Gordon Brabant

Chris Coulthard (head coach 1974-75) is father of Brett Coulthard and brother of Bruce Coulthard and brother of David Coulthard and uncle of Owen Coulthard and uncle of Sarah Coulthard and uncle of William Coulthard

Rose Johnston (player 1973-75) is sister of Beth Johnston

Beth Johnston (player 1971-74) is sister of Rose Johnston

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