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University Basketball in Canada
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Inter-conference Game Results for 2019-20 Season

Regular season league games between two teams in leagues with multiple divisions (such as OUA) are not included. But exhibition or tournament games between teams in the other division in those leagues are included. Select a specfic league to get results of the individual games played by teams in that league. 128 inter-league games played through March 8, 2020

OUA East 65030-200.60078.974.013-55-612-9
AUS 83720-170.54177.478.02-27-411-11
Canada West 175328-250.52881.680.57-27-714-16
OUA Central 63216-160.50079.178.74-84-58-3
OUA West 63314-190.42477.581.65-12-97-9
RSEQ 55120-310.39276.279.36-125-69-13

Games for OUA Central league
BrockWin 69-67WindsorOct 4, 2019St. Catharines, ONRBC Brock Classic
BrockLoss 50-65DalhousieOct 6, 2019St. Catharines, ONRBC Brock Classic
BrockWin 82-59McGillOct 18, 2019Montreal, QC
BrockWin 66-60UQAMOct 19, 2019Montreal, QC
LakeheadLoss 63-88WinnipegOct 3, 2019Thunder Bay, ON
LakeheadWin 105-85WinnipegOct 4, 2019Thunder Bay, ON
LakeheadWin 85-70LaurentianOct 17, 2019Saskatoon, SKRon & Jane Graham Shootout
LakeheadLoss 81-83SaskatchewanOct 18, 2019Saskatoon, SKRon & Jane Graham Shootout
LakeheadWin 106-94Mount RoyalOct 19, 2019Saskatoon, SKRon & Jane Graham Shootout
LakeheadLoss 64-68Wilfrid LaurierFeb 22, 2020Thunder Bay, ONOUA Quarterfinal
McMasterWin 100-88ReginaOct 11, 2019Hamilton, ON
McMasterLoss 93-105UPEIOct 17, 2019Quebec City, QCTournoi Rouge et Or
McMasterLoss 77-93DalhousieOct 18, 2019Quebec City, QCTournoi Rouge et Or
McMasterWin 98-77LavalOct 19, 2019Quebec City, QCTournoi Rouge et Or
McMasterLoss 64-108CarletonFeb 22, 2020Ottawa, ONOUA Quarterfinal
RyersonWin 94-72UQAMOct 5, 2019St. Catharines, ONRBC Brock Classic
RyersonWin 84-70WindsorOct 6, 2019St. Catharines, ONRBC Brock Classic
RyersonLoss 56-75DalhousieOct 12, 2019Toronto, ON
RyersonWin 109-63GuelphFeb 19, 2020Toronto, ONOUA First Round Playoff
RyersonLoss 54-75OttawaFeb 22, 2020Ottawa, ONOUA Quarterfinal
TorontoLoss 70-76McGillOct 4, 2019Toronto, ON
TorontoWin 79-62UQAMOct 6, 2019St. Catharines, ONRBC Brock Classic
TorontoWin 79-74BishopsOct 18, 2019Ottawa, ONHouse-Laughton Tournament
TorontoWin 109-80AcadiaOct 19, 2019Ottawa, ONHouse-Laughton Tournament
TorontoLoss 75-81CarletonOct 20, 2019Ottawa, ONHouse-Laughton Tournament
YorkLoss 75-88Saint MarysSep 27, 2019Wolfville, NSStu Aberdeen Challenge
YorkLoss 72-101AcadiaSep 28, 2019Wolfville, NSStu Aberdeen Challenge
YorkWin 74-73ManitobaSep 29, 2019Wolfville, NSStu Aberdeen Challenge
YorkWin 80-57Ontario TechOct 4, 2019Oshawa, ON
YorkLoss 74-90McGillOct 5, 2019Toronto, ON
YorkLoss 87-93ReginaOct 12, 2019Toronto, ON
YorkLoss 57-79DalhousieOct 13, 2019Toronto, ON

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