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University Basketball in Canada
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Inter-conference Game Results for 2018-19 Season

Regular season league games between two teams in leagues with multiple divisions (such as OUA) are not included. But exhibition or tournament games between teams in the other division in those leagues are included. Select a specfic league to get results of the individual games played by teams in that league. 128 inter-league games played through March 10, 2019

RSEQ 54528-170.62271.461.59-66-413-7
OUA East 86133-280.54164.264.316-97-410-15
OUA West 95527-280.49163.767.27-43-1117-13
AUS 83919-200.48767.268.37-30-1012-7
Canada West 175621-350.37564.968.43-17-1311-21

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