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U Sports Hoops — Men
University Basketball in Canada
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Top Performances in U SPORTS for 1968-69 Season

Chosen category is League, which means statistics include only league games in the regular season, no playoffs or exhibitions. This report shows top 10 in each category. For other listings, select Top 5 per category or Top 25 per category

Most Points for Season
Atanas (Nasko) Golomeev, McGill8294
Jaan Laaniste, Waterloo10177
John Schepers, Regina20173
Bruce Dempster, Toronto10154
Merv Prier, Regina20150
Jim Holowachuk, Western10146
Andy Auch, Windsor10141
Ron Zanin, Western10139
Bernie Brandt, Regina20135
Neil Dillabaugh, Regina20134
Highest Points per Game
Atanas (Nasko) Golomeev, McGill829436.8
Jaan Laaniste, Waterloo1017717.7
Bruce Dempster, Toronto1015415.4
Jim Holowachuk, Western1014614.6
Andy Auch, Windsor1014114.1
Ron Zanin, Western1013913.9
Chris Wydrzynski, Windsor1013013.0
Tom Kieswetter, Waterloo1011811.8
Gerry Bunce, Windsor1011611.6
Jim Noble, McMaster1011611.6
Most Rebounds
Alfred Brown, Saint Mary's12174
Merv Prier, Regina20150
Casper deJong, Regina20149
Atanas (Nasko) Golomeev, McGill8145
Neil Dillabaugh, Regina20139
Jim Noble, McMaster10134
Stan Metcalfe, Regina20105
Gerry Bunce, Windsor1098
Don Blackburn, Regina2090
Chris Wydrzynski, Windsor1090
Highest Rebounds per Game
Atanas (Nasko) Golomeev, McGill814518.1
Alfred Brown, Saint Mary's1217414.5
Jim Noble, McMaster1013413.4
Gerry Bunce, Windsor10989.8
Chris Wydrzynski, Windsor10909.0
Andy Auch, Windsor10878.7
Merv Prier, Regina201507.5
Casper deJong, Regina201497.5
Ron Zanin, Western10737.3
Neil Dillabaugh, Regina201397.0
Most Assists
No assists recorded
Highest Assists per Game
No assists recorded
Most Field Goals
Jaan Laaniste, Waterloo1072
John Schepers, Regina2069
Bruce Dempster, Toronto1064
Jim Holowachuk, Western1058
Merv Prier, Regina2056
Chris Wydrzynski, Windsor1056
Bernie Brandt, Regina2055
Neil Dillabaugh, Regina2054
Don Blackburn, Regina2050
Paul Allingham, McMaster1049
Highest Field Goals per Game
Jaan Laaniste, Waterloo10727.2
Bruce Dempster, Toronto10646.4
Jim Holowachuk, Western10585.8
Chris Wydrzynski, Windsor10565.6
Paul Allingham, McMaster10494.9
Tom Kieswetter, Waterloo10484.8
Andy Auch, Windsor10474.7
Gerry Bunce, Windsor10434.3
Jim Noble, McMaster10414.1
Ron Zanin, Western10373.7
Most Free Throws
Ron Zanin, Western1065
Andy Auch, Windsor1047
Sante Salvador, Windsor1043
Garry Korven, Regina2041
Stan Metcalfe, Regina2039
Merv Prier, Regina2038
John Schepers, Regina2035
Jim Noble, McMaster1034
Jaan Laaniste, Waterloo1033
Gerry Bunce, Windsor1030
Highest Free Throws per Game
Ron Zanin, Western10656.5
Andy Auch, Windsor10474.7
Sante Salvador, Windsor10434.3
Jim Noble, McMaster10343.4
Jaan Laaniste, Waterloo10333.3
Gerry Bunce, Windsor10303.0
Jim Holowachuk, Western10303.0
Stan Talesnick, Waterloo10282.8
Bruce Dempster, Toronto10262.6
Larry Sobol, Waterloo10262.6
Most Blocks
No blocks recorded
Highest Blocks per Game
No blocks recorded
Most Steals
No steals recorded
Highest Steals per Game
No steals recorded
Highest Field Goal Percentage (min 20 fg)
Andy Auch, Windsor479350.5
Larry Sobol, Waterloo347545.3
Gerry Bunce, Windsor439545.3
Dave Crichton, Waterloo235145.1
Jaan Laaniste, Waterloo7216045.0
Stan Talesnick, Waterloo316944.9
Gary Dyck, Waterloo224944.9
Tom Kieswetter, Waterloo4810744.9
Bernie Brandt, Regina5512544.0
Sante Salvador, Windsor337941.8
Highest Three-Point Field Goal Percentage (min 20 fg3)
PlayerFG3FGA3FG3 Pct
Highest Free Throw Percentage (min 20 ft)
Stan Talesnick, Waterloo283287.5
Ron Zanin, Western658477.4
Garry Korven, Regina415475.9
Stan Metcalfe, Regina395669.6
Sante Salvador, Windsor436269.4
Andy Auch, Windsor476869.1
Jaan Laaniste, Waterloo334967.3
John Schepers, Regina355267.3
Bruce Dempster, Toronto263966.7
Larry Sobol, Waterloo264065.0
Best Assist to Turnover Ratio (min 20 assists)

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